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Diocese of Jamshedpur
Vol. 45 No. 11                                    Private Circulation Only                  November - 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Marriage and Freedom

Pope Francis, during his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 said that contrary to modern notion, fidelity in marriage does not rob us of personal freedom, but instead, is a fundamental attribute of all human relationships based on love. Freedom and fidelity are not opposed to each other.

He said that the strength and beauty of love, in the context of friendship, come from the fact that the persons involved are connected without loss of freedom. He said, “Without freedom there is no friendship; without freedom there is no love; without freedom there is no marriage”.

Pope Francis observed that the sense of “honour” in being faithful appears to be undermined in modern times. He attributed this to the “misunderstood right to seek one’s own satisfaction at all costs and in any relationship, which is exulted as a non-negotiable principle of freedom”. Rather, he said, “Fidelity to promises is a true masterpiece of humanity! No loving relationship – no friendship, no form of love, no happiness in the common good – arrives at the height of our desire and hope” without “this miracle of the soul”.

This year's Synod on the Family, which runs from Oct. 4-25, 2015 is the second and larger of two such gatherings to take place in the course of a year. Like its 2014 precursor, the focus of the 2015 Synod of Bishops is the family with the theme: “The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and the Modern World.”

In his Oct. 21 address, Pope Francis recalled that during the last week’s general audience, he reflected on the importance of promises parents make to their children, whereas this week he focused his reflection on man and woman's fidelity to each other.
The entire family is founded upon a promise, the Pope said. The fidelity between husband and wife brings with it the responsibility to love and educate children, to care for elderly parents, and to protect and care for the “weakest members of the family”.  “The marital promise broadens to share the joys and sufferings with all fathers, mothers, and children, with generous openness toward human coexistence and the common good.” In contrast, the Pope said, “a family that is closed in on itself,” is a “contradiction” of that same promise.
Fidelity is a self-fulfilling promise, a faith which “wants to be truly shared, and a hope which wants to be nurtured together.” Honor and fidelity “cannot be bought or sold,” he said. “No other school can teach the school of love if the family cannot. No law can impose the beauty and heritage of this treasure of human dignity, if the personal connection between love and generation is not written on our flesh.”
Pope Francis appealed for fidelity in love to be seen as honorable in society once again. “This principle of fidelity to the promise of love and generations is written in God's creation as a perennial blessing, which is entrusted to the world.”
The Pope reflected on the family in the context of Saint Paul's words on the union between Christ and his Church. “Love for the human family, in good times and bad, is a point of honor for the Church!

Your Friend in the Lord,
    +Felix Toppo, S.J.
Bishop Felix with Pope Francis at TLIG International Convention - Rome
The Synod on Family, October 2015

The Synod on the Family is now over. The final document includes 94 points with dozens of proposals. It has a positive tone and it gives a hopeful message to families facing hardships. The top proposals by the synod:

The document describes some of the challenges families face. It does so by saying that hardships can also be seen as an opportunity. Bishops ask Christians to cultivate a hopeful understanding on painful realities like loneliness and marital failure. The Synod concluded that helping people is not the same as telling them everything is okay. Rather, it means having the courage to listen to their pain, embrace them, and seek ways to heal their wounds. 

One of the ideas that came up in the Synod, time and time again, is that marriage preparation must be improved. There is agreement that offering only six classes before the wedding is not enough. Also, couples who have been married for years,  should be more involved in helping younger couples, in some of the challenges they face.  The document also calls for families to foster an ongoing relationship with other Catholic families, not just every now and then, but rather as a firm pillar. 

Bishops suggested that parents must be involved in the sex education of their children and not leave it up to others to educate them on the matter. This kind of education is key, they say,  for their stability and for the success of their future marriage. The document adds that teaching compromise and love is essential. Especially when it comes to understanding that children are the fruit of love. 

The document also addresses couples who aren't married but live together in stable relationships.
It says that many of them live in fidelity and openness to life, which are elements of marriage. Thus, they call for special attention so they can walk towards the path of marriage. 

Here's what the Pope said in his closing speech at the Synod:

POPE Francis says, "The Church’s first duty is not to hand down condemnations or anathemas, but to proclaim God’s mercy, to call to conversion, and to lead all men and women to salvation in the Lord.” For divorced people who have remarried and want to return to the sacraments, the Synod proposes that a priest help them develop awareness through reflection, so they can understand their personal situation before God. Specifically, it says that "conversation with a priest, in the internal forum, contributes to the formation of a correct judgment about what hinders the possibility of a fuller life in the Church and the steps that can favor it and make participation grow.” The Synod document recalls what Pope John Paul II said: A person being unjustly abandoned is not the same as someone who has destroyed a marriage.

As for gay people, the Synod states that Christ "loved and died for every person, without exception.” Therefore, "every person, regardless of sexual orientation, should be respected in their dignity, and welcomed with respect, avoiding 'any brand of unfair discrimination.” It also says that one "cannot draw analogies between homosexual unions and God's plan for marriage and family.”

The Synod did not ignore the struggles of those fleeing from war and poverty. It discussed the challenges faced by families who had to leave their country to start a new life. The bishops ask that dioceses and parishes work to ensure the dignity of migrants and refugees is respected. 
It states they must help them while taking into account their culture, beliefs, and traditions.
In short, the 94 points of the document are optimistic. It also calls for women to be included in the decision-making processes of the Church; that parents not relinquish protection of their family; that grandparent’s role and their care is taken into consideration, and that families can find a proper work- life balance.


It is said that sports are the epitome of hard work, dedication and tireless endeavours; sports universalize love, brotherhood; epitomize team efforts and co-operation; in the history of St. Xavier’s School, Purulia, an Inter-School Football and Basketball tournament were organised in the school. The day was initialized with a grand and momentous opening ceremony, with the welcoming of our chief guest, the Secretary of our school, Rev. Fr. Vijay Bhatt, along with a word of welcome from our Principal, Fr. Eugene Ekka for the host team and the three other participating teams – St. Xavier’s School, Chakradharpur; St. Xavier’s School, Chaibasa; and Sacred Heart School, Adra. The day turned out even more extra-special with the celebration of the birthday of our chief guest, Fr. Vijay Bhatt, with a birthday song and the release of a massive bunch of balloons, followed by the declaration of the tournament to be open. 

To ensure the matches to be completely free and fair, all the referees had been appointed from the CRA (Calcutta Referee Association). With a rigorous and draconian each 35 minutes’ match, it was the host team and the team from St. Xavier’s School, CKP, who succeed to secure themselves into the finals. By the end, it is St. Xavier’s School, Chaibasa  lifted the winning trophy, devastating every other team, followed by Sacred Heart School, Adra at the Runners-Up place. The skills and techniques exhibited by every player were simply to be relished, for such manifestations could be cherished only in a Utopian world.

With the march of the evening, it was time for the final onslaught, the bombardment of the final football match between St. Xavier’s, Purulia up against St. Xavier’s School, Chakradharpur. What greater a match could be which could not be decided in the normal play duration, not even by the penalty shoot-outs but by, what we call sudden death, wherein St. Xavier’s  CKP beat the host team by 1-0 and taste victory. The closing ceremony of the day included the felicitation of the referees, the winning teams and even best players of the final matches and entire tournament. Eminent guests of honour, Principals of all participating schools, committee members felicitated the players, imparting the day with that extra cheese and butter with which we could truly call this tournament superbly delicious and above all, a grand success. (Fr. Eugene Ekka)


2nd October 2015 marked a remarkable day in the annals of history of St. Joseph’s Hospital, Bhilaipahari as S.C.J.M SISTERS began their collaboration with the Hospital and the School. The Grih Pravesh of Srs. Susheela and Magdalena to the St. Joseph’s Sisters Residence was solemnized with the blessing of the house and a solemn Eucharistic Celebration. The entrance dance by the budding buds of St. Joseph’s English School, and the angelic choir by the staff and members of St. Joseph’s Hospital and School spread an aroma of holiness in the air. Bishop Felix, the main celebrant, thanked the J.M.J Sisters for their collaboration and support they rendered in the past years at St. Joseph’s Hospital and prayed for them. Bishop also remembered and prayed for everyone who has been associated with the St. Joseph’s Hospital and School. Sr. Lilly S.C.J.M, the provincial Superior expressed the joy of S.C.M.,Congregation in their association with St. Joseph’s Hospital and School. A good number of priests and religious witnessed Grih Pravesh and wished them all the best. A sumptuous meal was served to everyone present. Congratulations to Frs. George Manna and Edward Saldhana for a successful celebration of the Grih Pravesh and wish you all the best.


The annual clergy retreat was organized in Vikas Bharati, Sundarnagar from 18th -23rd October 2015. Rev. Fr. Peter Francis, S.J, an eminent professor of XLRI was the resource person. There were 30 participants for the retreat. The fathers really benefited from his valuable input sessions. The entire week became a Spirit Filled week for many of the fathers. The Vikas Bharati – family gave no chance to approach them for any needs; everything was well taken care of.

Thank you Fathers for coming in a great number to rejuvenate and rededicate yourself for a better ministry. (Fr Pradeep Marandi)

The Feasts of Karam and Nawa Khani were celebrated on Sunday, 4th October 2015 at St. Joseph’s Welfare Centre in the denary level. The Adiwasi community of Jamshedpur town assembled in a great number at 9. am in the Cathedral. The Priests were led by the Mandar and Nagara coupled with the fine tunes of Mahila Sangh of Parsudih Parish. Fr. Linus Kindo, the Vice Principal of St. Mary’s English School, was the chief celebrant. He, in his homely, explained in detail the origin, significance & the biblical/exegetical association of these feasts. The choir of the Kutkutdungri Parish took us back to the melodies of the village celebrations. Soon after the Eucharistic celebration, the people were given the Nawa Khani & nasta. The main attraction of the day was the cultural programme in the Welfare Centre Hall. The Skit, the songs, and the dances performed made everyone present to cherish their culture. Fr. Joseph Surin, S. J, was the main speaker of the function. He exhorted the people to keep intact the identity of the tribals by keeping their surnames, speaking in their mother tongue, celebrating their feasts, protecting their land and by keeping alive their customs and traditions. All present enjoyed a sumptuous meal. Congratulations to all the Organizers. (Fr. Pradeep Marandi)


On 27th September, 2015, 31 persons received the sacrament of Confirmation in Dhowatand Parish. Rev. Bp. Felix Toppo, S.J, officiated the liturgy in a very meaning full manner. Nirmala School, Govindpur, left no stone unturned to make this event a memorable one. The Bishop and the priests were lead to the altar by the students of Nirmala School in the traditional manner. Fr. Nicholas Kerketta and the Catechist Stephan Marandi had prepared the boys and girls very well for the reception of the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation. Sr. Vandana Baa catechised the recipients of the Sacrament of Confirmation in Govindpur area.The church was full to the capacity who prayed for their children during the ceremony. The children later enthralled everyone with their awesome performance on the stage.

Later Bishop Felix was felicitated on the anniversary of his Episcopal Ordination. Fr. Nicholas and ev everyone present, expressed their thankfulness to God for the gift of Bp. Felix to the diocese of Jamshedpur.  All shared nasta after the programme.  (Bro. Ranjith)

The Christian students of St. Mary’s English High school were motivated to attend one day retreat conducted by a team from Ranchi. Fr. Linus welcomed all the students and wished them God’s abundance blessings on them. The retreat began with a Gregorian chant. In the first session the preacher impressed upon the students the importance of having faith in God. Quoting the scripture he explained that we need to exercise the sense of faith in the Divine and it is faith that will save us and give us hope for a better life. The retreat ended with the thought that faith without love is nothing. We need to practice Christian concept of love to live a better life. Thanks to Fr. David Vincent for providing such opportunity for the students to grow in their faith.

Small Cheer and Great Welcome makes a Merry Feast. With warm love in our hearts we welcomed the eminent guests from UK on 5th of October to St. Mary’s English school  who came a long way to give us first aid- training . This training was not only meant for our teachers but also for the students ; teachers from other schools also turned up to attend in this programme. All appreciated Fr. David Vincent for arranging such a wonderful training program.


All formalities are complete to declare Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata a saint, an Indian newspaper reported on October 20. The News Paper quoted unidentified Vatican sources as saying that the date and venue for the canonization of the world’s most revered nun would be announced at the next consistory of cardinals in February 2016.

The canonization would take place most probably in the same year, reported the paper. There is a move to hold the canonization on September 5, the death anniversary of the saintly nun. The Vatican sources also indicated that the canonization could take place between December 8, 2015 and November 20, 2016 when the universal Church will observe the Year of Mercy, as declared by Pope Francis. Pope Francis has voiced his desire to canonize Mother Teresa during the Jubilee Year of Mercy as a ¨sign of mercy for the world¨ in service to the poor. What could pave way for the canonization is the case of a Brazilian man who was inexplicably cured of brain abscesses. According to the calendar for the Jubilee Year of Mercy, September, 4, 2016 is the “Jubilee for workers and volunteers of Mercy,” which would fall one day before the feast day of Blessed Mother Teresa.

The Indian paper also reported the possibility of Pope Francis visiting India for the canonization. Cardinals Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay, Baselios Cleemis, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, have requested the Pope to visit the country next year.

Vatican experts on the cause were present in Santos in July to advance the next phase of the investigation. The possible miracle must be examined by a number of doctors in this dicastery and then on to a theological council. Upon being approved, it awaits the final approval by the Pope.

S.J.V.K. Sundarnagar
Dr.  Eva, staff of D.K.A., Ramon Alvarez and Alexandra Moreira from Manos Unidas along with Fr Christu visited our diocese in the month of October. They reviewed various projects and visited many mission stations. They appreciated and encouraged the work of our priests. In a meeting with the diocesan officials they discussed prospective projects and plans for the betterment of the people of Jamshedpur diocese.  

A new Herbal Park has been inaugurated in CCJ preemies with more than 70 varieties of herbal plants. 

Mr. Mathias Topno, father of Fr. Augustine Topno passed away on 25th October 2015
Mr. Raphael Tiru father of Fr. Ajay Tiru passed away on 24th October 2015.

The funerals were held on 26th, Monday in Bandgaon and Kunti Parishes  respectively. Many priests and religious attended the funerals and expressed their condolences.
We express our deep felt condolences and prayers to the grieving family members. May their Souls Rest In Peace.

        JILSON T L



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