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September, 2013


St. Helen, the mother of Emperor Constantine discovered the Holy Cross in Jerusalem and since then the Christians have been venerating it. Then the Holy Cross was taken by the Persians and was rescued in the seventh century. The feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross commemorates this rescue. The Church sings the triumph of the Holy Cross which is the instrument of our salvation. With the mystery of his suffering and death on the Cross Jesus defeated Satan and established the Kingdom of God. In fact God reigned from the wood.

The Romans punished the most notorious criminals by nailing and hanging them on the cross. This was the most ignominious punishment. This punishment gave the condemned person unimaginable physical torture with pain and humiliated the person totally. This is the punishment Jesus Christ, the Son of God, chose. He suffered beyond measure and died on the Cross to make amends for our sins.

No part of his body was excluded from suffering, because nothing in man is free from sin. The concupiscence in man makes him inclined to commit sins. Jesus Christ came to cancel the effects of sin with his Blood and his sorrow. He also suffered morally as he was condemned and abandoned by his own people. He even felt that his own Father in Heaven had abandoned him. He, the Son of God and Creator suffered humiliation by his own creatures. Through these he has washed away our sins and strengthens us against culpable tendencies.

The hands of Jesus were wounded after they had become tired carrying the Cross, to make amends for all the crimes committed by hands of man. His feet, after becoming tired and bruised on the stones of the way of his passion, were pierced  and immobilized, to make amends for the evil we do with our feet making them means to go to our crimes. His flesh was bruised, torn to pieces for the numerous and variety of sins we commit with our flesh out of fondness for sensuality. He wanted to remove from our flesh the poison of sensuality, of lack of modesty, of lack of respect, of ambition and of admiration for the flesh destined to become dust again. His head was tortured with countless tortures: with blows, with exposure to the sun, with shouts, with thorns to make amends for the sins of our minds. Pride, impatience, revengefulness and intolerance are our common attitudes. He was considered mad, but Jesus was dying in order to defeat Evil/Satan. His eyes, his mouth, his nose, his tongue had their torture. Further, his lungs were suffocated due to cruel scourging and hanging on the cross. He also found it difficult to breathe. He suffered thirst of water, of love and of souls.

The Cross symbolizes his suffering and his Triumph over the Evil/Satan. On this Feast day as we celebrate the Triumph or Exaltation of the Holy Cross, we thank Our Lord Jesus Christ for making amends for our sins, for defeating Satan and establishing the Kingdom of God in the world. We also pledge to make amends for our sins.
+Felix Toppo, S.J.
                                                                                                            Bishop of Jamshedpur

The Feast of St. John Mary Vianney, the Patron of Priests was celebrated on 04th August, 2013 at St. Joseph’s Welfare Centre, Golmuri. The day was filled with fun and laughter as the Basketball match was played between the teams of the Bishop’s five and the Provincial’s five. The Provincial’s team defeated the Bishop’s team by scoring 33 points against 20. In the Evening at 7:00 the Clergy and Religious of the Jamshedpur Deanery gathered for a fellowship meal at St. Joseph’s Welfare Centre.

The annual meeting of Diocesan Mahila Sangh was held at St. Mary’s English High School Junior Block, Bistupur on the 04-08-2013. The annual meeting of the Diocesan Mahila Sangh started with the registration, encouraged by the parish priests the women came in very good number and benefited. Fr. Linus Kindo addressed the women on the topic “Prathmic Dharam Siksha” and encouraged them to lead good catholic mothers, setting examples to their own children and family. Fr. Chonhas, the parish priest offered Holy Eucharist. It was a day where all had the place to express themselves and the concerns of their units. Sharing, personal witness of faith and family spirit were the experiences of the day. Women enjoyed the generosity, hospitality and wonderful infrastructure of Fr. David Vincent, Principal St. Mary’s English High School Bistupur. Sr. Sudha, SJT was officially welcomed by women, as the Mahila in charge. Hearty congratulations to the office bearers for their efficient and profound responsibility. May God Bless! (Mrs. Manisha Topno).

4th August, feast of St. John Mary Vianney took the form of get-together in the parish. There was the solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Fr. Amatus Kujur and concelebrated by Frs. Norbert Kindo and Nestor Kujur. As it was the feast of Priests, the parishioners thanked their priests for the spiritual care, wished them God’s blessings in the days to come. To share the joy the parish priest gave the tea and snacks to all the parishioners present in the parish campus.
Feast of St. Monica, the patron saint of mothers was another great event of St. Anthony’s Church, which was celebrated on 25th August, 2013. 97 women of the parish gathered in the parish on 24th evening and in honour of St. Monica, a flag was hoisted in the campus by Fr. Amatus Kujur, the parish priest. Women spend the whole evening in adoration, reflection which helped them to receive the sacrament of reconciliation. Fr. Alexander, S.J. helped the women in there prayer and reflection.
The solemn Eucharistic Celebration was the culmination of Mother’s Day on 25th August, 2013. After the Mass there were competitions of various games and singing which conducted by A.C. Sisters from Carmel Convent, Dhanbad. It was a day full of fun and enjoyment for all the mothers. The day came to an end by lowering down the flag. Congratulations to Fr. Amatus Kujur and team!

Dominican Fathers celebrated the feast of their founder St. Dominic, on 8th August at their residence at Birsanagar. The celebration started with the beautiful liturgy presided over by Fr. Linus Kindo in the evening, at 05:30. Through his homily he invited the faithful to follow Christ more closely and to be the carriers of Truth, which is Christ Himself. The faithful actively participated in the liturgy and shared the joy with Domincan family. The people felicitated the Dominican fathers with gifts and bouquet. Frs. Simplicius and Arun Fancis, O.P. offered cake and coffee which were enjoyed by all.
A team comprising Fr. James Kalapura, S.J., Fr. Bipin Pani, Fr. Amatus Kujur and Fr. John Ottoplakal visited Jesu Marshal Ashram, Hatikunder on 9th August 2013, to take stock for the better future of it. The team has submitted a detailed assessment report on Jesu Marsal Ashram, Hatikunder. The final decision on this matter is awaited.
Our Lady of Khuntpani Shrine, Quasi Parish had a meeting with local school managing committee of St. Joseph’s School, Khuntpani. It was a decisive meeting with regards to the School where Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J., Frs. C.R. Prabhu, Camil Hembrom, Edwin Coelho, and James Quadros were present. The local school managing committee of St. Joseph’s School has handed over the school to the diocese of Jamshedpur. Bishop thanked all the committee members  and asked their cooperation to bring up the future of the children of Khuntpani. Fr. James Quadros has been appointed as the Headmaster and Manager of the school. Congratulation Fr. James!
On 22nd August, M.C. Sisters celebrated their Society’s Titular Feast, the Queenship of Mary. Most Rev. Felix Toppo, S.J. was the Chief Celebrant at Baradwari. He spoke about the divine plan and the divine intervention in Mother’s life. In the presence of a good number of priests, religious and well-wishers the M.C. Sisters renewed their commitment to Christ the Lord. After the Mass all the participants shared a delicious lunch served by the Sisters of Missionaries of Charity.

As a very old proverb says “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made Mothers”. Keeping this in mind, the Telco Parish youth celebrated Mother’s Day in a very grand manner. On 24th August, Fr. Raju Crasta who had especially come from Ranchi, conducted a seminar for all mothers emphasizing on the importance of reciting the Daily Rosary followed by a short movie on the 5 decades of the Joyful Mystery of the Rosary. The next day, 25th August was a Sunday. The youth girls welcomed all mothers by giving them a favour and thereafter having a short candle procession into the Church. There was a solemn mass celebrated by Fr. Raju Crasta, Fr. Leo D’Souza and Fr. Pascal Minz, after which there was a light breakfast distributed to all parishioners present and the youth put up a scintillating programme dedicated to all mothers. The programme was co - ordinated by Mr. Stanly Joseph, Miss Prisca Hembrom, Mr. Yesu Anthony, Miss Roseline and the team.

Month of July and August were the hectic Months with different activities, competitions, tests etc. Our students not only excelled at the academic level but also in co- curricular activities. They took part in inter school competitions organized by different Schools in and around the city. Thanks to Fr. David Vincent for encouraging the students to develop their talents and abilities in different fields like dance, drama, music and creativity. The Annual Prize Nite of Junior Block was held on 27th July, 2013. Nearly 135 students received prizes. The Chief Guest for the programme was S.S.P. Richard Lakra. He appreciated St. Mary’s school for inculcating the Christian values in students. The Independence Day was celebrated with different cultural programmes in true patriotic spirit and zeal.

As the rays of the sun peep out of the clouds the month of August began with the excitement of Independence Day. We celebrated Independence Day with the hoisting of the National flag followed by cultural programmes, students performed very well in various programmes. We were happy to have Mr. Binoy Chetry (Commandant of 60 Battalion CRPF) as our chief guest who encouraged students with his speech in English with various apt examples to become good citizens of the country and, we also had the sisters from St. Angela’s  Hospital who joined us in our celebration. Following up, we have the Teachers’ Day celebrations.  Students are excited and have started their practices and are  planning in order to felicitate their teachers on 5th September. We also have our Result Card distribution Day on 24th of August. This time, a computerized Progress Report will be handed over to the parents instead of the usual manual Report Card. Students and teachers are also busy preparing their projects for the Annual Science Exhibition, named ‘EDUCATIO’ which is in the last week of September.

India being a secular country, we try our level best to teach our students to be secular in their outlook from the very beginning. To inculcate in their hearts a respect for all religions, we celebrate all religious festivals in our school. On 8th August we celebrated Id-ul-fitr. It was something worth beholding. Some Islamic verses were read by the students followed by a melodious song and graceful dance.  

On 15th August we had a grand celebration of Independence Day. Our students marched proudly with the rhythmic beat of the drums. They presented patriotic songs, dances and a skit. We all were mesmerized by their wonderful performance. There was a patriotic dance competition in the evening in Pillai Hall, Chaibasa. It was a captivating and awe – inspiring performance through which our students tried to convey the message of universal brotherhood.

We have many talented students in our school. Some are very good painters, dancers, singers, etc. others are cut out to be excellent orators, writers, musicians, etc. To bring out their true potential we provide them with opportunities where their hidden talents come to the surface. We had elocution competition and creative writing competition for the students of std VII and VIII. There were skit competitions (value-based) debate competition (English) mind- mapping competition and quiz competition for the students of IX and X. It is quite astonishing to see that these students never fail to amaze us.  There performance is always beyond our expectation.

There was a district level science seminar on 23rd August in S.P.G Boys school, Chaibasa. Forty – six schools had participated in this event and our school bagged the second prize. It is quite an achievement for us and we feel proud to inform you that Mahima Pan of std IX has been selected for the state level science seminar.

This year our school celebrated the Traditional costume Day on 24th August. It is a day which is thoroughly enjoyed by the whole school. Children as well as the teachers were seen in myriad colours. Everyone’s costume was fashioned differently, representing different cultures belonging to different parts of India. It is a day when India’s rich diversified culture is displayed in its full glory.

“A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love…”, Mrs. Norton has said. Yes! St. Albert’s College premises were filled with joy and happiness as our dear Fr. John Crasta celebrated his Birthday on August 8, 2013.

August 15, 2013 began with the Holy Eucharist presided over by Fr. Suman Kumar Ekka, the president of the Faculty. It was the Independence Day and the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Indian Flag the ‘Tri-colour’ was hoisted by Fr. Michael Ignatius, the new minister of the College.

On August18, 2013 the Chotanagpur Munda Students Association celebrated the  ‘Freshers’ Day’ at St. Xavier’s College. It was the initiative by this association to preserve the culture of the Mundas. On this beautiful day, Bishop Anand Jojo of Hazaribagh Diocese was the main celebrant at the Eucharistic Celebration. Fr. John Mundu, SJ also made sure that he was present for the day. Br. Paulus Jojo and Michael  Deogam were actively involved in the successful completion of the programme.

St. Albert’s College in collaboration with Tarunoday, the Regional Theologate Centre, Kanke, Ranchi organized the Centenary Memorial Symposium to mark the year-long Centenary Celebrations of the College on August 20, 2013. His Grace ArchbishopThomas Menamparampil and Fr. Felix Wilfred were the resource persons for the symposium. Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil addressed the gathering on the topic Our Mission in India: New Trends in Theologizing.

Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil categorized the topic on: - i) Be a Force for Good in Society ii) “We also Speak because We Believe” (2 Cor4:13) iii) Rescuing Cultural Values. Fr. Felix Wilfred addressed us on the topic Indian Theologies in the Post-Vatican II Period. Some of his keynotes were – i) National and Socio-Political Concerns in the Formation of Indian Theologies ii) Theology of Religions and Dialogue iii) Transition to a Plurality of Theologies iv) Indian Mission Theology v) Dalit Theology and Its Significance vi) Budding Feminist Theology vii) Indigenous Theology (Tribal Theology) - The Third Wave of Indian Theology. There was a very good response to the symposium from the religious men and women of the town and also from the Christian Denomination of the other Churches. The selfless service rendered by the staff and students made the day beautiful and successful.
(Bro. Michael Deogam)
Fr. Tobias Kujur met with an accident on 14th August around 6:00 pm as he was coming back by auto from Tata Railway Station to Bishop’s House.  According to him the auto driver could not control the high speed auto which dashed the divider near Burma Mines Tube Gate. The auto overturned injuring three people. Fr. Tobias has fractured six of his left ribs and slight injury on his head. He is admitted in TMH, Jamshedpur. He needs time to recover from his injury. Kindly keep him in your prayer.


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Fr. C.R. Prabhu
Tobias Kujur
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