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29 september, 2012

·        Programme begins on the 29th September 2012, Loyola School Grounds. at 3.15 p.m. and will end at 7.30 p.m.
·        M.C: Ms. Dilit Castleton

3.15 P.M         : Welcome Dance : St. Xavier's Girls School, Chaibasa: Sr. Nilima DSA.
3.20 pm           : Washing of their hands and welcome: Ms. ManishaTopno, Sonari
Boquets to be given to 1 Cardinal+3 ArchBishops+ 15 Bishops
Person Responsible for buying Boquets: Sr. Mariam. 

Person Responsible for giving Bouquets: Fr. Leo and Mahila Sangh, Sonari
3.25                 : Introduction to the Programme and M.C: Ms. Dilit Castleton
3.30                 : Lighting of the Lamp Bp. Felix, 1 Cardinal, 3 Archbishops and Diocesan Mahila Sangh- (Rose Marandi). Person Responsible: Sr. Michael Xess, OSU (Lamp will be procured from St. Mary's English School)
3.35                 : Releasing the Balloons
3.40                 : Prayer Dance by St. Mary’s English School : Sr. Mariam, JSR
3.50                 : Words of Welcome: Bp. Felix Toppo and the purpose of YKM
4.00                 : Word of God: Reader : Frederick Michiyara
4.05                 : Faith Sharing: Jesus-The Light in my life. Time allotted:5 minutes each
                                                          Purulia Deanery                        : Mr. Subash Dey
                                                          Chaibasa Deanery                     : Mr. Camil Purty
Jamshedpur Deanery                : Ms. Reagan Liu
Dhanbad Deanery                     : No Name available
4.25                 : Felicitation of People who helped in the growth of the Diocese:40 people : to be honoured with shawls. Names to be provided by Fr. Prabhu. Lining up in charge: Sr.Michael and shawls supplier: Sr.Teresita and Ms. Lucy. Shawls to be presented by Cardinal Toppo
5.00 - 6.30       : Introduction of the team by Fr. George Anthony, followed by Praise and Worship session by Fr. Benoy and Team.Things required: 5 Microphones, 2 Tables
6.30-7.00         : Benediction and Inner Healing Sevice:Fr.Benoy and Team.Things required: Monstrance (from St. Mary's: In charge: Sr. Mariam and Alb, Stole, Cincture along with a cope/Shawl, Candles(2), Candle sticks (2) , Altar Decorations and Dhoop to be provided by Fr.Cyril Tigga, SJ. Altar setting and things in charge: Sr. Michael      
7.05-7.35        : Multi Media Presentation: Fr. Joe Surin and Team. In charge. Fr. Joe Surin, Deacon Alwyn.Things required: details to be provided by Fr. Joe Surin.

Vote of Thanks: George Anthony, Coordinator of Yesu Krist Mahotsav 


30 Septermber, 2012

CHIEF CELEBRANT            His Eminence Telesphore Cardinal P. Toppo
M. C : Fr Oscar Beck               Commentators: Fr. Camille Hembrom & Ms. Arpuda Mary

8. 00 am          Celebrants vesting for Mass at Fasy Auditorium
8.15 am           Entrance Dance to the Altar by Carmel CKP. led by Sr Michael & team
- washing of hands of all Bishops and Cardinal and aarti (Mrs. Shanti Lakra. Balmdina and team)
- Aarati to the congregation by Cardinal  
8.30 am           The Cardinal Incenses the Altar and begins the Mass
8.36                 Lord have Mercy, Gloria and Collect-prayer
8.46 am           The Bible Procession - Dance, arrangements of Bible, garland (Sr. Nidhi and team, St Joseph's School) 1. Dancers, 2. two candle bearers, 3. both the readers one holding the Bible the other holding a garland)

8.52 am           1 st Reading in Hin Is 58, 6 -11            - Ms Smriti , Cathedral
8.55 am           Responsorial psalm
9.00 am           2nd Reading in Eng. I Tim 2, 1 - 6        - Junde Joseph, Telco
9.03 am           Alleluia ( in Santali )
9.06 am           Gospel Reading Hindi – Mt. 5: I-12     - (Most Rev. William D'Souza, Archbishop of Patna)
9.10 am           Homily ( Most Rev. Thomas D'Souza, Archbishop of Kolkatta)
9.20 am           Creed (Offerings will be collected during the Creed - led by Arick Swami. Ignatius Oraon & Richard Passaign and Team)
9.26 am           Prayers of the Faithful ( Led by Sr. Sushma, SCJM - only five Intentions – Hindi, Readers from Gyan Deep, Loyola. Dhanbad, Mango, Chaibasa - order will be decided)
9.35 am           Offertory Pocession: Arrangements of offerings/gifts Mrs Felicita Minj, Sr Amla & Sr. Jessy and team; 1. Dance- ( by Parsudih) 2. (In procession Persons from Adra Dhanbad, Bistupur, Sonari, Chaibasa, Gyan Deep, Telco)
9.45 am           Preface, Holy Holy, Holy
9.55 am           Eucharistic Prayer- 2
10.05 am         Doxology (Aarati by St. Mary's Hindi School during the Doxology)
10.10 am         Lamb of God
10.15 am         Distribution of Communion ( 50 priests) Volunteers, led by Mr Arick Swami. Mr Ignatius Oraon, and Mr. Richard passing, will take the priests to the respective places
10.30 am         Concluding Ceremonies
10.40 am         Recess to the auditorium to unvest
11.10 am         Take your seats to the Cultural programme
11.30 am         His Excellency, Dr. Syed Ahamed, Governor of Jharkhand arrives

Choir- in-Charge: Mr. Vinod Topno; Choir Director: Mr. Pradeep Pani; Members: from city parishes & religious institutions; Altar Servers: brothers from Pratiksha, Led by Fr. Oscar Beck;
Altar Decoration: Sr. Hilda D'Souza and Team; Sacristan & Vestments and General Arrangements for mass: Sr. Kripa, Sr. Jessy and Team


M. C.: Mr. A G Castleton

11.30 a.m.       Arrival of Chief Guest: His Excellency Dr. Syed Ahmed Governor of Jharkhand
                        & Guest of Honor: Mr. Anand Sen, Vice President, Tata Steel
11.32 a.m.       Reception at the Entrance Gate accompanied by Band (Loyola School, JSR )
11.34 a.m.       Dance Procession to the Stage (led by Loyola School, Chaira, Dalbhumgarh )
11.40 a.m.       Welcome Dance:   Little Flower School, Telco
11.45 a.m.       Welcome Address: Rt. Rev. Felix Toppo SJ, Bishop of Jamshedpur
11.50 a.m.       Presentation of bouquets to dignitaries
11.55 a.m.       Nagpuri Dance:   St. Mary’s English School, Jamshedpur
12.00 p.m.       Dance on National Integration by   Sacred Heart School, Jamshedpur
12.05 p.m.       Message by   His Eminence: Cardinal T.P. Toppo
12.12 p.m.       Ho Marriage Dance: by St. John’s School, Tepasai, Sonua Block
12.17 p.m.       Message by Guest of Honor: Mr. Anand Sen, Vice President Tata Steel
12.25 p.m.       Celebration by Carmel Junior College, Sonari, Jamshedpur
12.30 p.m.       Release of Souvenir by the Chief Guest
12.33 p.m.       Honoring of Special Guests: Chief Guest, Guest of Honor, Cardinal, Archbishops of Kolkata, Patna & Cuttack-Bhubaneswar and Mr. Ashok Jain` by Bishop Felix Toppo, SJ

12. 37 p.m.      Distribution of 8 Scholarships: by His Excellency, the Governor of Jharkhand
12. 42 p.m.      Address by the Chief Guest, His Excellency Dr. Syed Ahmed, the Governor
12.55 p.m.       Vote of Thanks by Rev. Fr. C. R. Prabhu, Vicar General, Diocese of Jamshedpur    
01.00 p.m.        National Anthem


“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his faithful love lasts forever” (Ps 107:1). This same thanksgiving spiritual aspiration of the Psalmist is arising in our hearts like sweet smelling incense and ascending to heaven after the successful completion of the Golden Jubilee Concluding Functions.

(Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. addressing the people)

The final mega common historic celebration of the Golden Jubilee with a Cardinal, many Archbishops, Bishops, Provincials of Religious Congregations, Priests of Jamshedpur Diocese and from other Dioceses, Religious Brothers and Sisters and thousands of the faithful from all corners of the Diocese, was impressive and joyful both spiritually and externally. Everyone deserves our gratitude. In a very special way I would like to thank the Church dignitaries: His Eminence Telesphore Cardinal P. Toppo of Ranchi, Archbishop William D’Souza of Patna, Archbishop Thomas D’Souza of Kolkata, Bishop Paul Lakra of Gumla, Bishop Kurien  Valiakandathil of Bhagalpur, Bishop Anjelus Kujur of Purnea, Bishop Victor Henry Thakur of Bettiah, Bishop Julius Marandi of Dumka and Bishop Elect Anand Jojo of Hazaribag. I am grateful to Fr. E. Abraham, the Director of XLRI and Fr. George Cheradayil, S.J., the Superior and Dean of XLRI for welcoming the Church Dignitaries with opened arms and graciously hosting them in XLRI.

Yesu Krist Mahotsav was a moment of intimacy and union with God the Father and with Jesus Christ our

(Inauguration of the Jubilee Concluding Functions)
(Welcome dance)
(Prayer dance)
 (People honored for their dedicated service in the diocese)
(A Moment of Praise and worship)

Savior through Faith Sharing, Honoring the Persons who made significant contribution in evangelization and faith-formation, Praise and Worship conducted by Fr. Binoy and Team, Benediction by H.E. Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo and finally through Multi Media presentation of the diocese prepared by Mr. Dhruv Bonnerjee and his team and presented by Fr. Joseph Surin and his team. The credit of Yesu Krist Mahotsav goes to Fr. George Anthony, Sr. Sudha, SJT and their team. Eight thousand faithful coming from all corners of the Diocese, under a large white canopy and  a huge   shamiyana, experienced union of minds and hearts as belonging to “one Lord, one faith, one baptism and one God” (Eph. 4:5). People expressed their experiences of this moment in different words, like: wonderful, beautiful, prayerful, devotional, grace-filled, meaningful, well-attended, well-disciplined, unique, etc. Fr. Augustine Ezhakunnel and his team, responsible for the venue, stage, sound system, canopy and shamiyana did marvelous job. Three Cheers Fr. Augustine and your team!

The Holy Eucharistic, Celebrated by H. E. Telesphore Cardinal P. Toppo and concelebrated by eight Archbishops and Bishops and two hundred priests and participated by fourteen thousand faithful, was another solemn, unique and memorable spiritual occasion of praising and thanking God.
(Solemn Eucharistic Celebration)

The choir party, led by Mr. Pradeep Pani and Mr. Vinod Topno, sang like angels melodiously, harmoniously and devotionally. Three cheers and thanks to them! Archbishop Thomas D’Souza gave an inspiring homily in which he combined masterfully the themes of love of God, The Fullness of Life (Jubilee theme), the evangelical endeavors of the early missionaries, and the history of the developing Church of Jamshedpur Diocese. Bravo Archbishop Thomas! Fr. Cyril Tigga, responsible for Liturgy, with his team, worked indefatigably, for many weeks like a busy bee. Fr. Cyril and Team: shabash and shukriaya to you!

The third event, Civic Function and Cultural Programme brought much jubilation to the people. The presence of His Excellency, Dr. Syed Ahmed, the Governor of Jharkhand made the occasion more ceremonial and acclaimed.
(Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. welcomes the Governor on his arrival)

The children from the city and the rural parishes presented dances, which were rhythmic, beautiful and superb. Loud applaud to the stage performers and Three Cheers to Mrs. Jayanti Dutt and the cultural committee!
(Variety entertainments Programmes)
There were a few short and sweet speeches with encouraging and appreciative messages. The Governor released the Jubilee Souvenir and gave the Golden Jubilee Scholarships to seven students out of 75 of them. He spoke in Urdu-mixed-Hindi with great passion and eloquence on Jesus Christ and his message of love and peace. He also spoke of the charitable works rendered by the Christians to all the people especially to the poor and the needy. Our deep-felt gratitude to the Governor!
(Releasing of Soviner)
 (Distribution of Golden Jubilee Scholarship)
(His Excellency Sayed Ahmad address the people)
 (National Anthem)

Our special thanks to Mrs. Dilit Castleton and Mrs. Arpudam Mary for efficiently conducting the programmes during the Yesu Krist Mahotsav and the Holy Eucharist respectively. As the Master of Ceremonies Mr. Tony Castleton also did a marvelous job during the Civic Function and Cultural Programme. Thank you Masters of Ceremonies! Mr. Daryl Pereira and his team of security and volunteers were seen all over and monitored the traffic and ushered the participants in proper places. Thank you for your efficient job! Mr. James Davis and his team worked behind the curtain in receiving the guests and participants at the railway station, transporting them to the places of their accommodation and later transporting them back to the station. This was a Herculean job done to perfection with great love and sacrifice. One could see fourteen buses plying up and down in the city. Sr. Teresita Mary and Fr. Victor Misquith were very generous in accommodating at least four to five thousand participants coming form outside the city of Jamshedpur.

Fr. Halan Bodra and his staff accommodated all the priests and Sisters at the Catholic Charities. May the Lord bless their generosity! Under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ronnie D’Costa, Peter Bonnerjee with his expertise prepared an attractive Golden Jubilee Souvenir. They were able to raise a large sum of money with the Souvenir for the Jubilee expenses. Sincere thanks to you both! Fr. C.R. Prabhu and his Team worked for almost one year to get money for “Golden Jubilee Scholarship Fund”. The target sum is still to be realized, but the sum collected is sufficient to give scholarships to 75 students per year. Congratulations to the members of the “Golden Jubilee Scholarship Fund”. We thank also all those who made generous financial contribution for the realization of the Jubilee Concluding event. May the Lord reward you hundred fold!

We salute the Food Committee Chairman, Fr. David Vincent and his members. They cooked round the clock on both days. On the first day the food was cooked for 3000 people, but 4500 people came to eat. On the second day, as informed to the Food Committee food was cooked for 10,000 people, but almost 14,500 people turned up to eat. Smart fellows rushed early to eat. Many people did not cooperate with the security personnel and the volunteers. As a result about a thousand people did not get food on time as they had to leave to catch the train.  I apologize to those who did not get the lunch. Nevertheless, this incident teaches us that we are human beings and we make mistakes and often led by our deep rooted selfish attitudes.

One of the important features of this Golden Jubilee Concluding Functions was that the laity played a major role in successfully organizing and executing the entire event under the leadership of Fr. C.R. Prabhu, the Vicar General of the Diocese.  Fr. Prabhu, of course, was the prime mover and had innumerable meetings with core-committee members in order to organize, guide and to support them. Nevertheless, the laity’s contribution will be written in golden letters for the future generation to imitate them.

We, the people of Jamshedpur Diocese, have celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Diocese.  We have expressed our deep felt gratitude to God for his blessings and graces and have endeavored to march towards “The Fullness of Life”. Let us now march towards the Diamond Jubilee with the same spirit of gratitude and zeal to sanctify ourselves and to evangelize others.

Let us sing with Mary, the Mother of Lord Jesus Christ, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour” (Lk 1:46-47). 

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