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Diocese of Jamshedpur

Vol. 47 No. 7                          Private Circulation Only                  July – 2017


Pope Francis


On the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Pope Francis said that we can’t just know about our faith, but we must live our faith, with Jesus as the center of our hearts and lives.
“The question of life demands a response of life. For it counts little to know the articles of faith if we do not confess Jesus as the Lord of our lives,” the Pope said. “Today he looks straight at us and asks, ‘Who am I for you?’ As if to say: ‘Am I still the Lord of your life, the longing of your heart, the reason for your hope, the source of your unfailing trust?’
Jesus is asking us today the same questions he asked to his disciples: “Who do people say that I am?” and “Who do you say that I am?” Francis continued. In the end, only Peter answers that he is “the Christ, the Son of the living God.”
“Along with Saint Peter, we too renew today our life choice to be Jesus’ disciples and apostles. May we too pass from Jesus’ first question to his second, so as to be ‘his own’ not merely in words, but in our actions and our very lives,” he said.
This is the “crucial question,” he continued, especially for pastors. “It is the decisive question. It does not allow for a non-committal answer, because it brings into play our entire life.” In his homily, Pope Francis reflected on three words from the liturgy that he said are “essential for the life of an apostle: confession, persecution and prayer.”
For confession, the Pope spoke of the confession of faith, which means “to acknowledge in Jesus the long-awaited Messiah, the living God, the Lord of our lives.”
We should ask ourselves, he said, if we are “parlour Christians,” who only love to sit and chat about how things are going in the Church and the world, or “apostles on the go,” people “who confess Jesus with their lives because they hold him in their hearts.” We cannot be half-hearted, he urged, but must be on fire with love for Christ, not looking for the easy way out, but daily risking ourselves to put out “into the deep.”
“Those who confess their faith in Jesus do as Peter and Paul did: they follow him to the end – not just part of the way, but to the very end.” But doing so isn’t easy, and that’s when we come to the second word, he explained, because following the way of Christ, also means facing the cross and persecution.
Peter and Paul shed their blood for Christ, as well as the early Christian community as a whole. Even today, he continued, a great number of Christians are persecuted. The Pope emphasized the words of the Apostle Paul, who said "to live was Christ, Christ crucified, who gave his life for him." "Apart from the cross, there is no Christ, but apart from the cross, there can be no Christian either," Francis stated.
The Christian is called to “tolerate evil,” but tolerating evil does not mean simply having patience and resignation, he explained, it means imitating Christ, accepting the cross with confidence, carrying the burden for Christ's sake and for the sake of others – all the while knowing that we are not alone.
"Tolerating evil means overcoming it with Jesus, and in Jesus’ own way, which is not the way of the world." This is why St. Paul writes: "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." The essence of this "good fight," the Pope emphasized, was living "for Jesus and for others," giving your all. There is only one thing that Paul kept in his life, and that is his faith.
"Out of love, he experienced trials, humiliations and suffering, which are never to be sought but always accepted. In the mystery of suffering offered up in love, in this mystery, embodied in our own day by so many of our brothers and sisters who are persecuted, impoverished and infirm, the saving power of Jesus’ cross shines forth."
Lastly, Pope Francis said that the life of an apostle must be a life of constant prayer.
"Prayer is the water needed to nurture hope and increase fidelity. Prayer makes us feel loved and it enables us to love in turn. It makes us press forward in moments of darkness because it brings God’s light. In the Church, it is prayer that sustains us and helps us to overcome difficulties."
When St. Peter was in prison, it tell us in the Acts of the Apostles that "earnest prayer for him was made to God by the Church." "A Church that prays is watched over and cared for by the Lord. When we pray, we entrust our lives to him and to his loving care,” he said.
Francis concluded by praying that the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, may "obtain for us a heart like theirs." Hearts that are wearied because they are constantly asking, knocking, interceding, weighed down by the many needs of people and situations that need to be handed over to God, but also at peace, because the Holy Spirit brings consolation and strength through prayer, he said.
"How urgent it is for the Church to have teachers of prayer, but even more so for us to be men and women of prayer, whose entire life is prayer!" “The Lord answers our prayers. He is faithful to the love we have professed for him, and he stands beside us at times of trial.”
(An extract from the Pope’s Sermon on 29th June, 2017. Pope Francis spoke to pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square for his Mass celebrating the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, patrons of the city of Rome. During the ceremony, he blessed the pallia to be bestowed on the 32 new metropolitan archbishops who were present, all appointed throughout the previous year).
News from Hathikunder Mission

On Friday 30th June, 2017 history was created at Mission station of St. Xavier, Hatikunder, when the Diocese of Jamshedpur and the Diocese of Asansol, agreed to work together to spread the word of God among the Santhals and Mahatos at this part of Jamshedpur diocese.

This Mission was initiated by Fr. Junas Bhengra in 2002 with the vision to spread the good news among the santhals. Fr. Junas started staying at this mission only since 2004. After 15 long years of blood, toil, tears and sweat, the Diocese of Jamshedpur thought it wise to seek the helping hand of Asansol diocese, who are already working in the same environment.

On 30th June an agreement, to support each to establish kingdom of God at Hatikunder, started with the offering of the Holy Eucharist. Fr. David, the Vicar General, took this opportunity to Welcome Asansol priests to our diocese. He thanked Most Rev Cyprian Monis, the Bishop of Asansol, Fr. Sartho, the VG of Asansol and all the priests of Asansol for accepting the invitation to collaborate with Jamshedpur Diocese in the Mission work. He also thanked Fr. Junas Bhengra and Fr. Emmanual Horo for the hard work they have put in in last 15 years. He added that now the time has come that we give the work to the more experience hands and we, from our part, support the work. He also said that Hatikunder is not given completely to Asansol. Now in the beginning request is made to Asansol to do the evangelization work for first two years. In addition, as the work progresses, we will plan accordingly. Fr Sartho, also made use of the opportunity, to thank Bishop Felix, Fr. David and all the Jamshedpurians for trusting them and inviting them to collaborate with the mission work of Jamshedpur Diocese. He said that all the teachers and all 29 children will stay in the hostel, as they are now. He said that Fr. Henry Rodrigues, an experience priest of 30 rich years of working in different missions, will take the baton ahead.

Then the Mass was offered in Santhali-Bangali-English by Fr. Sartho and three Priests:- Fr. Henry, Fr. Tony and Fr. Anand from Asansol and seven priests viz. Fr. David, Fr. Vijay Bhat, Fr. Amatus, Fr. Eugine, Fr. Elvius, Fr. Junas and Fr. Bipin Pani from Jamshedpur Diocese concelebrated the Mass. (Fr. Bipin Pani)

Bottom of Form
Bishop Felix Toppo was admitted to St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore on June 5, 2017. On June 7, he underwent surgeries for hernia and prostate. The surgeries were successful and the recovery was normal. He was discharged from the hospital on June 16, 2017. He stayed with the Fathers at St. John’s for five days. He returned to Jamshedpur on June 23. He is still recuperating, but doing his regular office works. He thanks all those who prayed for him during his treatment in the hospital.

Handing over ceremony
On 14-6-2017 at Catholic Charities handing over ceremony was held. Fr. Alwin C.V. who has been working as the assistant director for three years was officially given the charge of the new director of Catholic Charities Jamshedpur. Fr. David Vincent the V.G. of the diocese was present to hand him over the officially containing informations of the CCJ. Prior to that Fr. C.R. Prabhu the former director, who worked energetically and tirelessly to bring out the CCJ to the limelight, thanked the staff for their whole hearted help and support and wished all the very best to the new director. This ceremony was followed by a fellowship meal; all the neighbouring communities were present for the same.

Block Level “Go Green” Exhibition
The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth. The earth is a beautiful creation and a priceless gift of God to human kind. Therefore it is a prime duty of everyone to protect, save and keep it ever green. Focusing this thought in mind the Catholic Charities, Jamshedpur organized a block level “GO GREEN” exhibition at Potka block where 16 schools participated with their creative and innovative models. This exhibition gave a solid and strong message to all the viewers that we need to become the steward of the earth and not the owner in order to protect, save and keep it evergreen. The purpose of this exhibition was to encourage the students to display their creative ideas on natural conservation and to inspire student’s imaginations and creativity to address the need for a more stable and sustainable planet. The BDO of Potka Mr. Prabhas Chandra Das was the chief guest who in his speech highlighted the importance and necessity of protecting the mother earth. Before that Fr. Alwin the director welcomed and briefed the gathering about the purpose of the exhibition. Mr. Ashok and Mrs. Darshana were the master of ceremony and Fr. Birendra Tete thanked all for their cooperation. CCJ family offers a big thanks to all the staff for their help and support.

The sisters of the congregation of the sacred heart of Jesus Patna Province had a retreat at Bikas Bharti from 5th June to 13th for the first group, in which 80 sisters came and from 15th June to 22nd for the second group in which 60 sisters participated. Fr. Tony Raj Sj was the retreat preacher who was able to enlighten and heighten them spiritually and psychologically. All the sisters seemed to be happy, enlightened and relaxed at the end of the retreat. Sister superior general was also present for the same. Bikas Bharti family thanks them for having chosen this place for their annul retreat.

Mosquito Nets Distribution, Catholic Charities Jamshedpur

Catholic Charities Jamshedpur has been busy distributing mosquito nets to all the hostellers of the diocese since the beginning of the year and it has successfully completed the distribution. The main purpose of it was to create awareness among the hostellers on Malaria so that they may be always careful and attentive in using mosquito nets as a result they may be away from malaria and thus remain always hale and hearty. Catholic Charities Jamshedpur expresses its heartfelt thanks to SIGN and the donor agency Fondazione Fratelli Dimenticati Onlus, Italy for their generosity.

Blood Donation Camp
A blood donation camp was held at Vikas Bharti, Sundernagar on 22nd of June, 2017. It was an initiative of Rev. Fr. Tony Raj S.J who was here to give retreat to the sisters of the sacred heart of Jesus. Jamshedpur blood bank was present to collect the blood. Fr. Alwin, Fr. Birendra Tete, sisters of the Sacred Heart Congregation and many staff of the Catholic Charities donated their blood. While checking before the blood donation, many sisters had less haemoglobin as a result only 10 unit of blood was collected. Thanks to all who donated their blood for the noble cause (Fr. Birendra Tete).

Teachers Training, Divya Bharti, Chaibasa
Sr. Luisa OSU and team conducted two days teachers training on Capacity building for strengthening the health system on 16th and 17 June at Divya Bharti, Chaibasa. The theme was “Routine Immunization and prevention of Diarrhoea and pneumonia in children. The training wills the teachers to gain knowledge and confidence to spread the message on RI and prevention of DIA and PNEU. This is a community based outreach programme where we are taking the cooperation and support of the teachers and students and their parents for the better effect and outcome of the project funded by UNICEF – SIGN Ranchi.

Nurse Sisters Quarterly Get Together, Vikas Bharti, Patel Bagan
Quarterly get together and workshop of health units in Jamshedpur Diocese was held on 24th – 25th June at Vikas Bharti, Patel Bagan. 15 nurse sisters participated in this workshop from 3 hospitals and 9 health care centres of the Diocese. Sr. Nirmala CIC, the executive Director CHABIJ, Dr. Isaac St. Joseph Hospital Bhilai Pahari were the facilitators of the programme. They gave very meaningful inputs on registration of clinical establishment Act and communicable diseases. Sr. Magadali SCJM introduced some home remedies for snake bites. The medicinal seeds were distributed to all by Sr. Luisa OSU.

Rally on Special Health Day
We organised an awareness programme on “Diarrhoea Fortnight” campaign launched by the state government of Jharkhand. Diarrhoea is a case of seasonally expected health crisis in children as well as adults. The rally march was to disseminate time sensation health information sharing, encourage behaviour change on prevention of diarrhoea during rainy season. The rally was led by UNICEF- SIGN project staff from CCJ, ANM, SAHIYA, SHG members, few adolescents, CHC doctors and a lot of people from Jagannathpur block and some social media people were present.  A big thanks to Sr. Luisa and company for having organized it very meticulously.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri
June 11, 2017 was marked as a historic day at St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri. Rev. Fr. David Vincent was installed Parish Priest in esteemed presence of Rev. Fr. C.R. Prabhu. The installation ceremony commenced with the Holy Mass. Before the Mass began, Rev. Fr. Camille Hembrom gave the welcome note. Fr. David Vincent was the main celebrant and Frs. Camille Hembrom, C.R. Prabhu, Manoj Tigga, Fabian Toppo were con- celebrant. Fr. C.R. Prabhu gave the homily. Through his homily, he appreciated the parishioners for their great support to parish priests in various ways and asked them to help the newly appointed priests by accepting as their own sons. He highly appreciated the leadership of Fr. Camille. The Tabernacle key was handed over to newly appointed parish priest Fr. David Vincent by Fr. C. R. Prabhu. Before the final blessing, Fr. Camille thanked all the parishioners for their prayer and support. Soon after the Mass, parishioners gave a farewell to Frs. Camille Hembrom and Maria Charles. (Fr. Manoj Tigga)

Bore Well at Mudkum Village, St. Mary’s, Bistupur.

We sincerely thank Rita, Betty and their generous friends for their concern and care for the poor and the needy. It is with their help that the dream of a bore-well at Mudkum village could be realized. We also gratefully remember Mr. Eddie for his helping hand in carrying out the installation of the bore well at Mudkum.

St. Xavier’s English High School, Chaibasa. 
Summer Vacation was continuing but we all were waiting for the  Xth  and XIIth board results and at last the results published on 29th May, 2017.
In CISCE, total 80 students appeared in the exam and 42 out of them passed with distinction, 36 passed with first class and 1 with second class and in ISC, Science stream 9 students passed with distinction and 12 of them passed with first division and there was 100 % result in commerce stream. School reopened on 19th June, 2017 after a long summer break. The classes are going on smoothly. Congratulations to all the teachers and staff for their hard work and team effort.

 Contribution for the Diocesan News Letter
Your great work or the success story of your parish or institution may be an inspiration to others. It may help someone to restructure his/her priorities. Therefore, may we request you to send the news and stories of success / failures, pastoral activities for the “News Letter”. So that everybody could benefit from it. (You may send them to Fr. Jilson T.L -

Birthday Babies

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