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February, 2014

“Christians must build bridges of dialogue, not walls of resentment. All Christians, always, should follow the path of reconciliation, In order to enter into dialogue, it’s important to be meek, to be humble, even after an argument or a fight. It’s important to “bend”, to be flexible, so as not to reach breaking point. It’s not easy to build dialogue, especially when we’re divided by resentment. It’s not written in the Bible, but we all know that to be meek, to be humble, we have to swallow a lot of pride – but we must do so, because that’s how we build peace, with humility. Humility may be hard, but allowing resentment to swell in our hearts is much worse than attempting to build a bridge of dialogue. When we allow resentment to grow, we end up isolated in the “bitter broth” of our own rancour. To be a Christian, instead, is to always be the bridge”. - Pope Francis


Family life is the focus of an extraordinary general session of the Synod of Bishops that will meet at the Vatican between 5-19 October 2014.

Around 150 Synod fathers will take part in the meeting to discuss the "pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelization." It is expected to last two weeks.

This is only the third 'extraordinary' synod since Pope Paul VI reinstituted synods in 1965. According to the Code of Canon Law, an “extraordinary general session” of the synod is held to “deal with matters which require a speedy solution.”

The second stage focusing on this important subject will be the 2015 Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops.

 St. Paul’s School, Maluka  organized its Annual  Mahotsav on January 24  with a special Bal Mela on the campus of the school. Mrs. Geeta Koda the local MLA was the Chief guest, Block Education Coordinator, Mr. Satish cut the ribbon and inaugurated the Mela. Some officers of Zila Parishad too accompanied the MLA.  Frs. Prabhu, Eugene Ekka and Fr. Edwin Coelho were Guests of honour. The School children put up a colourful variety show. These village children also ran all the stalls for the Mela.  Fr. Junas Purty proposed the vote of thanks both in Hindi and Ho. On Jan 25, is the feast of St. Paul, the patron of the parish.. Fr. Camil Hembrom was the main celebrant. All the neighbouring parishes and Religious Communities were a part of the celebrations. Congratulations to the Parish priest and the Bethany Sisters.

The long awaited dream to build presbytery was realized and inaugurated by Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. on 1st January, 2014. The inaugural and blessing ceremonies began at 10:30 am by cutting the ribbon in the presence of faithful, priests and religious. Fr. Walter Crasta, the PP of St. Teresa’s Parish, Jhinkpani has already shifted his residence from the school campus to the new building on 1st January, 2014. Congratulations to Fr. Walter!

To share the joy of their founder feast of St. Francis De Sales, Fr. Shijumon, msfs invited to all the priests and religious of the neighboring parishes and institutions for a fellowship meal on 26th January, 2014. A well prepared slide show on the life and vision of St. Francis De Sales was projected for the invited guest to introduce them about their founder. At the end of the slide show they shared and enjoyed the delicious food prepared by DSFS Sisters.

A magnificent school building is almost ready to better facilitate the students of the area. It is a sure assurance for the people to form the future of their children intellectually. Congratulations to Fr. Shijumon and his team for their hard work!

On the eve of 27th January, 2014, Priests and religious of Chaibasa deanery gathered together to celebrate the feast of St. Angela Mirici, the Patron Saint of Angela Hospital, CKP. The community of St. Angela Hospital, Chandmari thanked God through the Holy Eucharist for his abundance of blessings in all their undertakings. Sr. Kalista, OUS gave a warm welcome to all the guests. All the invited guests enjoyed the hospitality of Chandmari, OUS community. Happy Feast to you Sisters!

The day of picnic was a relaxing time for the members of Catholic Sabha of St. Michael Mission, Burigora. It was not only a picnic but they also discussed various issues and development of their parish community. Everyone enjoyed the day.

Youth of Kalunga from Odisha made a visit to Burigora on 29th January, 2014. Of course it was an outing for them but it was a great joy as they met the youth of Burigora and expanded their friendship. They were happy to visit and make the new friends at Burigora.

It is true that we have moved on with Time and stepped into yet another calendar year.  We continue the usual routine but with all new Hopes, Aspirations and Challenges.

Although the Pre ICSE & ISC were held according to schedule the other classes had to be suspended following the DC’s order, for a week due to severe cold. Classes have resumed from 20th January.

However, the cold could not cripple the zeal of the students or the teachers. In the New Year message the Principal had spoken about making one’s life worthy by living for others. So class picnics were organized where children learnt to share, care and enjoy each other’s company.  The Teachers’ picnic was held on the 18th. Each one thoroughly enjoyed the day. (Rita Sen)

We had Xavier’s Day celebration on 3rd December. Parades, PT display and a cultural program were part of this festive occasion. Our chief guest was Mr. Vekash Kumar Sinha, Adl. Superintendent of police , Chaibasa, who inaugurated the roller-skating court of our school. A team of roller-skaters had come from Jamshedpur who performed a spectacular display of their skills which left the students roaring and clapping in wonder. Their speed, style and agility captivated everyone. With this inauguration, we have initiated the roller-skating classes in our school as a form of sports.

December is the perfect time to plan any outing. Cool breeze, warm sunshine and clear sky dragged us outdoors and the students were taken for their class picnics in the third week of December.

Since the beginning of December, Christmas spirit was in the air and all were awaiting the day of Christmas celebrations. We had our Christmas gathering on 21st December, the last day of our school in 2013. Children performed a dance-drama, they sang beautiful carols and the school closed in merry tones for our winter break.

The school reopened on 2nd January, 2014. The vacation had re-energized everyone. We began the New Year with a small prayer of thanksgiving and we sought god’s blessings for the days to come.

We had a mega celebration on 15th January. It was the day of double celebration for us. We had the inauguration ceremony of our ISC wing as well as the Annual day Celebration. The building was inaugurated by our chief guest, Mr. Aboobacker siddique P., the Deputy Commissioner of West Singhbhum, and was blessed by our guest of Honour, Rt. Rev. Dr. Felix Toppo (Bishop of Jamshedpur Diocese). Our other guest of Honour, Mr. Pankaj Kamboj, the superintendent of police, West Singhbhum, released the school magazine “Harbinger”. Our magazine is just a small fraction of the achievements, talents and potential of our students.

The founder of our school Fr. Cyril Fernandes was present on this auspicious moment. Fr. C.R. Prabhu, Fr. Eugene Ekka, Fr. Edwin, Fr. Tom, Fr. Walter, many more fathers and sisters, many dignitaries, our benefactors and parents were there to share this momentous occasion. The school is now standing tall, ready to welcome the ISC students and assist them in their quest for knowledge. Its walls exist only, to allow ideas to permeate them and to take flight with the mind.

After the inaugural ceremony, our cultural fiesta unfolded with our theme dance ‘Incredible Victory’. The theme of the day was ‘Shine On’. Many beautiful dances, pantomime, dramas, etc., followed one after another. Our young stars enthralled everyone with their graceful moves and acting skills. With every program the message of the school ‘Let Your Light Shine’ became louder and clearer. The event was a smashing Success. At this epoch creating juncture we have miles to go. (Sr. Flora, UMI)

When the jingle bells began ringing in the month of December, the school decided to have different activities and competitions in both the blocks. One amongst them was the “Joy of Giving” to our surprise, many students and teachers generously contributed cloths, biscuits, cold cream & soaps and sent it to different villages. This was to inculcate in students mind, the value of caring & sharing. This spirit was even witnessed by Jyoti clubs students who had visited Bilaphadi they were inspired and moved up by the service rendered by the fathers for the less fortunate people. Thanks to Fr. David Vincent, principal for instilling these values in the students. On 18th January, 2014 Graduation Nite was celebrated, the chief guest for this programme was Ex. M.D, H. M. Nerurkar. In his speech he motivated the students to keep up the values of St. Mary’s as they step into the society. On 25th January, 2014 for the first time we had K.G. Parents’ Nite. The chief guest for this was Fr. Mike T. Raj S.J and the guest of honour was Mrs. Mary Kutty, principal of Dayawati Modi Public School, Chandil. Fr. Mike appreciated and congratulated the entire St. Mary’s staff for their dedication and commitment to this institution.

Inauguration of Jubilee Hall and KG Block: As the final touches were made, a dream in brick and stone unfolded a symbol of the bonds of affection between generations of students and their cradle of learning. A new page was scripted in the annals of Sacred Heart School as history was made by Rev. Fr. S. Sahaya Thason who gifted the Sacred Heart fraternity the magnificent Jubilee Hall and KG Block.

16th January,2014,a red-letter day in the chronicle of Sacred Heart School. The day began with a Thanksgiving mass. His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Felix Toppo, the Bishop of Jamshedpur Diocese and nine priests graced the solemn occasion. The inaugural ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp and a  reading from the Holy Bible. Blessings of the Hall and the New Class rooms and the ribbon -cutting ceremony were done by  Bishp Felix Toppo , Fr. Michael Loudusamy, Fr. Edward J. Saldanah (former principals) , Fr.. Jerome Pereira., Fr. Cyprian Lobo and Fr. S. Sahaya Thason . 

Annual Prize Night: The Annual Prize Night celebration began at 3p.m. The Hall opened to a massive throng. There was great jubilation. The evening was a witness to the launching of 'The Heartbeat'-the school souvenir and the felicitation of honoured guests for their contribution to the building of the Jubilee Hall. The souvenir to commemorate the inaugural function was released by His Excellency Bishop Felix Toppo who was the Chief Guest on 16th evening.

In his address Bishop Felix announced the inauguration of the  silver Jubilee of the school and lauded the efforts of all those who had contributed to the building of the Titan Jubilee Hall with special reference to Fr. S. Sahaya Thason.  Rev.  Fr. C. R. Prabhu echoed the same on 17th January the second day of our Prize Night celebration.

On both days the crowning glory was the drama, 'Desert Flower'. It was a dramatherapy that seemed to leave a lasting impression.

As the curtain fell on this historic moment every mortal present walked home with praises on their lips and a 'thank you' in their hearts for a 'servant of God' who turned a dream into a reality.  (Mrs. Sonya Francis for SHS, Adra)

St. Joseph’s School, Charbandia had its sports day on the 29th of January 2014. The chief guest was Mr. Madhu Kora, M.P. Cum Ex. Chief Minister & the guest of honor was Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. Both of them appreciated & applauded the students for their fantastic performance. Congratulations to Fr. Alex Dodrai, the Headmaster and his team!

Fr. James Quodros: On his way to Guadalupe Church Telco, Fr. James Quodros was knocked down by an uncontrolled motor cyclist on the eve of 24th January, 2014. He was on his mission to give the marriage classes for the couples at Lupita Hall, Telco. Two gentlemen (Sardarji) carried him to Tata Motors hospital, Telco where the doctors referred him to TMH. After diagnosis, the doctors declared a slight head injury and scratches on his head and face. The next day he was discharged from TMH. At present he is in Mercy Hospital, recovering fast from his injuries caused by the accident. Happy New life to Fr. James!
Fr. Sameer Soreng, was admitted in Mercy Hospital, Jamshedpur on 14th January, 2014 and underwent an operation of vericocil on 15th January, 2014. He is discharged and resting at Bishop’s House, Golmuri.
You are requested to pray for their speedy recovery.

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Science / Arts / Commerce Graduates with minimum 50% (45% for SC / ST) in aggregate at the Bachelor’s degree.
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Principal, Loyola B.Ed College

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