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Catholic Diocese of Jamshedpur

Vol. 46 No. 11            Private Circulation Only                  November– 2016

The Feast of Christ the King

Holy Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of Christ the King on the last Sunday in the Liturgical Year. The Feast of Christ the King was established by Pope Pius XI in 1925 as an antidote to secularism, a way of life which leaves God out of man's thinking and living and organizes his life as if God did not exist. The feast is intended to proclaim in a striking and effective manner Christ's royalty over individuals, families, society, governments, and nations.

It is really right and just because Christ indeed is King, King of the whole universe. There are many reasons why we call Him, King…

1.      Jesus Christ is King because everything was created through Him.  He is the alpha and the omega, infinite and eternal, omnipotent and creator of all. He is omniscient and omnipresent. He is the owner of all. He has the right over all. Everything happens at his behest. Every creature carries out His wishes. God in His abundant goodness created man in His own image and likeness but man, the crown of creation, often willfully disobeys God.

2.      Jesus is King because He takes care of His subjects. He fulfils all the physical and spiritual needs of the people. It is at His behest; the whole universe works towards the fulfilment of the basic needs of human kind. It is the noble responsibility of a king to take care of his subjects. Unfortunately, man at times, under the influence of Satan refuses God’s providence. 

3.      Jesus is King because it is through Him and in Him that we find our spiritual fulfilment. It is the eternal truth that God who is love created human beings to share His infinite Love. But man often falls prey to the temptations of Satan and refuses to accept the love of God. Even though man by his sinful life breaks the relationship with God and closes the doors of heaven, God in His eternal love tries to bring back the stray. Because He knows that if man does not remain in His love, he will go to the eternal damnation: this is the eternal truth. So the prophets in the Old Testament warned the people to stay away from sin and to love God sincerely. The Ten Commandments are sign posts to walk in the way of God’s love. God’s love is infinite. God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. It is for our sake, that Christ became man, went around preaching the gospel of love and forgiveness, healing everyone and sharing the heavenly joy. For the forgiveness of our sins He emptied Himself and accepted death on a cross. His love doesn’t end there… He gave us the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete and established the Holy Eucharist to be with us for ever. The seven sacraments in the Church are the sources of grace, an expression of His divine Love. And they indeed are sources of life and grace for everyone who believes.

4.      Jesus is King because God has appointed Him as the King and Judge of the nations. (Mt. 25:31-46). All power and rights rest in Him. Every man has to appear before Him and give an account of his deeds, good and bad. Then the righteous will inherit the eternal life and the sinner eternal punishment.

5.      Jesus is the King of every individual person. God has created man in His own image and likeness. He is the Pure Spirit and He has instilled His spirit with in us. Every human person is gifted with this Spirit at the time of his/her conception in the womb and continue to thrive even after one’s death. It’s God’s desire that every human soul finds its rest in God, not only after death of a person but even when the person is alive. We are called to live a mystic experience of union with God even while on the earth. But we often misuse the freedom and take the wrong path. Instead of loving Him, we join hands with His crucifiers and cheer, Crucify Him, Crucify Him. Even then, Jesus denounces Himself for our sake and pay the price of our sins.

6.      Jesus is King because it is Jesus who established the Kingdom of God among us. It was His mission to establish the heavenly kingdom on the earth. God’s kingdom is the kingdom of love, peace and justice. His kingdom is beyond the concepts of a political kingdom. But the people excepted Jesus to be a king who would over throw the Romans and establish a political Kingdom. Contrary to their expectations the invitees to the kingdom were not by nobility or caste but by a contrite and humble heart. The kingdom which Christ established still thrives despite persecutions and sufferings. He is the king of peace and His kingdom has no end.

Jesus indeed is king of the whole universe and every individual. Christ is God, the Creator of the universe and hence wields a supreme power over all things; "All things were created by Him"; Christ is our Redeemer, He purchased us by His Precious Blood, and made us His property and possession; Christ is Head of the Church, "holding in all things the primacy"; God bestowed upon Christ the nations of the world as His special possession and dominion. Let us together with the whole Church adore and worship the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
                                                                                                + Felix Toppo, S.J
                                                                                             Bishop of Jamshedpur

Crus Veer Programmes in the Diocese

Chaibasa: Being the year of Mercy, many programmes were conducted all through the diocese. In the Crus Veer Meet in Chaibasa, there were around 700 participants. Fr. Dileep Marandi and Sr. Michael organized the gathering at Chaibasa.

Jamshedpur: One day Cruz Veer Programme was organized for the Catholic Children of Jamshedpur Denary on 30th of October, 2016, at St. Mary’s English High School, Junior Block Campus, Bistupur. Children from classes 3rd to 12 of different parishes and schools actively participated in the one day programme. There were around 650 students along with the 18 animators.
Fr. Valerian Lobo, the resource person spoke on the theme, ‘Mercy’ and exhorted the children to be the missionaries of Divine Mercy. There were talks, group discussions, audio-visual programmes and Bible Quiz competitions. The senior group (std VIII-XII) was asked to study the life of Mother Teresa and discuss various factors that converted Sr. Teresa to Mother Teresa, saint of the gutters.
The enthusiasm and the vigour of the children in the participation was enthralling. The day came to an end with the solemn Eucharistic celebration by our Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. Children from St. Robert’s School, Parsudih, with their celestial singing made the mass more heavenly. Sensing the joy and enthusiasm of the children, bishop walked among the children sharing the gospel of Mercy. While marveling at the participation of the children, bishop congratulated them and expressed that we must have such programmes more often.

All present were given a sumptuous breakfast, tea and lunch. We heartily appreciate Fr. David Vincent, the Vicar General, for planning a remarkable day for the children. Sincere thanks to Fr. Valerian Lobo, St. Mary’s School and all the animators for their generous help and support.

Holy Confirmation at Jisu Marsal Church, Chandil

It was a memorable day for Jisu Marsal Parish, Chandil on 23rd October, 2016 as 39 children received the Holy Confirmation from our beloved Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. In the presence of many faithful, Bishop was welcomed with the Santhal and Munda traditional dances. The Holy Cross Sisters and the Catechists had very well prepared the children for the reception of the sacrament of Holy Confirmation. On this auspicious occasion, a multi-purpose hall was blessed and inaugurated. A very entertaining cultural programme followed the inauguration. Every one present were given tea and snacks. Congratulations to Fr. Raphael Monteiro, Holy Cross Sisters and the parishioners for the wonderful celebrations.  

CDPI Regional Convention

A two day CDPI (Conference of Diocesan Priests of India) JHAAN regional convention themed ‘The Role of Priests in Family Apostolate’ was held in the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Purnapani, Simdega on 26-28 October. 44 priests from 8 dioceses participated in the convention. Most Rev. Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J., Chairman of the RBC and Chairman for the Commission for Vocations, Seminaries and Religious and Most Rev. Bishop Vincent Barwa, Bishop of Simdega inaugurated the event with the lightening of the lamp. Fr. Christu Das, the resource person, spoke at length about the importance of family apostolate, the challenges surrounding our families and the way forward. Fr. Bipin Pani on the second day highlighted how family apostolate can become instrumental in evangelization. During the business session a new regional executive team was elected. The new team comprises of Fr. Dileep Marandi (Jamshedpur) – President, Fr. Robert Dungdung (Hazaribag), Treasurer - Vice President and Fr. Anil Kujur (Ranchi) – Joint Secretary cum Treasurer. Sincere thanks to the outgoing office bearers for the successfully organizing such an enriching event. It was unanimously felt that such programs should be organized at regular intervals. We look forward to next CDPI event. (Fr. Dileep Marandi)

St. Paul’s Parish, Maluka

Mission Sunday Celebrations: Mission Sunday was celebrated in a new way for the first time in Maluka Parish on 23rd October. Special prayers were offered for the mission and the missionaries around the world during the solemn Eucharistic celebration. Later, after the Mass, a meena bazar was organized in the school campus with lots of food and games stalls. It was aimed at raising some fund on the occasion of Mission Sunday as well as bringing the faithful of the parish together. Sincere note of gratitude towards the Bethany Sisters, the School teachers for their whole hearted support and cooperation.

St. Paul’s School Science Exhibition:  On 25th of October St. Paul's School, Maluka organized an exhibition to help students to explore and give wings to their creative thinking. The students displayed their skills through various projects to win the hearts of all who came to witness them. Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha, the Jagannathpur BEO and the chief guest of the day was all full of praise and admiration for the children and wished them good luck.

St. Xavier’s School, Chaibasa:
UMI Feast was celebrated on 4th September - the Feast of Blessed Brigida of Morello.
Another reason to celebrate was on occasion of Mother Teresa being canonized as Saint by the Holy Father. To mark the solidarity with Missionaries of Charity working in Chaibasa, some sisters who work for TB patients had come to our school. The sisters told the students about their work and their experiences with Mother Teresa. The school contributed wholeheartedly in giving detergent powder for the TB patients. Ethnic day was celebrated on 26th August with much colour and fanfare. From students to teachers, everyone had come dressed in ethnic attire. Awards were given for the best ethnic dresses. On September 5th, the Teacher's day was celebrated with interactive programs and games. The rains during entire day could not dampen students' spirit as they sang and danced for their teachers. Sports week was started in the third week of September with great enthusiasm but had to be deferred due to incessant rain. 2nd term examinations started on 7th October followed by Puja holidays. The exams resumed from 19th October and got over on 29th October.

Workshop on Women Leadership

From 15th to 16th October a workshop on women Leadership for Mahila Sangh was held at Catholic Charities. Two women from each parish came for the leadership programme. There were 62 participants from the different parishes of the diocese. Mr. Kamal Bara from Ranchi was the resource person, who in his talk gave the examples of prophets and their leadership styles and qualities so as to show how they can teach each catholic woman to be a good and effective leader in the church, community, village and family. He also highlighted the different elements of any organization for its successful operation such as vision, purpose, membership, structure, authority, finance, values, activities and evaluation. He also briefed them on how to successfully conduct a village meeting. Fr. Prabhu and Birendra Tete offered mass and prayed for them. Fr. Prabhu in his homily emphasized the role and significance of women in the church and family. A big thanks to Mrs. Manisha Topno and Nikunj for organizing it so well. Congratulations to Sr. Saroj, BS and her team for the hard work. (Fr. Birender Tete)

Inter-School Football Tournament 2016- Purulia.

The dazzling morning of 10th September 2016, ushered resplendent colours of enthusiasm, a tremendous zeal for sports and exquisite endeavours of team spirits, as this had been the day appointed for the second version of the Inter-School Football Tournament 2016. With a total of 7 participating teams, the event had been solely coordinated, managed, sponsored and hosted by St. Xavier’s School, Purulia.

The dawn of this mega event of 2016 had been ignited with a lavish and elegant opening ceremony. To grace this auspicious day, we had a very special guest amidst us, Rev. Father Edward Saldhanaa, the director of St. Joseph’s Hospital, Jamshedpur. The lined up 7 teams with their placards and colourful jerseys, added special colours to this extravagant day. The hues of extravaganza had been amplified with a specially choreographed opening dance, with special dress and acrobatics. The beautiful and encouraging words from our chief guest, that these tournaments are magnificent platforms for all schools to come together, manifest immense sporting potentials and hunt great talents. With these words, the release of the balloons declared the Inter-School Football Tournament 2016 as Open.

The entire tournament had been designed in two phases – the League Stage and the Knock-Out Stage. In order to ensure the contest to be absolutely free and fair, the referees had been appointed and invited from the Manbhum Sports Official and Rural Development Association. At the League Stage, points had been awarded, at the end of which 3 teams had been eliminated. The remaining 4 teams qualify for the Knock-Outs, wherein the two Holy Cross Schools, Chandil and Chandankyari, make their way for the final combat. The electrifying final and the thrill of the combatants had indeed been a feast to the eyes, as the Holy Cross School team from Chandil beat the Holy Cross School, Chandankyari and taste victory.

In all, this mega event of Inter-School Football Tournament 2016 had been a grand success for the entire host team of St. Xavier’s School, Purulia.

         JILSON T L

                                                         NOVEMBER 2016
06.00 am
Mass at Pratikcha and Meeting with the Seminarians
03.30 pm
Mass at Weldih Cemetary
06.15 pm
SCJM Foundation Day. Mass at Mercy Hospital
07.30 am
08.00 am
Khuntpani  Annual Feast. Vesting at 8.30 pm
05.00 pm
Inauguration of St. Joseph’s School Jubilee
10.00 am
Blessing of a New Village Chapel 
07.30 am
10.00 am
CLHRC ( CBCI-SME-NI) Governing Board Meeting
09.30 am
Diocesan Consult
10.00 am
Meeting with the Provincial of SJT
11.00 am
Mass in the Convent
Christ the King: Feast, Mass, Procession
To Ranchi to Delhi to Agra

Visitation of the Seminarians
Hindi Regional Bishops’ Meeting
To Delhi to Ranchi to JSR

10.00 am
Golden Jubilee of the Srs. of St. Joseph of Apparition
Seminar for DSA Sisters
Return to Jamshedpur


Dear Fathers and Sisters,
Six months ago, Our Holy Father Pope Francis brought out, “LAUDATO SI” an inspiring world-acclaimed document on Environment and Ecology. There have been serious efforts made to diffuse the teachings of the Holy Father among all people of the world through social media, through seminars, workshops and study centers.

We are making a modest effort in our diocese by conducting a one-day workshop on “Laudato Si” first in the deanery of Jamshedpur on Wednesday 30th November 2016 at Vikas Bharati, Patel BAGAN, SUNDERNAGAR beginning at 9.30a.m. Fr. Christu Das and his Team from Ranchi will facilitate this Workshop.

We request that as many priests and sisters as possible attend this Workshop. All the parish priests are kindly requested that from each parish 10-15 persons representing Parish Council, Mahila Sangh and the Youth are persuaded to attend this Workshop. We appreciate you giving us the number of priests, sisters and lay people from your parish by 26th of November. For details please contact Fr.  C. R. Prabhu (9471163588) or Fr. Birender Tete (7677192683)