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November, 2013

Jamshedpur Diocesan Directory - 2014
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To All CDPI units of BIHJAN Dioceses,
Greetings from BIJHAN-CDPI Secretary’s Desk!
This to invite you all for the regional convention of BIJHAN- CDPI, as it was informed you all a few months back.  CDPI –BIJHAN is an active body of our region which unites all our diocesan priests.  Feel free to take some time to refresh and reflect at Jamshedpur.

Date: 19th -20th November (Arrival on 18th Evening, departure 20th after lunch)
Place: Catholics Charity, Jamshedpur
Theme: Challenges and struggles of Diocesan Priests of 21st Century
(By Fr. Sebastian A.)

FR. CASIMIR VAS-13 08 1937 +76 - 21 10 2013


The life history of Fr. Casimir Vas can be summed up with the above words of Jesus to Nathaniel. The joy he radiated to the people who came in contact with him will surely bear witness to the simple and humble life style of Fr. Casimir.

 PASTOR - SAINT:  Fr. Casimir Vas was a living saint in all aspects but disappeared into the glory of the Lord without alerting and troubling anyone on 21st October, 2013, the Year of Faith. He was a true disciple of the Lord with full of joy, compassion and dedication. Life in the diocese without Fr. Casimir will be with less joy and happiness. He was ordained on May 31, 1976 and commenced his ministry at St. Joseph’s Cathedral as Associate Pastor and took care of St. Barbara’s Church, Mosaboni and later became the first canonical Pastor. He ministered at St. Theresa’s Church, Sindri (2) and Jhinkpani, Lupita Church Telco, St. Mary’s Church, Bisutpur, Kripa Sadan, Bhilai Pahari and Pratiksha, Neeldungri.

A COMPASSIONATE CONFESSOR: He was always available for confession to anyone who approached him or requested to be available. He showered on every penitent blessing for true life in the Lord of Mercy. He gave alms to everyone with his left hand without alerting or confirming with his weaker right hand.

POWERFUL PASTOR: As the 1st Parish Priest of Mosaboni, he was challenged by a drunkard and Fr. Casimir used the power of his left hand on his right cheek and the man disappeared from the scene like a frightened Deer! He was once admitted at Mercy with high fever and was referred for further tests but finding no Priest to take the Sunday Mass at his Parish Church, Fr. Casmir disappeared from Mercy early morning so as to reach Mosaboni by the first available public transport and reached on time for Mass. The Sisters at Mercy had to look for him all around and finally informed the Bishop’s House that “FATHER CASIMIR IS MISSING FROM THE HOSPITAL BED”.

NO BRAKE TO WASTE: At Sindri he used to drive the old Ambassador car of Fr. Neu, S.J. in high speed and once while behind a transport Trekker he aimed to put the brake but jammed the accelerator and smashed into the back of the trekker injuring a passenger, whose one foot was out on the vehicle-step. Later he was called to appear at the Dhanbad court and he was called up “KABIR DAS HAJIR HO” and Fr. Casimir laughed and raised his left hand and the judge could not stop smiling until signing off the case.

INCREDIBLE WILL-POWER: He had a mild heart attack while at Pratiksha and he told me that he felt breathless for a while but came back to normalcy. I rushed him to Mercy Hospital and there Dr. Tamal Deb informed that he had a mild heart attack and needs immediate admission at the TMH. Later he went to Bangalore and underwent a bye-pass surgery. Dr. Devi Shetty was amused to see Fr. Casimir refusing to be wheeled in to the Operation Theatre on a stretcher but walked coolly to the operation theatre telling to the Doctors “ YOU MAY DO WHATEVER YOU WISH”.

SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS FOR OTHERS:  He saw while meeting people after the Mass at the Lupita Hall, one young couple came from Sonari asking for his blessing and they knelt down. As they left the Church campus they announced that Fr. Casimir blessed our marriage for life. Later when asked for marriage certificate by their Parish Priest at St. Mary’s Bistupur, they said Fr. Casimir just blessed us and that was sufficient for us.  

SPIRIT OF SELFLESS DEDICATION: He was a Priest fully dedicated for others in all the parishes and formation houses he served. He prayed the Rosary in the morning, at noon and at night. He was using Msgr. John Bodra’s special easy chair for his spiritual exercises including the Divine Office.

 EXCELLENT CHEF: He loved to cook delicacies of various dishes to please the guests and the community. He enjoyed experimenting new concoctions and delighting the guests. The seminarians will acclaim the greatness of Fr. Casimir in serving them selflessly varieties of eatables. He wanted others to enjoy meals always. He worked selflessly for others and enjoyed laughing at himself. He could cook singlehanded for 100 people with little assistance. This was happening even lately at Pratiksha. We miss for good the varieties of “Halwa”, “PICKLE” and other dishes he made for various occasions for our enjoyment.

LOVER OF ANIMALS AND PLANTS: He made sure that all the homestead animals are fed well and on time as for himself and gave time to talk to the cows and dogs and their response was visibly admirable like that of St. Francis of Assisi. He admired the nature and thanked the Almighty God for His greatness and wisdom.

MAN OF PRAYER: He wanted the old model cane chair and prayed his Rosary and the Divine Office relaxing on the same. He was a faithful follower of the Lord in word and action. While at Sindri he lived on or ate only rice with banana leaves chutney. He was unwilling to ask for food subsidy from Bishop Joe Rodericks while serving the parish as Pastor.

NO-COMPLAINTS NO-DEMANDS: He had no grievances and was ever ready to give away any of his possessions except the old transistor. He enjoyed listening commentary of cricket matches day and night. He knew the names of all the cricket players of the world. And surely he took off in the same mode and speed.

He could share any of his gifts with great joy and happiness. His generosity in words and actions cannot be compared to anyone around. May the Divine Master reward him with everlasting peace and joy and we that Fr. Casimir intercession will help us in Jamshedpur Diocese and elsewhere to be true to our call to Holiness. We miss you Casimir so much in our midst but we visualize your joyful face always and that will inspire us to rejoin you for the eternal banquet of the Divine Master.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. (When Jawaharlal Nehru died, at his bedside in his own handwriting, were found the lines from Robert Frost.):

DEO GRACIAS! May we have the good will to be grateful to Casimir by following his foot-steps and giving glory and praise to the Loving Lord.  The inspiring words of Robert Frost have acclaimed Fr. Casimir’s own mission and ministry. Fr. Casimir dear return if possible. (R.I.P). Thank you, thank you, Casimir!  (Fr. George Manna)!

Puja holidays brought 650 Krusvir Children of Chaibasa deanery together for two day rally on 11th and 12th October, 2013. The highest number of participants was from Goilkera. It was the time of great joy. The Rally was base on the topic “Viswas hi jeevan hai” which gave them the opportunities to learn more and be strengthened in their growing faith. During the two days programme they had various competions like, dance, skit, drawing, essay writing, quiz etc. which accelerated the interest of the children.

Krusvir Rally was inaugurated by Fr. Edwin Coelho, the dean of Chaibasa. It was the combined effort of all the Krusvir animators to bring the Children together. Thanks and congratulations to Srs. Michael Xess, OUS, Nirmal, DSA, Frs. Sanjay Kujur, ScSSr, Alwin C.V. and Rev. Deacon Manohar Kindo, S.J. for their dedication and guidance!

Celebrations are the part of our life. St. Anthony’s Church, Dhanbad celebrated the “Naya Khani” feast on 8th September, 2013. For the abundance blessings received, each family offered one k.g. of rice, chura and half k.g. of gur during the mass. The same is shared by all the members of parish family after the mass. The day was remarkable.

On 15th of September the youth of the parish celebrated the “Youth Day”. Special prayers were offered during the mass at 7:30 a.m., for all the youth of the parish. 59 youths came together and spent half a day groping their talents within themselves. “Talent Hunt” was the topic of discussion. Fr. Nestor Soreng along with Michael Boniface and Shashi Tirkey helped the youth. To make the day more joyful there was basket ball match for boys and girls separately. The programme ended with the lunch.

Mahila Am Sabha was held on 29th September, 2013 at St. Anthony’s Church, Dhanbad. 186 women of the parish participated in the programme. Areawise Bible quiz, singing and games conducted by Carmel Sisters were the part of Mahila Milan. Fr. Tony, S.J. the vice principal of Bhuli was the resource person who helped the women to recognize their importance in the society. The progrmme ended with Eucharistic celebration at 3:00 pm. Congratulations to Fr. Amatus Kujur and his associates Frs. Norbert Kindo and Nestor Soreng!

Chaibasa Deanery level Mahila Sangh “Visvas Mahotsav” Convention was held on September, 28-29th at Divya Bharati Chaibasa. 85 women gathered from the Kolhan-Porhat parishes. The programme was inaugurated by Fr. Edwin Coelho by lighting the traditional lamp followed by a short prayer service. Chaibasa parish Mahila sangh president Mrs. Elizaba Dungdung welcomed the participants from different parishes. Then Fr. Edwin gave a brief history of the “Faith Proclamation Programme” over the years in Kolha-Porahat area. He highlighted the areas where we could involve forcefully for celebrating our faith and plant it among catholic children and the youth. Fr. Fabian Bhuinyan S.J. gave a talk on “How to Celebrate Faith Mahotsav” in family and in the Parish.

On 29th Bro. Niranjan S.J. gave a talk on “Viswas Mahotsava” through power point presentation. The Mahilas liked it and appreciated it very much.

Mrs. Roylan Jojo and the team made all the arrangement for the convention with the help of Fr. Cyril Tigga, the Director of Divya Bharati.

On 1st October, Augustine Kullu celebrated the silver jubilee of his priestly ordination in Chaibasa parish. The solemn concelebrated mass began at 5:30 pm with the beat of mandar. St. Xavier’s hostel girls danced the priests to the altar with great enthusiasm. Bible procession, offertory procession with dance and well rehearsed liturgical hymns made the celebration meaningful. Fr. Augustine in his homily mentioned that he has been working and still pursuing to gain knowledge in the field of civil law. He mentioned that this knowledge is used for the betterment of uplift of the people as priest we ought to cultivate humility while pursuing to gain knowledge and using it.

At the end of the mass a short swagat programme was arranged to facilitate Fr. Augustine Kullu on his ordination anniversary.

PrabhuYesu Mahotsav or Mission Congress was celebrated from 11-13 October 2013, at Ranchi with the theme: “I am the Light of the World”; “You are the light of the world”. Dignitaries and participants from fourteen dioceses of BIJHAN for the Yesu Mahotsav arrived on 10th October. The participants were boarded in various houses such as: Albert’s college, Ursuline High school, St. Ann’s High School, SDC, St. Aloysius High School, ASPUNJ, JHARNA and other houses. In the evening at 6.O'clock, Rev. Ignace Topno, the Vicar General of the Ranchi Archdiocese Celebrated the Eucharist. This was followed by the Supper in the Albert’s College ground.
On 11th October 2013, His  Eminence Telesphore P. Cardinal Toppo celebrated inaugural Mass at 7 O’Clock in the morning along with several other Bijhan Bishops and over 200 priests. Cardinal Toppo in his homily exhorted the faithful to be the disciples of Christ. He said, “to be the disciple of Jesus is the greatest gift of God.” By living as sons and daughters of the light we exhibit ourselves as light to others, that others may see the light of Christ and glorify God.
The formal inauguration was done soon after the breakfast.  Delegates of Church Hierarchy were invited to light the lamp. This was followed by “Bible Procession” flag hoisting of the Bijhan Mission Congress and releasing a bunch of Balloons.
Bishop Vincent Barwa delivered the presidential address in the charismatic style. In his address he exhorted the people to be the light of the earth. He said, the purpose of the light is to dispel the darkness. The theme, “light of the earth” is taken from Sermon on the Mount. This teaching has been accepted by everyone in the world irrespective of culture and creed. Christ’s mission and vision is for everyone.  Today, in India we are threatened by several antisocial elements such as terrorism, consumerism, poverty, violence and corruption. In such situations, Jesus tells us, “Let your light shine.” Quoting Bible he said, “I have made you light of the world so that through you the message of salvation would reach to the ends of the world.” There is light in everyone’s life. Let everyone through their good works take their shining light to the people who are suffering and fill their life with faith, love and joy and become ‘light to others.’ When we think good of others, when we live Christ’s value in this corrupted world our light shines more.
Mr. A.V. Jose, a lay person from Patna Archdiocese was the resource person for the first session. He is the present national director of the “Couples for Christ India,” and a Charismatic preacher in Patna Charismatic group.  He spoke on the theme, “I am the light of the world.” In his speech he said, that Jesus was invited in the Marriage feast at Cana. He went there and fulfilled their needs. In the similar way, if we invite him, he will come to us and pour ‘grace upon grace’ and make channels of grace for others.
On 12th October 2013, Fr. Binay Guria, the main speaker of the day in his speech emphasized on three aspects of faith: renewal, living and sharing one’s faith. He then explained the concept of YESU MAHOTSAV, a concept internationally known as Mission Congress. The six main goals of this Mission Congress are: 1. Strengthening one’s faith, 2. Understanding the rights and duties regarding evangelization, 3. Becoming aware of the needs of Mission, 4. Witnessing Christian Faith, 5. Life in union with the Catholic Church and spreading the gospel of Christ in the whole world, 6. Strengthening  the Local Church. Fr. Guria based himself to his booklet which was published for Year of faith, “VishvasVarsh” which contains an explicit description of strengthening one’s faith.
At. 11.45 a.m, began the Holy Mass. Very Rev. Felix Toppo, S.J., the Bishop of Jamshedpur Diocese presided over the Holy Eucharistic Celebration. In his sermon, he emphasized the truthfulness and love of Jesus. The life, death and the sacrifice of Jesus is true. Jesus is thirsty for our love. To know Jesus we have to live a holy life. There is an urgent need to put an end to the consumerist attitude which prevents us to go ahead on the way to God.

Afternoon session was dedicated for the Diocese-wise group discussion and action planning. Before the discussion could begin, there was a heavy rain which obstructed the session. But, St. Albert’s College proved its generosity by providing class-rooms, refectories and auditorium for the success of the event. After an emergency meeting of the administrators, the further proceedings of the Mission Congress were held in the Albert’s College and Cathedral.

On 13th October 2013, due to torrential rain, scheduled programme was held in the Cathedral. The Eucharistic Celebration, presided over by His Grace William D'souza, the Archbishop of Patna and Concelebrated by Cardinal, other bishops and priests. Thus, three day's Mission Congress was a grand success. 
A large number of faithful from the Bijhan came together to proclaim their faith in Christ. 105 persons from the diocese of Jamshedpur actively participated in the programme. Thanks and congratulation to Fr. Cyril Tigga, S.J. the Director of Divya Bharati, Chaibasa and his team for leading the group. (Fr. Cyril Tigga, S.J.)

The sudden rise in the river Suvarnrekha, submerged much of the grounds around the St. Joseph’s Community College and reached the doorsteps! After the water level came down, Fr. Benedict Minj, along with the sisters and the students, had a lot of mopping up to do! During the Puja Holidays, Fr. Pradeep Marandi went to Ranchi to participate in the Regional Yesu Krist Mahotsav and on the 26th, Fr. Benedict Minj left for Omra to help out in the Parish for a month. The Upasana Jesuit community is very grateful for the generous help they both have rendered so generously and joyfully. (Fr. George Anthony)

To guide the youth of the area, Tepasai, Goilkera and Burigora parish, had a “Youth Camp” which was conducted in ‘Ho Language’ on 17-20th of October, 2013 with topic “Mera Jeevan, Mera Sapna”. 64 young boys and girls from all three parishes actively participated in the camp.  During this camp, the participants were made aware with various topics like self-Identity, tribal rights, palayan, opportunities of service, Aids and the defects of early marriages. Fr. Clement Kujur, S.J. was the resource person of the camp. Fr. Edwin Coelho, dean of Chaibasa came and celebrated the mass to encourage them. Thanks to the animators Fr. Sanjay Kujur and his team!

Another medical camp was conducted by St. Joseph’s Hospital Bhilaipahari at two different places under the care of Burigora parish on 27th October, 2013, as part of the Health Awareness Programme. 65 villagers from Burigora and 135 villagers from Guigam Village came and benefited from the camp. Congratulations to Fr. Sanjay Kujur and his team for this wonderful work for the sick and needy!

Congratulations!!! This was the drumming voice of people for Sisters Neelmani Toppo, Amla Bhengra, Perpetua Murmu, Rashmi Tete, Mary Shalini and Kalpna Tirkey of St. Joseph of the Apparition, Mosaboni on 6th October, 2013 as they pronounced their final commitment in the society during the solemn Eucharist Celebration presided over by Rev. C.R. Prabhu. The liturgy was coloured with beautiful dances and devotional singing appreciated by all. The day was witnessed by a large number of people. At the end of Mass all their well wishers gave them strong hugs wishing them God’s blessings in their commitment to the Lord.

After the puja vacation school started with a hub of activities. The CBSE cluster Basket Ball was held in Hazaribagh under 19 group. Both boys & girls took part in this match. Nearly 24 schools participated and our girls’ team was selected for the National games, which will be held at Agra in the month of November.

“In order to succeed your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” The senior block Annual Prize Nite was held on 26th October, 2013 nearly 116 students received prizes in different subjects. The chief guest was Mr. Ashish Mathur, Managing Director of Jusco, Guest of Honour was Mr. M.K. Chaturvedi, Chief Manager of the Canara Bank & the Special Guest was Sr. Christy. The chief guest appreciated and acknowledged the facilities which the management provides for the students for all around development. Thanks to Fr. David Vincent, the staff and students for putting up a fantastic show. The school report was presented through a power point presentation it was a grand success. Congratulation to all! We also released our second issue school magazine “FRAGRANCE” and the “School Hymn Book”.

As it has been decieded in the last diocesan priests’ meeting held on 2nd of October, 2013, at Bishop’s House Golmuri “Year of Faith” is to be concluded at the deanery level on 24th November, 2013, the feast of Christ the King.  During the year various programs were conducted at the parish level. It is praiseworthy that the priests, religious and the faithful meaningfully celebrated the “Year of Faith” to deepen the faith of everyone in the diocese. Let us continue with same zeal and enthusiasm in our faith journey.
The annual Feast of Khuntpani Mata will be celebrated on 8th November, 2013. All are invited for the celebration!
8th November, 2013, (Friday)
: Rosary at 8:00 am
: Solemn Eucharistic Celebration at 9:00 am

-          Fr. James Quodros, Priest-in Charge,
Our Lady of Khuntpani Shrine, Chaibasa