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September, 2014

One of the dangers of a "sterile" form of celibacy is bitterness and gossip, Pope Francis told a group of priests and bishops in Caserta.

"A man who is alone ends up bitter, not fruitful, and he gossips about others," the pope said July 26 during a meeting with 123 priests working in the Diocese and 19 bishops from Italy's Campania region.

When a priest disagrees with his bishop or when bishops disagree with each other, they must air their differences - even loudly - but never talk behind each other's backs, Pope Francis told the group of bishops and priests.

"Say it to his face," the pope recommended. "You're a man, so if you have something against your bishop, go and tell him. There may be consequences, but pick up your cross, be a man!"

Not for the first time, the pope admitted that he, too, has been tempted to gossip. "I've wondered if this isn't the consequence of a celibate life lived as sterility, not fruitfulness."

A priest in Rome, he said, once told him that he was worried that so many priests and bishops are bitter and angry with each other.

"When we find a priest who lives with such anger and tension, we think: This man drinks vinegar for breakfast, then, for lunch, pickled vegetables and, in the evening, a nice glass of lemon juice," the pope said.

Pope Francis told the priests it is normal and even "healthy" to get angry, but wallowing in that, not getting it off his chest, not airing differences directly, but talking behind someone's back cause more damage.

The key to a fruitful life, the pope said, lies in "double fidelity and double transcendence: being faithful to God is seeking him, opening oneself to him in prayer, remembering that he is the faithful one," and "opening oneself to others" with empathy, respect and patience.

The pope told the priests that "creativity" is "a divine word," because God told Adam to care for the earth, make it bear fruit, "be creative."

But as priests, that creativity must be inspired by the Holy Spirit and the only hope for that to happen is "the path of prayer," he said. "A bishop who doesn't pray, a priest who doesn't pray, closes the door, closes the path to creativity."

Openness to the Spirit must be accompanied by openness to other people and to their real problems, the pope said. The only way to learn about the needs of others is to listen to them, patiently and resisting the temptation to give easy answers.

"We cannot be a Church closed in on itself, navel-gazing, a Church that is self-referential, that stares at itself and is incapable of transcendence," he said. "Going out is not an adventure, but a journey, it is the journey to which God has called us since the moment he told Abraham, 'Leave your homeland.'" (Source: Catholic News Service)  

On 4th of August: I love you. O my God! And my only desire is to love You until the last breath of My life. I love You, O my infinitely loveable God and I would rather die loving You than live without loving You. I love You, Lord, and the only grace I ask is to love You eternally…my God, if my tongue can not say in every  moment that I love You, I want my heart to repeat it to You as often as I draw breath.” says Saint John Mary Vianney. The feast day was celebrated on August 3th 2014, at Cathedral. Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. was main celebrant and Frs.Camille, Walter, VG, Edwin, Tobias, Linus, Dillep and Michael were concelebrant.   The students of St. Joseph School, Golmuri, led the priests to the altar through entrance dance. On 4th of August, religious priests and sisters of JAM Denary were invited for the fellowship meal.   
On 10th of August: Looking at the need and value of the Krusvir in the Church, Frs. Dileep Marandi and Niranjan, SJ, called for “Krusvir Animator Meeting”, which was held at SJWC, Golmuri. Core Committee is formed. Office bearers are as follows – a) President – Fr. Pascal Minz, Telco, b) Vice-president– Sr. Lily Beck, SCN, Gyan deep, c) Secretary – Frida, Telco and d) Treasurer –Leena Kandulna, Rahargora Mass Centre.
On 27th of August: “Nothing is far from God”, says Saint Monica.  Fr. Walter, VG, was busy on August 27th, nourishing the mothers of the Cathedral Parish with spiritual food.  Theme for the reflections on Monica Day was,“Importance of Mothers in the families.” Rev. Fr. Walter presided over the Holy Eucharist at Gyandeep Mass Centre for the mothers. Fr. Camille, parish priest thanked all the mothers and wished them good apostolate in the families. (Fr. Micheal Deogam

Foundation Day of Burigora Mission was celebrated on 4th August, 2014. As a preparation to this celebration there was general health check up of the students of Jeevan Jyothi School, Ichakuti as well as Inter school competition among the students of Ichakuti village panchayat schools on various subjects like G.K., Drawing, Story Telling, Poem reciting, Cultural programme etc. Mr. Madhu Kora, the former chief minister of Jharkhand was the chief guest for the Foundation Day celebration. He through his presence and speech encouraged the students and people present for the function.

St. Monica Day was celebrated throughout the diocese as “Mahilasangh Day in parishes of the Diocese. Every Parish organized special programmes to prepare the mothers of the parish for this celebration. Some parishes had three day retreat programmes and others had only a day Spiritual renewal. Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. motivated the women in Christ the King Church, CKP. Fr. Linus Kindo conducted the programme in Omra and Chaibasa Parishes while Fr. Sanjay Kujur CSSR in Anandpur parish. Sr. Michael OSU interacted with the ‘Mahila Sangh members of Noamundi parish and Fr. Halan Bodra in Khuntpani Qusia Parish. Meanwhile Fr. James Quodros was away in Telco parish conducting a marriage encounter programme. Fr. Edwin Coelho conducted a day’s spiritual renewal programme in Burigora parish. Thus all the parishes made sure the spiritual input was given to the mothers before the celebration of Mothers day in the parish.

Fr. Valerian Lobo along with Fr. Alex Dodrai moving from office to office in Chaibasa Court to get all the required papers to settle all the issues of the middle and high School in Charbandia. To get the documents cleared for the recognition of the school, Fr. Alex Dodrai is seeing to the additional required class rooms and lab facilities. Taking a clue from prime minister’s independence speech, he is constructing separated toilets for the girls. The compound wall to the school property is being constructed and the school playing ground is ready for the use in the coming football tournament.

One of the most important programme on the yearly calendar is the celebration of Loyola Day. This year the festivity went on for two days. On 29th the Junior section had Fancy Dress Contest, Fashion Show and Dance.  On the 30th the Seniors began with Prayer Service : the theme was Light. It was followed by a short cultural programme. The highlight was of course  the Inter House Football  final matches .

The Handwriting Competition was conducted on the 1st of August for classes I to XII. Soon after this the students started getting ready for the Inter House Dance Contest. The theme for dance contest was Patriotism.
14th of August was yet another day when children sat holding their breath. Classes III, IV & V performed Tableau based on Freedom Struggle. The pages of History came alive when little children of Class III showed Glimpses of India 1857 to 1947; Class IV showed The Partition of Bengal 1905 and Class V stole the show with The Dandi March.

The colourful costumes and heart-rendering songs of the 8 group dances kept the auditorium awestruck. However, Classes I & II were not far behind. They had a story - telling contest.

The Flag was hoisted in the school campus on the 15th of August to commemorate the 68th Independence Day celebration. Both Rev Fr. Cyprian Lobo, the Chief Guest and the Principal Rev. Fr. Augustine Topno said in their speeches that the day does not only call for celebration but we must become more responsible and perform our duties. This Freedom is very precious and we need to preserve it in the best possible way. (Rita Sen)

Team-work always pays, and thus, we do everything united. Even in the matters of teaching- learning processes, we believe that joint efforts from school as well as parents yield wonderful results. Hence, we try to interact with parents as often as possible. Our first parents-teachers meet for KG section was held on 12th July and various issues relating to their overall development were addressed.

On 21st July, we celebrated 21st foundation Day of our school, with gratitude we remembered all the people who contributed according to their capacity towards the growth of our school. We especially remembered Fr. Cyril Fernandes, the founder of our school, who had seen a dream and turned his dream into reality. We had a short cultural programme to mark this special event, and a touching speech was delivered by one of our students. It is heart warming to see how, despite its humble beginning, the school is now standing ahead and doing so well in every sphere.

We had our open house (result distribution) for the first terminal exams on 26th July. On 4th August we had parents – teacher meet for the primary section and the secondary section. Parents were made aware of their duties and responsibilities. We had a special guest on the occasion, Fr.Tony. He was invited especially to address the parents of secondary section. He touched various sensitive issues concerning adolescent. With their extensive computer training, high-tech wizadry and gadgetry, the teenagers are plunging headlong into a world which is not meant for them. Fr. Tony gave an elaborate discourse on good parenting. His power of oration is truly exceptional, and we hope to see more co-operation and understanding from the parents henceforth.

First unit tests commenced for the students of 11th std on 2nd August. We also introduced daily tests for all the classes from 4th August in order to get better results. We are glad to see our academics escalating slowly but steadily.

Being part of a secular nation, we make it a point to honour all religious and our school celebrates every Indian festival to make the students aware of our composite culture and appreciate the diversity. We had Id celebration in our school on 29th July. The program was short but sweet.
We had patriotic song competition for the students of primary section. Secondary section had patriotic song/ dance/ skit competition. Students participated in these competitions with great enthusiasm.

On 15th August, we had a big celebration. Fr.Tom graced the occasion as our Chief Guest. We had colourful programmes bathed in patriotism winners of Olympiad exams were honowred after the programme. Our school also participated in a cultural programme organized at Pillai hall, Chaibasa, on the occasion of Independence Day.

Sujal Sagar of std IV C bagged 4th prize in the state level Yoga Championship, Aishikhi Nandi of std II A bagged the first prize in Krishna Roop Sajja Competition organized at Pillai Hall on the occasion of Janmashtami, Our school was also given a memento as a token of appreciation. Overall, the past month had been very eventful. 

On 20th August 2014 was the Convocation of the 5th Batch of St. Joseph’s Community College students. Bishop Felix Toppo was the chief guest; Vicar general Rev. Fr. Walter too was present for the occasion. The program started with the lighting of the lamp, scripture readings from the Bible, Bhagwat Geeta and Koran followed by a beautiful prayer dance. The College report was then read out by the Principal. This was followed by the Yoga demo, some more dances. Six students who have successfully completed their course in Health Assistant were given the Certificates, of these three students are already placed in Mercy Hospital. Certificate of Completion were also give to Computer students and Tailoring Student. In his message Bishop encouraged the staff and students and expressed his wish to see this College with of new courses and teaming lots of students in the future. The programme concluded with the singing of the College Anthem.

“Freedom in the Mind, Faith in the Words, Pride in our Souls” Lets Salute the Nation.The month of August began with the spirit of patriotism by organizing different competitions like inter school and inter class, in all these  activities our students brought laurels to the school. With view to encourage, popularize and inculcate scientific temper among the children st.Mary,s English school organized science exhibition where children show case their talents in science and in Mathematics and their applications in different areas related to our everyday life. This year it was emphasized on environment related issues .in order to ensure the widest possible participation and involvement of students and teachers in the program me .Principal FR. David Vincent is obliged and appreciated the hard work of the students and the teachers. The models of Nuclear power plant and integrated farming got the special attention by pupil, teachers and judges. It was certainly a glimpse of budding scientists who can contribute to the nation. 

On the 15th August mini FIFA world cup took place at St.Mary’s English High school between Diocesans VS Jesuits. The cup was taken by the Provincial’s team, Congratulations to   both the teams for  you proved yourself as the future world cup team. “Knowledge is power” to understand this a quiz was conducted in the school among the students. Parents of the students who took part in the quiz were present. It was a grand success the parents thanked the principal Fr. David  Vincent for providing the opportunities for them.

The month began with the competition on 2/8/14. Spelling competition for Std.  L.K.G to Std. IV and Debate and Discussion for Std. V to Std. X were held. All the clubs like science, Math, Geography, Hindi and English had a meeting on 9/8/14. The practices for Independence Day celebration began in the ‘0’ period on 4/8/14. We celebrated this day with great zeal. Great preparations were made in our school. Every one of us was eager to take part in the Independence Day celebration. In the morning on 15th August we gathered in the school ground. The students were asked to stand house wise. Mrs. Joba  Majhi, former minister for child and women welfare, Jharkhand Govt. was invited as our chief guest. As soon as she reached, the school band welcomed her with grand march past. Exactly at 8:00a.m the flag was hoisted. After the flag hoisting ceremony the programme began. The chief guest took guard and watched the parade with delight. Children put up a good programme. Children danced to the tunes of Vande Mataram, Nanhe- munne sainik etc. The flag hoisting ceremony came to a close with a speech delivered by the chief guest. She threw light on the importance of the day and our duties towards the country. All were very glad. On 16th August 2014 competitions like singing, storytelling, essay writing and Elocution were held. Again, the practices for house wise folk dance competition began in the ‘0’ period on 16/8/14. On 23rd August 2014 Folk dance competition was held. The weather was very pleasant and cloudy, all were happy to see the cloud laden sky. All the four houses, Red, Blue, Green and yellow performed folk dances of different states and Countries like Hawaiian, Japanese, Garba, Kashmiri, Pongal, Odissi and Rajasthani. The function started at 8:00a.m with the welcoming of the judges. The judges for the folk dance competition were Sr. Michael, Sr. Sabastiana, and Mrs. Leena Toppo of Carmel School, Chakradharpur.

Music and songs filled the air with joy and happiness. The programme was very colourful. Children dressed in colourful dresses presented various folk dances. Sr. Michael spoke a few words of encouragement for the children. Red House Senior & Junior were declared winners of this competition. And, now toward the end of the month, children are getting ready for teachers’ day celebrations. (Snehlata)

Krus Veer: A one day training program for the Krus Veer animators of Jamshedpur deanery was organized at St. Joseph’s Welfare Centre, Golmuri on 10th August 2014.  11 representatives from Little Flower School, Telco; St. Joseph’s School, Golmuri; Grandeep Vidyalaya, Birsanagar; Holy Cross School, Chandil and Rahargora took part in it.

Fr. Camille Hembrom, the dean of Jamshedpur led a prayer to inaugurate the day-long programme. Fr. Dileep Marandi, the Diocesan KV Director, welcomed the participants and Fr. Niranjan Minj, SJ, the resource person for the day opened the session with a question directed to the participants: What is the need of a Krus Veer Movement? During his hour long presentation assisted by inspiring PP slides and video clips, Fr. Niranjan addressed the question and motivated the participants to work to strengthen the Krus Veer in their respective schools and Parishes. Fr. Dileep conducted half an hour workshop on the theme.

This was followed by the formation of a new Deanery Krus Veer Team and the business session. The new team constitutes of the following:   President: Fr. Pascal Minj (Telco); Vice President: Sr. Lily Beck, SCN (Gyandeep Vidyalaya); Secretary: Freda Janet (LFS) and Treasurer: Leena Kandulna (Rahargora).
A similar training program was conducted in Nirmala School, Govindpur on 18th August for the Dhanbad deanery which was participated by 14 animators from 8 parishes and schools. The training program was conducted by Fr. Niranjan Minj S.J. and Fr. Dileep Marandi. The Dhanbad Deanery Krus Veer Team constitutes of the following: President: Sr. Renu, A.C. (St. Anthony’s School, Dhanbad); Vice President: sr. Sabita Lakra, H.C. (Holy Cross School, Chandankyari); Secretary: Mr. Santiago, (D.N.S. CMRI, Dhanbad) and Treasurer: Fr. James Surin (St. Teresa’s Church, Sindri).

An action plan for a year was drawn at both the meetings and the animators promised to implement it. It was agreed upon that regular classes be taken for the Krus Veer children at least once a month apart from the Catechism classes. The materials for the Krus Veer classes are “Krus Veer Khristiya Andolan” and “Krus Veer” leaflet (Prabhat Prakashan, Digha Ghat, Patna) to be ordered by every School. (Fr. Dileep Marandi)

We express our heartfelt condolences to Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J., who lost his sister (Sr. Leona, OSU, Ranchi Province) at Lohardaga. May the good Lord grant strength to all who experience the pain separation and loss. May her soul Rest in Peace!


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