Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The month of May is the month that the piety of the faithful has especially dedicated to Our Blessed Mother. It is the occasion for a “moving tribute of faith and love that Catholics in every part of the world pay to the Queen of Heaven. During this month Christians, both in church and in the privacy of the home, offer up to Mary from their hearts an especially fervent and loving homage of prayer and veneration. In this month, too, the benefits of God’s mercy come down to us from her throne in greater abundance” (Paul VI: Encyclical Mense Maio: On the Month of May, No. 1).

This Christian custom of dedicating the month of May to the Blessed Virgin arose at the end of the 13th century. In this way, the Church was able to Christianize the secular feasts that were to take place at that time. In the 16th century, books appeared and fostered this devotion.

The practice became especially popular among the members of the Jesuit Order. The practice took hold among their students at the Roman College and a bit later it was publicly practiced in the GesĂș Church in Rome. From there it spread to the whole Church.

The practice was granted a partial indulgence by Pius VII in1815 and a plenary indulgence by Pius IX in 1859. With the complete revision of indulgences in 1966 and the decreased emphasis on specific indulgences, it no longer carries an indulgence; however, it certainly falls within the category of the First General Grant of Indulgences.

This pious practice has been especially recommended by the Popes. Pius XII made frequent references to it and in his great Encyclical on the Sacred Liturgy (Mediator Dei) characterized it as one of “other exercises of piety that although not strictly belonging to the Sacred Liturgy, are nevertheless of special import and dignity, and may be considered in a certain way to be an addition to the liturgical cult: they have been approved and praised over and over again by the Apostolic See and by the Bishops” (no.182).

In his 1965 Encyclical Mense Maio, Paul VI used the Month of Mary devotion as a means of obtaining prayers for peace. He urged the faithful to make use of this practice, which is “gladdening and consoling”, and by which the Blessed Virgin Mary is honoured and the Christian people are enriched with spiritual gifts.

There are no official prayers or rites for this practice. Many churches have a daily recitation of the Rosary in public or some other prayers in honour of Mary, including the crowning of Our Lady’s statue. For private use, one can follow the format of a liturgy of the Word: entrance chant, opening prayer, Scripture reading, and brief reflection or homily, with a concluding prayer of invocation. The only necessary element in that is that Mother Mary be honoured in a special way.

Blessed Virgin Mary is our loving and caring Mother and Queen par excellence. She is definitely a powerful mediatrix between God and us. She can fulfil all our needs, because God always grants her whatever she asks. Therefore, in great love and humility we need to approach her in our needs. I encourage all the laity, men and women religious and priests of the Diocese of Jamshedpur, to venerate Our Lady in the month of May. We can beg for various favours. In particular, let us pray for two intentions: first, that the Kingdom of God may spread in the Diocese of Jamshedpur; second, that all the families of the Diocese may cultivate deep love, trust and faith in Our Lady.

+Felix Toppo, S.J.
                                                                                                        Bishop of Jamshedpur

Vocation promotion Camp 2018

“Here I am, Lord. Is it I Lord? I have heard you calling in the night. I will go Lord, if you lead me I will hold your people in my heart.” These words might have echoed in the ears of 27 boys who came for the vocation camp. To know their call 23 boys from Jamshedpur diocese and 4 young boys from Simdega diocese attended the vocation camp held on 9th April to 13th April at Vianney Niwas, Sundernagar, Jamshedpur.

Respected Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J., offered Mass on the first day and prayed for the boys. He helped them recognize God’s call. He highlighted on the unique relationship existing between diocese and province. The boys were helped to discern their vocation. Their eagerness to know about the diocese and attentive listening to Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. was clear sign that they have decided to become a humble steward in God’s vineyard.

Fr. David Vincent spoke about the birth of the diocese, it’s head and religious men and women working in the diocese. The boys were made aware of different pastoral ministries done by a diocesan priest. He invited young hearts to become God’s instrument for the diocese by doing various ministries.

“Through sacrament of baptism we are priest, prophet and king.” It was Fr. Ajay Tiru who told the boys about ministerial priesthood in very simple way. He was happy to use Power Point for the sake of the young ones. Jesus says, “Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Fr. Ajay was confident to speak on Mk. 10:45. Some of the key phrases used by Fr. Ajay were: Priest should be always at God’s work. Priest must be happy.
On the third day, Fr. C. R. Prabhu was happy to celebrate the Mass and give a session to the young boys. Through his life story he encouraged them to dedicate their lives as missionary in this challenging scenario. He convinced them that ‘Prabhu’ is always with them in their life situations.  His priestly life touched the hearts and minds of the young ones.
It was a day for ‘Jamshedpur Darshan’ on 13th of April. We visited Zoo, Jubilee Park, XLRI and Bishop’s House. XLRI and Bishop’s House were ever ready to welcome and provide snacks and tea for us.
Frs. Pascal Toppo and Nestor Soreng were fully engaged in arranging necessary things for the camp. Fr. Ranjit Minz, S.J., Sch. Lievance and Ranjit Kerketta were always with the boys to guide them to discern their vocation. Congrats to Vianney Family for their selfless service. Bro. Nabor also extended his helping hand for success of the camp. Heartfelt thanks to all priests who prayed for us, sent boys for the vocation camp and addressed young boys during vocation camp. (Fr Michael Deogam)
A Workshop on Forest Rights
Forest Rights Act, 18 December 2006, has been enacted to recognize and vest the forest rights and occupation of forest land in forest dwelling Scheduled Tribes and other traditional forest dwellers, who have been residing in such forests for generations, but whose rights could not be recorded.

This Act not only recognizes the rights to hold and live in the forest land under the individual or common occupation for habitation or for self-cultivation for livelihood, but also grants several other rights to ensure their control over forest resources which, include right of ownership, access to collect, use and dispose of minor forest produce, community rights such as  habitat rights for primitive tribal groups and pre-agricultural communities; right to protect, regenerate or conserve or manage any community forest resource which they have been traditionally protecting and conserving for sustainable use.
Many tribal communities are not aware of Forest Rights Act, 18 December, 2006 and as a result they are not able to make use of this act. In Jharkhand church is called as Tribal church because the tribal presence is very much. Thus church also focuses its aim to work with and for the tribals. But the church cannot do so unless and until she knows the acts and laws which are meant for the tribals. Keeping this thought in mind the Catholic Charities organized one day workshop on FOREST RIGHTS on 25th April. 11 priests of the diocese, a nun and 35 staffs of Catholic Charities benefited by this workshop. Fr. George Monipally an expert and experienced on Forest Right from Daltonganj was the resource person. Thanks to all for participating in this workshop.
Celebration of World Earth Day at CKP
The purpose of the world earth day is to remind all of us that earth and its ecosystems play a very vital and fundamental role to support lives of all human beings and all living species in the world.
The theme for this year’s Earth Day was “End Plastic Pollution.”
We are aware of the fact that plastic pollution is killing our planet! It’s choking our oceans, poisoning our food and water supply, and wreaking havoc on the health and well-being of humans and wildlife worldwide. Therefore the Catholic Charities thought of Educating, mobilizing and activating citizens to control and clean up plastic pollution; educating people to take personal responsibility for plastic pollution by choosing to reduce, refuse, reuse, recycle and remove plastics.
On this occasion an awareness rally was organized on 21st April from Railway High School ground to Railway Community Hall. 850 students and teachers participated in this rally.  It was flagged off by Mr K.D. Shah the president of Nagar Parshad and Mr. Ramnarayan Singh the BDO of CKP. At Railway Community Hall program was held where the students exhibited their models, performed Nukkad Natak etc. The Mr. Chhatrasal Singh the DRM was the chief guest who in his speech appreciated the efforts of CCJ and its staff for taking up such a noble and praiseworthy task of educating and mobilizing people on Earth Day. Prior to that Fr C. R. Prabhu welcomed and highlighted the importance and necessity of organizing such a program. On this occasion Mr Anup Hembrom the ADRM of CKP, Fr. Alwin, Fr Johny P.D., Fr. Jayraj, Fr Birendra Tete , staff of CCJ and many others were present. Lasty all the principals were given a memento. Thanks to Fr Alwin, Fr Birendra and staff of CCJ for meticulously planning and executing them. A big thanks to South Eastern Railway for proving all the facilities.  
Annual Evaluation
It is important to annually assess and adapt our activities to ensure they are as effective as they can be. Evaluation can help us identify areas for improvement and ultimately help us realize our goals more efficiently. The Catholic Charities and Samekit Jan Vikas Kendra evaluated their ongoing activities from 23 – 25 April. There were 35 staff present for the same. It provided a very good platform for cross learning for all the staff. Fr. Alwin the director welcomed all and briefed the gathering about the objectives of the annual evaluation.
Thanks to Rev. Bro. Jacob DDS
Catholic Diocese of Jamshedpur expresses its sincerest gratitude to Rev. Bro. Jacob DDS for his selfless service to the Mission for the last 18 years. As he goes to the Southern India for his further ministry, we wish him all the best.
The Diocese welcomes Rev. Bros. Noel Lobo, DDS and Stephan Lobo DDS who will be rendering their services at the place of Bro. Jacob DDS. We wish them all the best.
Alwin C.V.
Fr. Robert Toppo
Fr. Prince Dibash
Fr. Halan Bodra
Fr. Baldeo Hembrom
Fr. Georage Ekka
Fr. Michael Jojo
Fr. Roque Cardoza

Bishop's Engagements 
MAY 2018
To Bangalore

Standing Committee Meeting at St John’s
Return to JSR

07.30 am
Priestly Ordination of Dn. Walter Purty
07.00 am
First Communion and Confirmation
Meeting with Fr. Jagdish Parmer
Golden Jubilee of 1968 Batch Jesuits at XLRI
To Rome (Return to JSR by June 2, 2018)

Dear Principals/Headmasters/Headmistresses/Parish Priest/Secretaries,

It was on 16.03.2018 at our meeting at Guidera Jesuit Residence, among other things, WE mooted a VISION – the need to UNITE under “Consortium of Minority Institutions” OR “JAMSHEDPUR LEARNING FORUM”. The enthusiastic response to this SHARED VISION is brilliant! The idea of setting up a consortium of Minority Institutions to safeguard our Institutional's interest was reconfirmed on 28.04.2018 at a meeting of the Heads of Schools at Bishop's House, Jamshedpur.

We are delighted to announce - Rev. Fr. G. Pushparaj, SJ, the architect of consortium in TN Minority Institutions and his senior counsel Shri. Issac Mohanlal, senior advocate specializing in Minority Rights have consented to guide and deliberate with US to enable us to CARRY FORWARD the movement.

As a way forward, we are happy to announce that a ONE DAY workshop is scheduled for Saturday, June 16, 2018 at XLRI (new campus Learning Centre II) from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  The coordination committee Frs. David Vincent. Jerome Sequirea SJ and Tony SJ - INVITES all our heads of institutions to attend this WORKSHOP. At the workshop the assent and signature of the Head of the Institution on a memorandum is essential.

Kindly, register your name and institution immediately. Email TO:
  or whatsapp to 8521608509.

Registration is important in view of getting the logistics in place.   Kindly use the following format to complete your registration by 25 May 2018. The Registration Fee is Rs 1,000/- per institution. You can do the on-the-spot registration at XLRI on 16 June 2018. Always contact Fr. Jilson with regard to consortium related matter.

Thanking you, 

Fr. P. Tony Raj SJ                                                                         Fr. David Vincent, VG,
(Province Coordinator for Education)                                     (Director of Diocesan Schools )