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October, 2013

“God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them” (Gen 1:27). The human person, who is created in the image of God, is at once corporeal and spiritual. Human person is both body and soul. Often we do not understand the essential meaning of soul. Soul is the spiritual principle of a person which gives him “the image of God”. A soul is a spark of God’s Eternal Brightness. The soul is the true nobility of man. In man, because of his soul, there is the blood of God, not just the blood of the parents. A soul is a spiritual blood of the Eternal, Almighty and Holy God. This is because God the Creator is a Most Pure Spirit. Because of the soul, as long as it is united to God, man is eternal, powerful and holy. Because of the soul man has intelligence, freewill and capacity to decide and act.

The Purpose of Our Life
God is not just the creator; he is also a Father, a loving Father. He gave Ten Commandments out of his love so that man, living according to them, may always remain united to him. After all “Human beings are created to praise and serve God our Lord and by means of doing this to save their souls. Other things on the face of the earth are created for the human beings to help them in the pursuit of the end for which they are created” (St. Ignatius of Loyola, Sp. Ex. 23).

God wants us to rise and contemplate his infinite perfections, his goodness and his love. Unfortunately, our souls are weaken by the original sin, by passions and by our own sins, by our selfishness and the selfishness of other people and are unable to fulfill God’s Will, expressed in Ten Commandments. In fact many of us offend God by acting against his holy will and make our souls sick or lifeless. How happy we would be if we possess goodness of God with no hatred, no envy and no pride? How content we would be to have eyes that look only for love and hands that stretch out only in gestures of love and lips that utter only words of love and heart only full of love?

The First Commandment and Apostasy
The First Commandment that our Glorious God gave us reads, “I am the Lord your God, you shall not have false gods before me”. God is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He has created us out of love and in return expects and deserves all of our love. Unfortunately, at present, “man is refusing to acknowledge God as his source” (GS No.13,1). Satan keeps on telling man, “You have no Father for your origin” and man believes in the lie. This is a rebellion of man which is spreading like a fog and is covering the whole world. Rebellion has caused apostasy, that is, “total repudiation of Christian Faith” (CCC No. 2089). The creation is rebelling and denying the existence of the Most Holy Trinity and is becoming a persecutor of the Word. The apostasy disregards obedience to God and it challenges the mercy of God. In other words it is a rejection of divine truth that leads to Life.

Man is forgetting that at present he is on a temporary dwelling place and that the heaven is his true eternal abode beyond the earthly life. He belongs to God. He is not his own master. He is a property and a gift of God. Similarly, every creature is a property and gift of God. Everything comes from God, belongs to him and will return to him. Everything has to be loved and respected in God and God has to be loved and worshiped in everything. He forgets that the whole purpose of life is to love the Lord with all his heart, and with all his soul and with all his strength and to love his neighbour as himself.

Fruits of the Apostasy
Man, with the influence of Satan is removing God from his life. As a result man is becoming self-centered. Pride and selfishness are becoming the prime moving force in man’s life. As a result we see gross violation of the Ten Commandments in the world. Everywhere there are apostasy, religious degeneration, rejection of holy and divine, tension and wars, fundamentalism and terrorism, injustice and exploitation, violence and murder, corruption and scams, adultery and rape, perjury and treachery, disorder and divorce in marriage, pollution of minds and hearts and sins against nature. 

Our Urgent Responsibilities
We need to re-enter the “Door of Faith”. We need to be re-baptized in the Spirit. We need to renew our love and trust in God our Father, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and Holy Spirit our sanctifier. The Lord is giving us this responsibility that first of all we ourselves, in all humility, with the grace of God, transform ourselves and then renew the face of the world. For this purpose, we need prayer and fasting, self-control and self-sacrifice. We also need to be true disciples and apostles and give witness of Jesus Christ and proclaim his doctrine to everyone. We need to remind people of the true purpose of our life on this earth. We need to announce to the people that God the Father loves us immensely, tenderly and wants us to love us now and for ever. Let us remember that we are created by God in his own image and likeness. Let us remember that our souls remember God and are longing for him, their creator.

May our Lady, the Mother of our Saviour, bless and help us!

                                                                                                            +Felix Toppo, S.J.
                                                                                                         Bishop of Jamshedpur

On 11 September, 2013, Fr. C. R. Prabhu celebrated his 75th birthday. Counting the abundance blessing all throughout his life he offered the thanksgiving Mass at 6:00 am in St. Joseph’s Church, Golmuri.   All the Fathers and bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. from Curia joined and concelebrated with him. Fr. Prabhu was very happy and grateful to the Lord. Well appreciated 47 years of his service as priest in different parishes and institutions of the diocese of Jamshedpur gives him satisfactions and joy in his life. Throughout the day he was busy receiving the prayerful wishes and love from his dear ones.

All the catholic women of Jesu Marsal Church, Chandil celebrated the Women’s Day on 1st September, 2013. Around 105 women of the parish participated in it and profited from the gathering. Fr. Eugene Ekka, was the resource person who guided the women through the power point presentation and explained the importance of Faith as well as the role of women in the faith formation in the family. The opportunity to receive the Sacrament of reconciliation was given to all the women. After the confession and supper a religious film was projected which was enjoyed by all.
The following day special Mass and prayers were offered for the mothers. The hostel boys and girls put some cultural programme in honour of all the mothers. On the happy occasion Block officer addressed the gathering and made them aware of the various plans and help which are offered the people in the Block. All the parishioners shared the fellowship meal. Congratulations to Fr. Raphael Montiero and his team!

The parish feast was celebrated on 15th September, 2013 at St. Robert’s Church, Parsudih. There was the thanksgiving Mass. Fr. Leo John D’Souza, the Silver Jubilerian was the chief celebrant. Whole liturgy was very devotional with melodious singing. After the Holy Mass different units of the parish and the students of St. Robert’s School, Parsudih presented the cultural programme to mark the day as well as to honour Fr. Leo John D’Souza who completed his 25 years of priesthood. He was given a beautiful shawl. Congratulations to Fr. Nicolas, Fr. Johnny, DS Sister and the parishioners!

The birthday of Mohter Mary and the feast of Our Lady of Velankani were celebrated on 8th September, 2013 at St. Paul’s Church, Maluka. All the parishioners and the hostel children sang together the various devotional hymns in honour of Mother Mary followed by the Holy Mass. Parishioners also had the procession to proclaim their faith publicly. This was not enough; the hostel children had the basketball match among themselves. Thus they made the day joyful. Congratulations to Fr. Junas Purty and his team!

On Sunday, 08th September, Our Lady of the Nativity Church, Sini, celebrated the Parish Feast. The celebrations began with the Holy Eucharist. The day was filled with joy and happiness as 18 boys and girls received the Confirmation and 10 of them received First Communion by Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. On arrival to Sini the parishioners gave the Bishop a warm welcome. The small parish community at Our lady of Nativity Church, Sini participated in the Mass to pray and to wish the children a happy new life. What really touched the boys and girls who received the Confirmation and First Communion was the very unique and loving gesture of all the parents who expressed their love and best wishes with bouquets. All the parishioners shared the family meal together. Congratulations to Fr. Peter and his collaborators at Sini!

On 6th of September 2013, it was a great joy to the parishioners of Siadih, as the Blessed Mother Teresa Parish feast was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. We were happy to have Bishop Felix, our Shepherd with us for the celebration of feast. The parishioners and the hostels children welcomed His Lordship by washing his hands and then leading him to the parish Church dancing and singing to the beats of mandars.

A colourful liturgy was organized by the parish liturgy committee under the guidance of Sr. Mary Mukti, FC. At the beginning of the mass, parish priest on the behalf of the parishioners expressed words of welcome and assured the Bishop prayers and support. It was pleasant to hear Bishop singing the gospel Mt, 31-40 prayerfully, which really touched the hearts and minds. In his homily His Excellency, told the congregation about the simple but great and inspiring life of the blessed Mother Teresa and how she was a true witness to God's unconditional love to His people. Bishop emphasized that God loves each one of us very personally.

After the Holy Eucharistic celebration, a short cultural programme was held befittingly for the occasion by the parishioners and the hostels children. The highlights of the programme was the short skit on Good Samaritan which was performed by the Hostel boys and the beautiful and colourfull prayer dance by girls hostel. Mr. Marshall Purti gave the vote of Thanks. It was followed by a sumptuous meals for the parishioners and the guests which was prepared by the Catholic sabha of the Parish. (Fr. Lino Fernandes, SFX)

Mothers Day and Children’s Day was celebrated on 8th September, 2013 at St. Michael’s Church, Burigora. 60 mothers of the parish were present on this occasion. The parish crowd number 130 prayed and thanked God during the Holy Eucharist for all the committed mothers. To make the mothers more happy and joyful, various games, competitions, singing and dancing were conducted in the church premise.

St. John Mary Vianney School, Dharmasai, has been running under the supervision of the village. For the better administration of the school, Dharamsai village committee has given the In-Chargeship of the school to St. Michael’s Church, Burigora. Since then a new syllabus has been introduced and basic books have been distributed to the students freely.
Medical Camp: A medical camp was conducted by the MC Sisters of Baihatu on 23rd September, 2013. During the medical camp 160 patients received the medical care. It was agreed that there will be a regular medical camp on every 4th Sunday of the month in the parish. Congratulations to Fr. Sanjay Kujur and his team!

On Sunday, 15th September, Holy Family Church, Kumardubi, 20 boys and girls received the Sacrament of Confirmation during the Eucharistic celebration presided over by bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. All the parishioners took part in the Holy Mass and prayed for them. They congratulated all the 20 boys and girls and wished them a happy new life in Christ. Congratulations to Fr. Paulus and his team who prepared them well to be the soldiers of Christ.

To guide the youth of the area, Tepasai, Goilkera and Burigora parish, have planned out a “Youth Camp” which will be held on 17-20th of October, 2013 with topic “Mera Jeevan, Mera Sapna”.  The youth camp will be conducted in the local language ‘Ho’. During this camp, the participants will be made aware with various topics like self-Identity, tribal rights, palayan, opportunities of service, Aids and the defects of early marriages. We wish all the best to the animators!

St. Teresa’s Church Sindri, had a wonderful mothers’ day celebration on 1st September, 2013. The students of BIT, engineering College, Sindri brought colour and joy to the celebration. On this occasion whole parish community prayed and wished all the mothers of the parish. Interesting part of the day was the ‘Rain Dance’. As it was the rainy day they all dance in the rain.

Another event was the feast of the patron saint of the parish which was celebrated on 29th September, 2013. The parishioners had the thanksgiving Mass at 10:00 am. The liturgy was very beautiful and devotional. After the Mass all the parishioners shared the fellowship meals together as one family. Congratulations to Fr. Robert Toppo and his parishioners!

It is a great joy and pleasure to share with others about our activities in the Parish.
St. Claret vocational training institute (CVTI): CVTI offers different courses to help the poorest of the poor to build up their life. On 1st of August 2013 we had a grand opening ceremony of the DB Tech Don Bosco program at CVTI. Now the students of these institution are being placed in the different parts of India concerning their job, we with the staffs of these institute are happy to see them building their lives. The CVTI Offers following courses as, Computer, Typing, Spoken English, Hotel management (hospitality), and Tailoring Electrical things (electricians) for three months through the help of DB Tech. Don Bosco.

We had very good peoples participatory Church celebration. On the feast of St. Monica, there was Tridum, and beautiful Input session for the mothers of the parish, fellowship meal and followed by the Feast of Mother Mary (Velankani Feast). We with a great happiness began the preparation of the feast by RAISING of the FLAG OF THE MOTHER MARY followed by nine days of continuous Novena and then the celebration of the feast with the fellowship meal shared by people in the Church. It was felt a people’s participatory church celebration. (Fr. Elias Tirkey)

It was great honor for the Mahila Sangh of Jamshedpur Diocese to welcome and host the executive meeting of the delegates of “Council of Catholic Women of India”. They were accommodated in “Jesu Bhavan”, Mango. There were seventeen delegates from various Dioceses of India, from 20th to 23rd of September 2013.

This meeting was unique and was inaugurated by Rev. Bishop Felix Toppo, in his key note address; he gave the example of women in the Bible, their role in the church and in taking care of his Apostles. He said to the delegates that they were the Disciples of Christ and they must become the light of Christ, in their family and in the society bearing Christ by becoming the messengers themselves.

Mahila sangh of Jamshedpur had organized a get together and meal in honor of the CCWI delegates. They invited the Parish priests of Jamshedpur Deanery along with the women representatives from each parish. The delegates were also taken for sightseeing and for a High Tea at XLRI on the 21st and on 23rd to St. Mary’s English High School. (Sr. Sudha SJT)

Seminary Day: August 31, 2013: On the feast of St. Albert of Louvain, the patron saint of the seminary, we began the celebrations with the Holy Eucharist presided over by Rev. Fr. Xavier Soreng, SJ, the Provincial of Ranchi Jesuit Province.

‘Seminary Day without the football match’ gives a feeling of emptiness. Therefore, there was the Traditional Football Match between the theologians and the philosophers. Experience and commitment triumphed over energy and skill. Though the theologians won the match by 3-0, the philosophers won the heart of the spectators.

Seminary Centenary Alumni Re-Union: “Gratitude, Memories, Joys and Happiness”, these might be the mixture of feelings of the priests when they landed at the St. Albert’s College Campus on September 10, 2013 for the Seminary Centenary Alumni Re-Union. The advent of the old priests brought new life, new energy into the college. They were accommodated at SDC, St. Albert’s College and at DSA Generalate.

The Re-Union programme began on September 11, 2013 with the inaugural welcome speech by Fr. Joseph P. Pinto, OFM Cap the Rector. The first session belonged to Rev. Fr. Abraham Puthumana, SJ, Patna Province. He spoke on ‘Challenges to the Priestly Life in the Present World.’ There was the Holy Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Most Rev. Thomas D’Souza, Archbishop of Kolkatta. The fathers fondly remembered their beloved formators who nurtured their life and spirit. In the evening at 5.30, Bishop Most Rev. Paul Toppo led the prayer service using the power point media and the theme was, ‘Pita Paarmeshwar ka Prem’. The cultural committee had arranged a cultural evening to felicitate the ‘Elder Brothers’. Fr. Rector honoured the Golden and Silver Jubilarians with the Jharkhandi Shawl and flowers respectively.

On September 12, 2013, the second day of the reunion, the main celebrant and homilist at the Holy Eucharist was His Eminence Telesphore P. Cardinal Toppo. Later, Fr. Sebastian Tirkey of Ranchi Archdiocese emphasized on ‘Relevance of the Seminary Formation in Today’s Socio-Pastoral Context.’ Around 230 priests from different dioceses of India arrived for the gathering. The presence of Frs. Herman Tigga, Emmanuel Horo, Walter Crasta, Leo D’Souza, Johnny P.D. and Alwin C.V. added joy to the celebrations. Carrying along love, new life and new memories the Fathers returned to their respective dioceses. 

The Re-union came to an end successfully due to committed effort made by the Albertine Family. Fr. Jacob T.K., the Treasurer, was the Organizer. Fr. Raju Felix Crasta, Fr. John Crasta, and Br. Michael Deogam took care of the media and the Workshop during the Reunion. (Michael Deogam).

“Nothing is impossible for God and His blessed Mother” Yes indeed this sentence has become reality when we began the month through the blessing of our Blessed Mother. Away from teaching, books & students on the occasion of teachers’ day a friendly basket ball match was organized in both the blocks the students Vs staff and was turned out to be a grand success. It was more enjoy able for the staff when the principal Fr. David joined the team. Thanks to the organizing committee. Along with the teachers day celebration, the school bid Adieu to Mrs. Jane Anthony the senior office staff also Mrs. Sumitra the senior most maintenance staff. The management staff & students acknowledged and appreciated their contribution to St. Mary’s family. May God bless them. On the occasion of St. Mary’s Day the teacher’s organized the inter – house competition like quiz Anthakshri, Junior Master Chief, Songs, Rangoli and Dance. Many students took part in different activities, there was a lot of unity and team spirit among the teachers & the students. Thanks to Fr. David Vincent for encouraging the teachers to organize such events in the school. Impossible things happen when we depend on God. On 14th September the school invited all the catholic, Christian parents for the Holy Eucharistic celebration in the honour of our Blessed Mother, inspite of heavy rain thundering & lighting many responded to our invitation. After the hectic days of competitions& celebration began with proper seriousness the first term exam.

Fr. Bene Minj made a trip to Pondicherry to attend a Workshop for the Directors of Community College .The programme was very packed with sessions and also fruitful. On the 21-22 of Sept. We had 18 women delegates from all over India attending the Executive Meeting of the Catholic Council Women of India (CCWI) and they were accompanied by their Spiritual Director, Fr. Claude D’Souza, SJ (Karnataka Jesuit-the founding father of the AICUF Movement). Sr. Sudha, SJT accompanied by the local CCWI delegates led the Opening Prayer session and the meet was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Felix Toppo, Bishop of Jamshedpur. They were very appreciative of the arrangements in Jamshedpur by the local hosts, Ms. Manisha Topno, Nikunj B. Francis and Rose Marandi and the highlight of their visit was also a visit to XLRI (where Frs. George Fernandes and Tony Uvari made sure they had a memorable visit) and later the dinner and felicitations hosted by the Diocese which was attended by the local Parish Priests. The Novices helped out in the Choir during the Diaconate Ordinations on the 28th of September in St. Joseph’s Cathedral. (George Anthony)

DC and SCN Sisters celebrated the feast of their patron Saint, Vincent De Paul on 27th September, 2013. Indeed the day was filled with joy and happiness which was clearly see on the cheerful faces of Sisters as well as all those who joined them in their feast.

Thanksgiving Masses were offered at both the places, Sheshire Home and Gyan Deep School where Frs. Elvius Dungdung and Dileep Marandi were the chief celebrant respectively. In their homilies they reminded the faithful the great zeal and love, St. Vincent de Paul had for the poor and needy. The homilist encouraged the faithful to take inspirations from him to live a Holy life pleasing to Christ. 

Fr. Edwin Coelho
Fr. George Mann
Bipin Pani
Puthumai Raj
Pradeep Marandi