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Diocese of Jamshedpur
Vol. 45 No. 10                                                Private Circulation Only                  October-2015

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Our dear Holy Father Francis, through the Papal Bull “Misericordiae Vultus” (The Face of Mercy), has announced the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. In Jesus we see the mercy of the Father. The mercy is rich and everlasting. Jesus is the sacrament of this: the visible, tangible and audible manifestation of God’s endless love, forgiveness and mercy. When we see Jesus, we see the Father: Jesus thus reveals the mercy of God to us. We should think deeply about mercy because mercy is what leads to a true and deep sense of well-being. When we understand mercy, we understand the Blessed Trinity – the community of love which is God. There are times in our lives when we think and pray about mercy more so that we ourselves can become agents of God’s love for others. For this reason, the Holy Father has proclaimed a Jubilee of Mercy.

The Jubilee will open on December 8, 2015, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The Pope chose this feast because it holds a unique place in our history. We humans are a sinful lot: selfish, greedy, lustful and mean. But despite this, God responds to us with love and mercy. Mercy is always greater than our sin and, as if to prove it, God called Mary to bear Jesus and He gave Mary freedom from this sinful nature.

On December 8, 2015, the Holy Father will open the Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, which will become a Door of Mercy. Anyone who passes through this door will experience God’s mercy. On the following Sunday the Holy Doors will be opened in all the Basilicas, Cathedrals, Parish Churches, Sanctuaries and Shrines all over the world as the Bishop directs.

The Holy Father chose December 8 as the opening of the Jubilee because it is also the 50th Anniversary of the closing of Vatican II. He wants to keep Vatican II alive in the Church because at the Council, our fortress-like walls came tumbling down and a new age of mercy was inaugurated. Saint John XXIII himself proclaimed this in his opening speech at the Council. He said, “Now the Bride of Christ wishes to use the medicine of mercy rather than taking up arms of severity”. And Blessed Paul VII likewise echoed this sentiment in his closing remarks. We trust now that the Holy Spirit will guide us as a Church to observe this Jubilee faithfully.

The Jubilee year will close on November 20, 2016. The Holy Father hopes that this year will create a Church of mercy, steeped in love and forgiveness, ready to be like Jesus in every way. This is how the world is being saved.

As we think about mercy we will come to see that it is not merely an abstract idea. Throughout history, God has been “merciful in practice”. Mercy is not a mere theology, but a way we see and understand God. God is mercy and love. He has touched the people’s lives: securing justice for the oppressed, giving food to the hungry, letting the prisoners free, and opening the eyes of the blind. The Lord lifts up those who are bowed down, loves the just, watches over the travelers, supports widows and orphans, and brings the wicked to ruin. He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds and lifts up the downtrodden.

This is the agenda for the Jubilee year. God is like a father and mother who love their child deeply and profoundly. It is a visceral love, gushing forth. So, too, this year, our love must gush forth to give mercy to the people of the world.

In our long religious tradition, we have sung over and over again from Psalm 136. Jesus may have prayed this very psalm before his trial and death. In it, after every verse, we proclaim, “For his mercy endures forever”. Other translations say, “For his love never quits”. They mean the same. Jesus’ self-giving journey to Calvary was an act of supreme mercy towards us.

In our Diocese, on Sunday, December 13, 2015, we will open the Door of Mercy by opening the doors of all the Parish Churches.

May the Merciful Lord transform us into merciful men and women!

                                                                                                               +Felix Toppo, S.J.
                                                                                                               Bishop of Jamshepur

Pope Francis reforms Church law in marital nullity trials

Pope Francis issued two Apostolic Letters, motu proprio on Tuesday, by which he introduced reforms to the legal structures of the Church, which deal with questions of marital nullity. One of the Letters motu proprio, known by its Latin title, Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus – or “The Lord Jesus, Clement Judge” – reforms the Code of Canon Law (CIC) governing the Latin Church, while the other, Mitis et misericors Iesus or “Clement and merciful Jesus” – reforms the Code of Canon Law for Oriental Churches (CCEO).

According to the prefatory remarks attached to both Letters, the reforms are the result of an expert group appointed to study the current state of law and practice in the Church as far as marriage law is concerned. The Holy Father goes on in the preface to explain that the reforms are guided by seven specific criteria, ample excerpts of which Vatican Radio offers below in its own unofficial English translation:

1.      That there be only one sentence in favor of executive nullity – It appeared opportune, in the first place, that there no longer be required a twofold decision in favor of marital nullity, in order that the parties be admitted to new canonically valid marriages: the moral certainty reached by the first judge according to law should be sufficient.

2.      A single judge under the responsibility of the Bishop – The constitution of a single judge in the first instance, who shall always be a cleric, is placed under the responsibility of the Bishop, who, in the pastoral exercise of his own proper judicial power shall guarantee that no laxity be indulged in this matter.

3.      The Bishop is judge – In order that the teaching of the II Vatican Council be finally translated into practice in an area of great importance, the decision was made to make evident the fact that the Bishop is, in his Church – of which he is constituted pastor and head – is by that same constitution judge among the faithful entrusted to him. It is desired that, in Dioceses both great and small, the Bishop himself should offer a sign of the conversion of ecclesiastical structures, and not leave the judicial function completely delegated to the offices of the diocesan curia, as far as matters pertaining to marriage are concerned.

4.      Increased brevity in the legal process – In fact, beyond making the marriage annulment process more agile, a briefer form of trying nullity cases has been designed – in addition to the documentary process already approved and in use – which is to be applied in cases in which the accusation of marital nullity is supported by particularly evident arguments. In any case, the extent to which an abbreviated process of judgment might put the principle of the indissolubility of marriage at risk, did not escape me [writes Pope Francis – ed.]: thus, I have desired that, in such cases the Bishop himself shall be constituted judge, who, by force of his pastoral office is with Peter the greatest guarantor of Catholic unity in faith and in discipline.

5.      Appeal to the Metropolitcan See – It is fitting that the appeal to the Metropolitan See be re-introduced, since that office of headship of an Ecclesiastical province, stably in place through the centuries, is a distinctive sign of the synodality of the Church.

6.      The proper role of the Bishops’ Conferences – The Bishops’ Conferences, which must be driven above all by the anxious apostolic desire to reach the far-off faithful, should formally recognize the duty to share the aforesaid conversion, and respect absolutely the right of the Bishops to organize judicial power each within his own particular Church.

There - establishment of vicinity between the judge and the faithful, in fact, shall not be successful if the stimulus does not come from the Conferences to the single Bishops, along with the necessary assistance, to put into practice the reform of the marital nullity process.

7.      Appeal to the Apostolic See – It is fitting that the appeal to the ordinary Tribunal of the Apostolic See, i.e. the Roman Rota, be maintained: this, in respect of a most ancient juridical principle, so that the bond between the See of Peter and the particular Churches be reinforced – having care, in any case, in the discipline of the use of said appeal, to contain any and all abuse of right, in order that the salvation of souls be given no cause for harm.

Indeed, the prefatory remarks make clear from the very start, that the single most important principle guiding the Holy Father’s action and the work of reform undertaken, is that of salus animarum – the salvation of souls – which is the suprema Ecclesiae lex – the supreme law of the Church. 

 St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri:

On the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, on 13th September, 8 children renewed their vows and 13 aspirants newly professed the promise to the Lord to be true soldiers of Christ while 56 ‘Cruzvir’ children and the faithful witnessed it during the solemn Holy Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr. Camille Hembrom at St. Joseph’s Cathedral. In his homily, emphasizing the significance of the feast he inspired the ‘Cruzvir’ children to take-up the challenges of this modern world through prayer and sacrifice. After the Holy Mass and refreshment children gathered at St. Joseph’s Welfare Center Hall where Fr. Pradeep Marandi interacted with them through power point presentation and queries in which the winners were awarded. The sisters of SSH, SCN and teachers  from different schools facilitated the programme. (Bro. Jacob DDS)

The Parish Feast in Blessed Mother Teresa Church, Siadih:

The Parish Feast in honour of Blessed Mother Teresa was celebrated on 7th of September, 2015 with traditional fervor and reverence.  This year the main celebrant for the Feast was His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Theodore Mascarenhas. s.f.x. Auxiliary Bishop of Ranchi. The con-celebrants for the mass were Fr. Michael Jojo, Fr.Jondko Kandeyan, Fr. Edwin Coelho, Fr. Roque Furtado and Fr. Lino Ferannades.

In his homily, His Excellency, while emphasizing on the life of Blessed Mother Teresa, said that Christians have one law to follow - the law of Love. In his message during the cultural programme, His Excellency, briefed the people and children on three points:- 

1. To the tribal children His Excellency asked them to think and plan about their future. He advised them to study well with determination and strong will to be great and good persons in the world.

2. To keep up their tribal culture alive by the use of their mother tongue, the Mundari language, by singing and dancing and by upholding the great and good traditions of the elders. 
3. He also exhorted them to keep good relationship with God.

His Excellency had a word of praise for the liturgy, the choir and altar servers. Fr. Lino welcomed the guests and Mr. Marshal expressed the gratitude of the parish by the vote of Thanks. (Fr. Lino )

St. Xavier’s English School, Chakradharpur: 
Janmashtami falling on 5th September forced St. Xavier’s CKP to celebrate Teachers’ Day on the 4th. Moving away from the elaborate celebrations that school organizes every year, the celebrations of this year were rather subdued. The school choir sang a song and Mrs. Sushma Dahanga gave a very heart touching speech about ‘Teacher- student’ relationship. Fr. Vernon then gave gifts to all the teachers.

On 18th & 19th of September the school organized ‘EDUCATIO’ its Annual Science exhibition. Dr. Micheal Raj, IPS  S.P of West Singhbhum was the chief guest. He was welcomed by the school band; the students of class V, VI and VII then performed a prayer dance. Dr. Micheal Raj gave a very inspiring speech about setting goals in our lives. Mr. K. D. Sah, Chairman, Chakradharpur Municipal Corporation, Mr. Probir Pramanik (Member of Red Cross & Rotary Club) and Fr. Richard Miranda, Secretary of the school graced the occasion with their presence. The exhibits were really awe inspiring and all who visited the exhibition highly praised the teachers and students for their achievement.

On the 18th the school Football and Basketball teams left for Purulia to compete in an Interschool Football & Basketball tournament. The Football team won the tournament and remained undefeated. Aniket Majhi of class X was awarded best scorer of the competition.

The Basketball team could not replicate the success of the Football team but won the admiration of one and all with the fierce fights they put up against more accomplished teams.
(Theodosius Salvadore)

Inauguration of St. Dominic’s Prathanalaya and Establishment of Infant Jesus Church Jadugora:

On 20th September 2015, Most Rev. Felix Toppo,S.J  declared Infant Jesus Church as a Parish which was till then a sub-station under the care of St. Barbara Church, Mosabani. The auspicious occasion was blessed with the presence of the Vicar general Fr. David Vincent, Fr. John Kusumalayam OP, Prior Provincial of the Dominican in India, Fr. Camile Hembrom, the dean of Jamshedpur Deanery, the Parish Priest of St. Barabara Church Fr. Robert and his assistant Fr. Cornelius, few diocesan and Dominican priests from different communities and a good number of sisters in and around the town. A crowd of around 500 people were present for the inaugural ceremony.

The mass began at 11:30 am with a short introduction about the ceremony mentioning a short history of Infant Jesus Church, Jadugora and also about the Dominicans. In his homily the bishop addressed the crowd saying, “The Church of Infant Jesus, is both small in structure and in the number families, therefore all the families must support their Priest in extension of the Church.” after the homily, the Bishop asked his Vicar to read the declaration which read that from 20th of September 2015 Infant Jesus Church is an independent Parish with its definite boundaries. Soon after the declaration the bishop along with the concelebrants unveiled the foundation stone, later Rev. Fr. Peter Fernandes OP, the first Parish Priest of Infant Jesus Church, was asked to take the oath and to profess his faith in God. After the Holy Communion Rev. Fr. John Kusumalayam O.P. inaugurated the new house and unveiled the foundation stone, and then the Bishop blessed the new house.

After the mass Fr. John Kusumalayam O.P. felicitated and thanked all the guests present and very especially congratulated and conveyed best wishes to Rev. Fr. Peter Fernandes O.P. the first Dominican parish Priest of Infant Jesus Church Jadugora. The other programs were organised by the members of St. Barbara parish Mossabani and the children from Birsanagar.  After the program, meal was served for all present. (Fr. Rocque Michael O.P.)

St. Mary’s Parish, Noamundi:

On September 13, 2015, thirty boys and girls received the Sacrament of Confirmation in St. Mary’s Parish, Noamundi. Under the able leadership of Fr. Fabian K.,TOR, the parish priest, organized by the laity and supported by the Sisters, the liturgy, cultural programme and fellowship meal took place smoothly. The liturgical singing and processional dances were excellent. Congrats to women and children! Thanks to the Sisters for the preparation of the candidates to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. It was a joy to see the children with modern type of dances and the ladies with traditional tribals ones on the drum-beats in the cultural programme that followed the Eucharistic Celebration. After the cultural program meal was served for everyone. There were two important features: first, the generous contribution by the laity for the day’s expenses and active participation in executing the various programs, and second, the presence and participation of almost all the faithful of the rural areas. The Bishop liked and appreciated the cordial, family atmosphere of the parish in general. Congrats to the parish priest, the Sisters and the laity!

On Saturday, Sept.12, 2015, after the arrival of the Bishop and enthusiastic reception by the women in traditional manner, there was a meeting of the Parish Council Members with the Bishop. The Bishop was impressed to note the enthusiasm shown by the faithful for the development of the parish and for the evangelization of the people of the rural areas. The Bishop encouraged them to give special attention on the faith formation of the people including their own children.


This year 2015 the Catholic Tamil Sabha of Telco Parish celebrated the Silver Jubilee of the Feast of Our Lady of Vailankanni (1990-2015) with great devotion. Various events were organised and conducted to mark this occasion

On 29th August 2015 the flag hoisting podium was blessed and the Silver Jubilee began with the hoisting of Our Lady’s Flag by Rev. Fr. David Vincent, the Vicar General. On 30th August 2015, we celebrated the Mother’s Day; our Bishop Rt. Rev. Felix Toppo S.J. was the main celebrant for the Mass. On the same day there were Drawing and Quiz competition on Mother Mary and Feeding of the Poor.

On 5th singing and dancing competitions were held for the parishioners.  On 6th September 2015 there was a Silver Jubilee Mass and Inauguration of the New Grotto by Rt. Rev. Cyprian Monis, Bishop of Asansol. 

On 8th September 2015 Rt. Rev. Theodre Mascarenhas, S.F.X.,  Bishop of Ranchi, celebrated the Eucharistic Liturgy of the Nativity of Mother Mary and the Closing of the Silver Jubilee of the Feast with a Candle Light Procession and Fellowship meal for all.

We thank and congratulate everyone who worked hard for the success of this event.(Mr. Sunil Singh)

St. Barbara Church, Mosabani
On 23rd August, Jadugora Unit and on 28th /29th August Mosabani Parish celebrated Mother’s Day. Fr. Robert Toppo guided mothers of both the places with a recollection and the sacrament of reconciliation.

The feast of the Nativity of Our Lady was celebrated with lots of fervour and enthusiasm. The faithful devoutly participated in the 9 day novena and mass prior to the feast. On the feast day, people came in great number and participated in the Eucharistic celebration and the procession. Fr. Robert Toppo was the main celebrant and Fr. Cornelius gave the sermon on Mother Mary. The cooperation and support of the parishioners were really remarkable for the feast of Our Lady.  After the Eucharistic Celebration all enjoyed a sumptuous meal. (Dn. Baldeo)

Divya Jyoti Renewal Centre:

Blessing and inauguration: Initial building work of the centre is near completion. It is decided to have the blessing and inauguration of the Divya Jyoti Renewal Centre on 21st November, 2015 at Divya Jyoti Community at Sunder Nagar expects your valuable presence on the occasion.

Divya Jyoti Bible Convention: A three days Bible Convention is being organised in connection with the Blessing and Inauguration of Divya Jyoti Renewal Centre. ( 20, 21 and 22 of November 2015. Time 8.30 am to 5pm on 20th and 21st & Till on 22nd) Rev Frs. Anil Dev IMS, Bobby Emprayil, Binoy Puhiyedom, Dinny VC, Joby Palatty, Paulose VC, Thomas Palaparambil are among the preachers for the Convention.

Hindi Bible: Subsidized Hindi Bible is available at the Centre for Rs 75/- (Seventy five only). Cash sale only. Mob: 8294923337.

The Annual retreat for the priests has been scheduled to be held from 18th to 23rd of October 2015 at Vikas Bharati, Sundarnagar, JSR.  Fr. Peter Francis (XLRI) will be guiding the Retreat. 
Every priest in the diocese is exhorted to make the arrangements and attend the retreat. Please register your names with Fr. Jilson (8521608509) at the earliest.

Edwin Coelho
Michael Deogam
George Mannarakam
Bipin Pani
Puthumai Raj
Pradeep Marandi

                                                                  OCTOBER - 2015
Meeting with Manos Unidas Delegates
05.30 pm
Eucharist and Grih Pravesh, St. Joseph’s Hospital
Bhilai Pahari


07.00 am

Confirmation and Pastoral Visitation

am- pm
To Ranchi -  Delhi
To Rome
TLIG International Convention
Return to Ranchi -  JSR
­­Celebration of Silver Jubilarian Priests of SAC
am- pm
Meeting with JHAAN Delegates for NEC Mumbai
07.00 Am
Confirmation and Pastoral Visitation
10.30 am
Golden Jubilee Eucharistic Celebration, Sr. Louise MC

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