Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,

All the Christian denominations coming together, leaving aside their differences, believes, traditions and liturgy is indeed a Christian unity but in its narrowest sense. There can be unity in diversity. 

 1.   The Church
We need to realize the real meaning of Church before we think about the unity of different churches. The Church is the body of Christ and it is Christ Himself who is the head of the Body, the Church (Col 1:18). The Scripture says, ‘All of us, whether Jews or Greeks, slaves or free, have been baptized in one Spirit to form one body and all of us have been given to drink from the one Spirit’ (I Cor 12:13). Further, St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians says, ‘Let there be one Body and one Spirit, just as you were called, One Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God, the Father of all, who is above all and works through all and is in all’ (Eph 4:4-6). He continues to say, ‘See, the body is one even if formed by many members, but not all of them with the same function’ (Rom 12:4).

The words of St. Paul state a fact that everyone who calls himself/herself a Christian is indeed a part of the mystical of Body of Christ. 

2. Divisions in the Church
Though we are spiritually One, there is division among our midst. The annals of history bears the bitter truth that we have divided the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. We imprison Christ in our churches and gloat over the monopoly of Christ. We hold our churches in highest esteem and look down on other churches.

3.The need for unity among the churches
There is only one CHURCH, the Church of Christ, the Mystical Body of Christ. Every member of this Church must be knit together in love. Christ Himself prayed for the unity of this Church, ‘May they all be one as you Father are in me and I am in you. May they be one in us; so the world may believe that you have sent me’ (Jh 17:21) St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians instructs the faithful to be united, ‘Make every effort to keep among you the unity of Spirit through the bond of peace’ (Eph 4:3). He further instructs that ‘every apostle, prophet, evangelists, pastors and teachers must build up the Body of Christ until we are all united in the same faith and knowledge of the Son of God. Thus we shall become the perfect man, reaching maturity with the fullness of Christ’ (Eph 4:13)  

4. The Goal of unity among the churches
The goal of unity among the churches is the glory of God. Our Lord Jesus instituted the Church that we may glorify the Lord together as a family and inherit the Kingdom of God. Only when we live together as the members of the Mystical Body of Christ, knit together in love we can glorify God as Christ wants. ‘May God, the source of all perseverance and comfort, grant you to live in peace with one another in accordance with Christ Jesus, so that you may be able to praise in one voice the God and Father of Christ Jesus our Lord’ (Rom 15:5-7).

5.  Humility and Love : essential elements for unity among the churches
There can never be unity among the churches unless there is humility and love. When the people are knit together in love, we can establish unity even when there are differences. At the same time, in the absence of love and unity there can never be peace and unity. Lord Jesus, being fully human and God, realizing our weakness gave us a new law, ‘A new commandment I give you, love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are disciples, if you have love for one another’ (Jh 13:34-35)

There can never be true love unless there is humility. The presence of pride is the seed of jealousy and selfishness. In addition, St. Paul about love says, ‘Love is patient, kind, without envy. It is not boastful or arrogant. It is not ill mannered nor does not provoked to anger; keeps no score of offences. It does not take delight in wrong, but rejoices in truth’ (1 Cor 13:4-7).

For the unity, it is essential that we realize the fact that Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. and division of this Mystical Body of Christ is sin. Let us be prayerful and listen to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. Let us wrap ourselves with the values of humility and love and live a life in accordance with the commandment of Our Lord, the commandment of Love.

Your Friend and Servant in Christ,

Bp. Felix Toppo, S.J
Bishop of Jamshedpur

St. Mary’s Parish, Bistupur
Long awaited Youth Gathering of St. Mary’s parish, was held on January 29, 2018 at St. Mary’s Junior Block, Bistupur. Rev. Fr. Edward Saldanha, the Parish Priest took a lot of effort to organize this gathering. 48 youth of our parish participated in this gathering. The gathering began with Holy Mass presided by Rev. Fr. Cornelius Tigga, S.J.

Rev. Fr. Cornelius Tigga, Mr. Tony Castleton and Sr. Reshmi were spoke persons for the Day.
Rev. Fr. Cornelius focused on need of Youth in the Church. He said that today’s youth are lost in themselves. Digital media has taken the place of a friend. Today’s youth need to have friends, they need to share their problems and find solution. He encouraged them to come forward and to be united in order to help our Church and to make a peaceful society. He said that all of us have an opportunity to grow but many of us loose it. We have to grab the opportunity in order to learn and grow. Mr. Tony Castleton challenged the youth to take courage and stand up for self-needs. He encouraged them to equip with different types of talents and become self-depended. He gave them the Mantra – ‘Discipline yourselves and discipline will make your personality hundred percentage.’  Our God comes in search of us, we need to walk with God and offer ourselves to Him and He will do wonders in our lives. Sr. Reshmi appealed the youth to read and know the Bible. She encouraged them to listen to their inner voice and come forward to live a religious life.

Rev. Fr. Edward Saldanha thanked each and everyone for making the youth gathering successful. He encouraged the youth to bring many more youth to join this group. All agreed to have next meeting on 25th February to elect the executive committee. The gathering ended with a delicious meal. (Dn. Shanti Raj)

Bible Sunday in Sini Parish

Bible Sunday was celebrated on Nov. 12, 2017, in Our Lady of Nativity Church Sini. The faithful of the parish, participated in the Bible Sunday celebration with great enthusiasm and devotion. There were entrance and dance and Bible  procession  in reverence to the living Word of God.

Rev. Fr. C.R. Prabhu solemnized the Eucharistic celebration on the occasion. He reminded us of the value, meaning and usefulness of the word of God in every aspect  of our Christian Life. Fr. Valerian Lobo too was present with us on this auspicious day. He happily shared his inspiring experience.  He also encouraged the parishioners to read the Gospel saying, You read the Gospel daily and you will experience changes in your life. (Fr. Emil Tirkey MSFS )

Deanery Youth  Christmas gathering  at SINI

In  December 2017,  our parish  had a good opportunity to hoist Deanery level youth Christmas get-together in the parish. The deanery youth-Christmas gathering  was organized by the Sini parish youth.  This gathering was meant only for the deanery youth but whole parish was present for the function from the beginning of the of  Eucharistic celebration to the end of the programme as to encourage and support the parish youth and youth of Jamshedpur deanery, on December 10-2017, in the compound of "Our Lady of Nativity Church" Sini.

About 135 youth from different parishes of  Jamshedpur deanery came together to "Our Lady of Nativity Church" Sini to celebrate and participate in the gathering.  Youth  presented  various intriguing entertainment programmes  on the stage, which created most exciting and joyful atmosphere for every one present for  the Christmas gathering. There were one act play, dances, songs and special Christmas message.
Every entertainment item gave beautiful, meaningful, inspiring and enriching Christmas massage in its own style. Many thanks to Jamshedpur deanery youth comity including Fr. Valerian Lobo for giving us an opportunity to serve then here in "Our Lady of Nativity Church' Sini. (Fr. Emil Tirkey MSFS )

The Patronal Feast of St. Paul’s School, Maluka 

The Patronal Feast of St. Paul’s School, Maluka was celebrated with great joy by the staff and students on 25th January, 2018. The programme began with the Solemn Eucharistic celebration. The traditional dances during the celebration made the liturgical celebration more joyful and meaningful. Later on, during the day, the students put up a cultural programme. Fr. C. R. Prabhu was the Chief Guest for the programme. In his speech, he explained at length the growth of the school from its humble beginnings. He enumerated the difficulties encountered by the school to get recognition from the State Government. He thanked the Sisters of Little Flower of Bethany for their services in the school and for the efforts of providing education to the village children. He encouraged the parents, who were present in big number, to take interest in the education of their children. He requested them to send their children to the school regularly and be in touch in the school authorities to see the progress of their children. The Local Village Administration – Munda, Mukiya and the Sarpanch were also present who were full of praise for the good education given in the School. Congratulation to the Principal and Staff of St. Paul’s for the wonderful celebration. (Fr. Edwin Coelho)

Diamond Jubilee of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri

On 14th January, 2018, the Diamond Jubilee of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri was celebrated in a grand manner. To make this day a cherishable one and to be grateful to God, a High Mass was offered by Rt. Rev. Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J, at 7.30 am in the beautifully decorated Cathedral.

Bishops and priests were taken in a procession from the Church yard to the main entrance by dancing by the students of Mercy School of Nursing, Baridh. At the main Church entrance, a name plate was installed detailing the former Bishops and parish priests.

Lighting of the lamp was done by 60 parishioners, representing the entire parish. Mrs. Arputha Mary read out the brief history of St. Joseph’s Cathedral. After the Mass laying of the foundation stone for the new grotto was held. All the former parish priests and active parishioners were honoured with a shawl each by the bishop. 60 people who have been actively involved in the parish ministry were honoured by handing over one saplings each.

Break fast was served to all and games and sports were organized after the Mass. Everyone present enjoyed every programme and participated in it in a peaceful and joyful manner. At noon, delicious dinner was served to all the parishioners. Congratulations to Fr. David and all the assistants for this wonderful day. (Fr. Manoj Tigga) 

St. Paul's Church Maluka

28th January was a remarkable day for the Parishioners of St. Paul's Church, Maluka. The Parish Day was celebrated with great devotion and joy. The festivity began with the solemn Eucharist celebration presided by Rev. Fr. Alex Dodrai at 7.30 P.M. The hostel children welcomed the priests with the entrance dance and under the guidance of Fr. Dileep, the choir helped the faithful to pray well with the melodious hymns.

Fr. Alex in his homily exhorted that how St. Paul went from being Saul to Paul, from persecuting Christians to dedicating his life to proclaiming God's word. In the Eucharistic Celebration the faithful prayed for all those have dedicated their life for the Evangelism. After the Mass, cultural programme was presented by our Parishioners. It was well appreciated by all. All the winners from stage competition and  games were awarded with gifts.Thanks to all the father's and sisters from our neighbouring parish who had come to share our joy. Thanks to all who had put their soul and mind for the success of the day. (Fr. Alex Darwin)

A Three Day Training on Herbal Medicines

Plants have been used for medicinal purposes long before prehistoric period. India has been known to be the rich repository of medicinal plants. The forest in India is the principal repository of large number of medicinal plants. The World Health Organisation estimates that 80% of people worldwide rely on herbal medicines for some aspect of their primary health care needs. There are many forms in which herbs can be administered, the most common of which is in the form of a liquid that is drunk by the patient either an herbal tea or a plant extract.

Acknowledging and knowing the importance and accessibility of the herbal plants, the Catholic Charities decided to organize a three day training from 04 – 06, January, on herbal medicines for its staff and for those who are already practicing it in the villages. There were 50 participants who benefited from this training. Sr. Nirmala CIC who is an expert and experienced in this field from Catholic Health Association of Bihar and Jharkhand (CHABIJ) was the resource person. She taught the participants how to make medicine for malaria, cold and cough, wound, burnt diarrhea and so on. Moreover they were also given a book each on herbal medicines and arithemesia seed to grow at home. Prior to that Fr. Prabhu and Fr. Alwin highlighted the effectiveness and usefulness of herbal medicines. Thanks to Sr. Luisa OSU for successfully organizing it.

Adivasi Manch Gandedungri

On behalf of the Adivasi Manch Gandedungri one day seminar was organized for the tribal leaders and tribal Intellectuals on 05, January. The main theme of the seminar was to make people aware about the 5th schedule area and current issues of Jharkhand. Fr. Polidor Kujur SJ, Victor Malto, Premchand Murmu, walter Kandulna etc were the resource persons. There were 40 participants from different parts of East Singhbhum district. Thanks to Fr. Polidor Kujur SJ for arranging and organizing it very fruitfully.
Farmer’s Fair cum  Exhibition at Anandpur Block

India is mainly an agricultural country. Agriculture is the most important occupation for most of the Indian families. In India, agriculture contributes about sixteen percent (16%) of total GDP and ten percent (10%) of total exports. Our farmers work day and night to feed our population that counts over 1.21 billion.

But most of the times the hard work of the farmers and their products go unnoticed, we fail to appreciate and acknowledge their untiring efforts that they put in the field. Therefore the Catholic Charities organized a fdlku esayk cum Exhibition  on 25th, January in the premises of Anandpur block. The main objective of the Fair was to bring the farmers together, exhibit their products and to interact with the government officials. Mrs. Jobha Manjhi the MLA of Manoherpur was the chief guest, who in her speech highlighted the different schemes and scientific methods of cultivation. She was very happy to see so many farmers present. Fr. Alwin electrified the gathering with his thought provoking speech on kitchen garden and organic farming. There were 210 farmers and 68 farmers came with their products to exhibit. On this occasion 5 pump sets were given to five farmers by Block Agriculture officer Mr. Amarnath Nayak. BDO of Anandpur Mr. Manoj Tiwary, Mr. Pramod Kumar a scientist from Krishi Vigyan Kendra Jagannathpur, Pramukh Nutan Pyari Topno, Mukhiya Minnilal Surin also put forward their opinion on this occasion. A booklet written by CCJ  lCth dh [ksrh was released by the honourable Chief guest Mrs. Jobha Manjhi and others. At last Fr. Birendra Tete proposed the vote of thanks to all for their untiring and constant support. Sr. Eliani Topno, Ramkrishna Bhakat, Rothin Hemrom, Ashok Tigga, Robin Murmu were also present from the CCJ office. 
Johny Vithayathil
Alex Dodrai
Augustine Kullu
Vernon D’Souza
Camille Hembrom
Cyprian Lobo
Junas Purty

06.00 pm
CBCI Standing Committee Meeting
CBCI Plenary Assembly
From Bangalore to Ranchi to Tepasai

08.00 am
Holy Communion &Confirmation
ASH Wednesday
08.30 am
First Communion & Confirmation
Minor Seminary Rectors’ Meeting, St. Albert’s College

Monday, January 8, 2018

Peace be with you

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year! May God bless you with His Peace and Love in this New Year.

On the night Christ was born, an angel appeared to the shepherds and gave a message of great joy, “Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to people of Good Will”.  Jesus is the Prince of Peace and He came to the world that we may have peace. Peace is not a commodity that can be purchased. Peace can be obtained only when we have love and justice. Peace is inseparable from love and justice. And Jesus is the personification of Love, Peace and Justice. The person rooted in love and justice is a righteous person. And it is to those who are righteous the Lord offers the gift of Peace. In the annals of history, both ecclesiastical and political, we find many great persons whom we call righteous; Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa are few among them.      

Love, Peace and Justice are the very characteristics of God Himself. Because it is in God alone we find eternal Love, Peace and Justice. Every human being is created in the very image and likeness of God; all of us share these very divine characteristics of God in us. It is the will of God that every human being use these spiritual gifts that have been infused in us and find eternal happiness in the Lord. 

God in His infinite wisdom created human being that He may share with us His divine love. He is brimming with love for every one whom He created. Since we are the partakers of His divine love by our existence, it is very logical that we share this love with our brethren. The pinnacle of the expression of love is seen in the life of Christ; there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for his/her friends. Every human being needs to realize that we are children of One God and we share a relationship thicker than blood; the relationship based on life itself. Hence, it is our duty to love and respect our brethren. The love of the neighbour stems from this concept.   
Respecting the other person is different from adjusting with them. The real respect is rooted in accepting the other person as he or she is. When one accepts the other person as he or she is, one tends to accept others’ beliefs and life style, even when one do not really agree with it. Just like, different varieties of flowers make a garden more beautiful, people with different beliefs and life-styles living together in unity makes the earth a paradise on the earth. It is in unity we find our strength and not in uniformity. When we fail in our efforts to be righteous, we fail in our ability to live in peace. The moment we shun the other for what they are… we start spreading the seed of disharmony.

What do we see around us ? Is there peace and harmony or hatred and chaos ? Are we heading towards a society where everyone is respected ? … The answers often disappoint us. We live in a society where uniformity is endorsed more than unity. Every person is identified with his or her attributes rather than the person himself or herself. Religion, social status and political affiliation have become the yardstick for the dignity of a person. Moreover, personal freedom is curtailed in the name of progress and unification. How can there be progress when the personal attributes like cast and creed are hailed above human dignity ? How can there be peace when unity is corroded by the custodians of our society ?

It is more than ever, we need to be righteous. We need to love and respect everyone for what they are. Let us enkindle in us the need to be united, despite caste and creed, language and land. Let us realize that we all are the children of One God. Let us follow Jesus, our brother and love everyone. Above all, let us pray; for “More things are wrought by prayer than the world ever dreams of”.    

May the Prince of Peace bless you with His love, peace and justice.  May you try every day to better yourself to be righteous.  Moreover, May you become the instruments of His Peace!

Your Friend and Servant in Christ,

+Felix Toppo, S.J
Bishop of Jamshedpur

Indian Vice President praises Christians: "They build the nation".

The Indian vice president has praised the Catholic Church for "its efforts to build the nation and for the altruistic service rendered to the members of society". Venkaiah Naidu participated as a guest of honour at the Christmas greetings ceremony. Organized by the Indian Bishops' Conference (CBCI), the event took place on 13th December, 2017 at the center of the archdiocesan community of Delhi. The second highest representative of the State affirmed that "Jesus is the Son of God. He brings Good news to all seasons, peoples, cultures and nations. His message is the message of peace.

If there is tension, we cannot have attention to any activities of peace". Naidu emphasized that "people, in every part of the world, regardless of caste, creed or nationality, celebrate Christmas with great joy ". Then he reaffirmed the importance of Catholics for the development of India, "in particular for the well-being of the people. They manage the best educational institutions in the country, which create awareness of the need for education and training for those in need ".
According to the Vice President, “Education is the most important tool for social transformation. It helps impart values compassion, morality and ethics,”. For this reason, he added, "I invite you Christians to continue in your service with special attention to the disadvantaged sectors of society".
The politician, an exponent of the Bharatiya Janata Party (Hindu nationalist party), recalled that the Catholic Church has opened thousands of dispensaries and hospitals throughout India, to reach the most remote areas.
Fr Renold Pascal, of the CBC press office, reports that "in the country Catholics manage 25 thousand schools and universities, and guarantee in hospitals 85 thousand beds for the sick, even in the most inaccessible areas. We also operate in more than 5,000 registered NGOs, which take care of the primary needs of over five million poor and marginalized every year ".
At the end of the ceremony, Card. Baselios Cleemis, president of the CBCI, gave the guest of honour a nativity scene and a picture with the image of India, on which the Child Jesus lies in the manger. 

Diaconate Ordination of Bro Mukesh Kerketta

It indeed was a remarkable occasion for St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri, Bro. Mukesh Kerketta of Jamshedpur diocese was elavated to the Sacred Order of Diaconate by His Lordshop Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. in the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration held on 6th Deccember, 2017. Fr. Jilson  helped the faithful to understand the cermoneires and to participate in it in a meaningful way through his timely interventions as the master of the ceremony.

The Cathedral was packed with the faithful. The family, relatives and friends of the ordinantus were seated at the front pews. Bishop, through his sermon exhorted the ordinatus about the duties of a clergy. The whole Ordination ceremony was very well arranged and the choir added a celesial tune to it. There was a small felicitation for the deacon at the Bishop’s House. Congratulations to deacon Mukesh Kerketta and wish you all the best for your minsitry. Special thanks to Rev. Fr. David Vincent, the Parish Priest, the Asst. Parish Priests, Sisters at Sacred Heart Convent, Golmuri, Youth and all the parishioners. (Fr. Manoj Tigga)

Inter-religious Christmas Gathering at St. Joseph’s Welfare Center, Golmuri

Frs. David Vincent, the Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s Cathedral arranged an Inter-religious Christmas Gathering at St. Joseph’s Welfare Center, Golmuri on 22nd December, 2017. People from all walks of life, from different religions had gathered for the gathering. Mrs. Arpurtha Mary anchored through the whole programme and delighted all present with her wonderful commentary. Fr. David, the Vicar General of the diocese, welcomed the gathering and the youth from Gyandeep presented a song and a dance on the theme of Christmas. There were many cultural programmes by different groups and Christmas messages from various dignitaries. The Christmas carol by the junior choir of St. Joseph’s Cathedral mesmerized everyone present.

Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J, Swamin Karunamayanand Maharaj from Ram Krisha Mission, Mr. Interjeet Singh, the President of Central Gurudwara, Mr. Zober Juki of the Muslim Community, Mr. Beli Bodhanwala, the social worker, and reverend pastors from various Christian denominations shared their Christmas Message.   The main theme that ran through all the messages were- Peace, Love, Non-Violence, forgiveness, Common brotherhood and harmony.  Congratulations to everyone who worked hard for the success of this programme. (Fr Manoj Tigga)

Inter-Religious  Celebration of Christmas at Catholic Charities Charities 

On December 23rd, Catholic Charities/SJVK and Vikas Bharati held their annual Christmas Gathering in their auditorium. About 200 people belonging to all castes and creed participated in this function.  Most Rev. Felix Toppo, S.J Bishop of Jamshedpur was the Chief Guest while Mr. Champai Murmu the Majhi-Hadam of Purihasa was the Guest of honour.  Among the gathering were the family of Director, ITDA East Singhbhum,   officers of Federal Bank and the Bank of India and many prominent people from the neighboring villages.  The staff of SJVK/CCJ/VB  along with students of Smart Centre Pratiksha kept the audience spell-bound for  75 minutes. The star of the day was Fr. Virender Tete who along with his special team put up a skit dramatizing the real meaning of Christmas. The Chief Guest spoke inspiringly on the spirit of Christmas – God’s love incarnated in the humble person of Baby Jesus, proclaiming true reconciliation between God and Human. He reminded the audience that Jesus came to proclaim peace, justice, equality and freedom along all people. The Bishop appealed to all that all people live as brothers and sisters in one family.  At the end of the programme, a piece of Cake and coffee was served to all. 

The entire Staff, numbering 56 in all received Christmas Gifts, Christmas meal. The invited guests and Priests and Sisters of neighboring communities too joined in this festive meal.

CCJ/SJVK/VB closes down for Christmas:
For the first time, the entire establishment of CCJ-SJVK-VB has been closed down for maintenance work of Vikas Bharati.  All the Staff, drivers, kitchen girls, gardeners went on holidays. Frs. Alwin, Virender and Prabhu since December 24, were seen knocking at different parishes and convents at mealtime. They are trying to experiment they can manage to live without a kitchen.  Wish them all the best.    (Fr. Birender Tete).                                         

Christmas Celebrations
This year also the Christmas was celebrated in a grand manner in all the Churches in Jamshedpur diocese. As the Christmas drew near, all were seen glad and their joy knew no bounds under the leadership of fathers Fabian and Manoj in St. Joseph’s Cathedral Parish, Golmuri. Youth and children went door to door for Christmas Carol to give the message of the birth of Jesus. Fathers encouraged the faithful to prepare themselves spiritually to receive Jesus in the manger of their hearts. Despite of severe cold, youth and children did their level best going around singing and dancing with gusto.

All the city churches were beautifully cleaned and decorated with multi-items that captivated Christians and even people of other faith for prayer and worship. On 24 night, at 10:30 pm the carol singing began in the Cathedral and at 11:30 pm, a solemn Christmas Vigil Mass was held. Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J presided over the Eucharistic Celebrations. Frs. David Vincent, Robert Toppo, Jilson T L and Michael Deogam were the con-celebrants. The atmosphere was prayerful and devotional with the help of the choir. All the people were served with tea and snacks after the Mass by the Parish Council. As arranged by the Parish Priest, Fr. David Vincent, Santa Clause came with gifts and sweets and distributed to the people. All had a good time and wished each other Merry Christmas.

The Call to the priesthood… Can you hear it?

The Catholic Diocese of Jamshedpur and Society of Jesus, Jamshedpur province have programs such as vocation seminar and meetings for prospective candidates for priesthood. The Vocation camp for the diocese and Jesuit province of Jamshedpur will be held from 9th to 12th April, 2017 at Vianney Niwas, Neeldungri, Jamshedpur. 10th and +2 students are invited to join the vocation camp. Contact to the Vocation Offices for more informations at:

Fr. Linus Kindo/ Fr. Paschal Toppo
Bishop’s House
P.O. Golmuri
Phone No.: 09572752429/7050061079

The Vocation Promoter (S.J.)
Inigo Niwas, Candidate House
St. Xavier’s High School
P.B. No. 10, Chaibasa P.O.
W. Sighbhum-833201
Phone No.: 9798736320/09546721569




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