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Catholic Diocese of Jamshedpur

Vol. 47 No. 10            Private Circulation Only                  October– 2017

                   Margaret Mary Alacoque & the Devotion to Sacred Heart of Jesus

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a  Religious of the Visitation Order and an apostle of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was born at Lhautecour, France, 22 July, 1647.

Her parents, Claude Alacoque and Philiberte Lamyn, were distinguished less for temporal possessions than for their virtue, which gave them an honourable position. From early childhood Margaret showed intense love for the Blessed Sacrament, and preferred silence and prayer to childish amusements. After her first communion at the age of nine, she practised in secret severe corporal mortifications, until paralysis confined her to bed for four years. At the end of this period, having made a vow to the Blessed Virgin to consecrate herself to religious life, she was instantly restored to perfect health. The death of her father and the injustice of a relative plunged the family in poverty and humiliation, after which more than ever Margaret found consolation in the Blessed Sacrament, and Christ made her sensible of His presence and protection. He usually appeared to her as the Crucified or the Ecce Homo, and this did not surprise her, as she thought others had the same Divine assistance. When Margaret was seventeen, the family property was recovered, and her mother besought her to establish herself in the world. Her filial tenderness made her believe that the vow of childhood was not binding, and that she could serve God at home by penance and charity to the poor. Then, still bleeding from her self-imposed austerities, she began to take part in the pleasures of the world. One night upon her return from a ball, she had a vision of Christ as He was during the scourging, reproaching her for infidelity after He had given her so many proofs of His love. During her entire life Margaret mourned over two faults committed at this time--the wearing of some superfluous ornaments and a mask at the carnival to please her brothers.

On 25 May, 1671, she entered the Visitation Convent at Paray, where she was subjected to many trials to prove her vocation, and in November, 1672, pronounced her final vows. She had a delicate constitution, but was gifted with intelligence and good judgement, and in the cloister she chose for herself what was most repugnant to her nature, making her life one of inconceivable sufferings, which were often relieved or instantly cured by our Lord, Who acted as her Director, appeared to her frequently and conversed with her, confiding to her the mission to establish the devotion to His Sacred Heart. These extraordinary occurrences drew upon her the adverse criticism of the community, who treated her as a visionary, and her superior commanded her to live the common life. But her obedience, her humility, and invariable charity towards those who persecuted her, finally prevailed, and her mission, accomplished in the crucible of suffering, was recognized even by those who had shown her the most bitter opposition.

Margaret Mary was inspired by Christ to establish the Holy Hour and to pray lying prostrate with her face to the ground from eleven till midnight on the eve of the first Friday of each month, to share in the mortal sadness He endured when abandoned by His Apostlesin His Agony, and to receive Holy Communion on the first Friday of every month. In the first great revelation, He made known to her His ardent desire to be loved by men and His design of manifesting His Heart with all Its treasures of love and mercy, of sanctification and salvation. He appointed the Friday after the octave of the feast of Corpus Christi as the feast of the Sacred Heart; He called her "the Beloved Disciple of the Sacred Heart", and the heiress of all Its treasures. The love of the Sacred Heart was the fire which consumed her, and devotion to the Sacred Heart is the refrain of all her writings. In her last illness she refused all alleviation, repeating frequently: "What have I in heaven and what do I desire on earth, but Thee alone, O my God", and died on 17 October, 1690, pronouncing the Holy Name of Jesus.

The discussion of the mission and virtues of Margaret Mary continued for years. All her actions, her revelations, her spiritual maxims, her teachings regarding the devotion to the Sacred Heart, of which she was the chief exponent as well as the apostle, were subjected to the most severe and minute examination, and finally the Sacred Congregation of rites passed a favorable vote on the heroic virtues of this servant of God. In March, 1824, Leo XII pronounced her Venerable, and on 18 September, 1864, Pius IX declared her Blessed. When her tomb was canonically opened in July, 1830, two instantaneous cures took place. St. Margaret Mary was canonized by Benedict XV in 1920. Her body rests under the altar in the chapel at Paray, and many striking favors have been obtained by pilgrims attracted thither from all parts of the world. Her feast is celebrated on 16 October.

                                                                                                + Felix Toppo, S.J
                                                                                             Bishop of Jamshedpur

Catholic Priest Tom Uzhunnalil rescued from Islamic State captivity

Father Tom Uzhunnalil, a Vatican priest from Kerala, who was abducted by Islamic State militants from an old age home run by Missionaries of Charity at Aden in strife-torn Yemen more than 18 months ago, has been released.

External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj confirmed the news via her Twitter handle at 3.45 pm on Tuesday. "I am happy to inform that Father Tom Uzhunnalil has been rescued," the  Oman Observer, a leading English daily based in Muscat, said that the Omani ruler Sultan Qaboos bin Said had secured the priest’s release from Islamic State in coordination with the Yemeni parties. The newspaper also released an image of the rescued priest. 

"Tom Uzhunnalil, a Vatican priest, expressed thanks to God Almighty and appreciation to Sultan Qaboos. He also thanked his brothers and sisters and all relatives and friends who called on God for safety and release,” the report said. Shajan Uzhunnalil, a cousin of the abducted priest at Pala in Kottayam district, said that the family was relieved to hear the news. After his release  Fr. Tom  visited Rome and met Pope Francis. He was given proper medical care by Oman Goverment and recovered,after his recover he visisted his hometown Ramapuramin Pala . The release of the priest, who belongs to Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB), Bengaluru, from the captivity of terrorists was a result of the sustained efforts of many, including the government  and the church , and the prayers from all sections of people in the country. The relatives of the priest from different parts of the state have Gathered at his home at Ramapuram in Pala.

  In early  Fr. tom was abducted by Armed men had stormed the old age home where Tom was serving on 4 March 2016. He was taken away after the terrorists gunned down 16 people, including four Catholic nuns serving the home. One of the nuns was also from India. The priest had communicated to the church and the government through videos released on social networking sites.  The priest had raised concern about his deteriorating health in the last video. He looked more tired and weak compared to the video released earlier in December 2016. Following this, the church in India had mounted pressure on the Narendra Modi government for securing his release. Vatican also intervened in the matter after Tom made a direct appeal to Pope Francis.Several delegations of the church met Modi and Swaraj. Following this, the government had set up a three-member committee to help secure the priest’s release. Cardinal Mar George Alencherry, head of Syro-Malabar Church, one of the three Catholic rites in the state, said that Pope Francis had shown personal interest in the matter and had directed actions to save the priest’s life. He also appreciated the efforts made by the Government of India. The Cardinal, who met the prime minister twice regarding the priest’s release, was not ready to blame the government and the Vatican as the situation in Yemen was volatile and India had no full-fledged diplomatic mission there.

"What we can do at this juncture is to pray to the God to give strength to the priest to face the situation.

Dhanbad Deanery Mahila Sangh Convention
On 03rd September 2017 a good number of catholic women of Dhanbad Deanery gathered in Dhowatand Parish for their annual aam sabha. The theme of the gathering was “Adhunikta me Hamari Dharmikta”. Fr. Susai Saleth S.J. was the main speaker.  Fr. Valerian Lobo also stressed the need of having a strong and active mahila sangh in every parish so as to bring up good chritian families.  Fr. Amatus kujur, the dean and the parish preist of St. Anthony’s Parish, Dhandbad was the main celebrant for the Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Nicholas Kerketta, the local host was very generous in taking care of every need of the people gathered there. A big thanks to Fr. Nicholas and the committee members for your good work.

Chaibasa Deanery Mahila Sangh Aam Sabha
 This year on 16th & 17th September the women from different parishes of Chaibasa deanery were gathered at the campus of St. Xavier’s English School, Chakradharpur for their annual convention. After the inaugural ceremony by the dean and the Parish Priest Fr.Haln Bodra, Fr. Ajay Xalxo from St. Albert’s College enlighted the gathered women on the theme : How to keep up the spiritual life alive in our families and in the Church. On 17th the day began with Holy Eucharist where the main celebrant Fr. Halan Bodra stressed the need of women in the family and the church. After the break fast. Fr.Valerian Lobo, the Diocesan Director for Family, insisted the need of strengthening the   Mahila Sangh in evry parish to revive the families. Mr. Gladston Dungdung enlightend the women on the issues of CNT and SPT act. , Bhumi Adhigrahan and Dharmanteran Bill. Many women raised a good number of sensible questions and the speaker answered them to their satisfaction. The convention ended after the action plan and sumptuous lunch. The women are grateful to the deanery committee, the parish priest and the Principal of St. Xavier’s English School for organizing the programme so well. Thank you. 

Catechists Renewal programme
From 04th to 06th September,  2017 , 29 catechists from kolhan region gathered in Divya Bharati Pastoral Centre for the renewal programme. The topics were ‘why the sacraments necessary’ and what is Bhumi Adhgrahan Bill and Dharmantaran Bill’ . Fr. Valerian Lobo and Fr. Anil Dang S.j. delebarated on the above topics respectively. After the two days of reflection the catechists left with lot of satisfaction for the knowledge they received. Thanks a lot to all the parish preists for encouraging your catechists.

Chiabasa Deanery Annual Krus Vir Rally

This year St. Xavier’s Boy’s School, Chaibasa hoisted the annual Krus vir convention from 26th to 28th of September 2017. There were above 600 children from various schools and parishes. The day began with the hoisting of the flag by Fr. Halan Bodra, the dean  and the parish Priest of Chaibasa followed by procession to the Church reciting rosary. In the Church we had benediction and prayed for the success of the rally. After supper different groups presented the cultural programmes. Next day began with meditation followed by the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Valerian Lobo, the diocesan krus vir director wherein he explained through power point the theme of the convention : Krus vir- Parivar ka Anand. After the break fast Fr. Retesh S.j. highlighted importance of the krus vir  to bring about joy  in the families. The bible quiz really brought a lot of joy to the children. Final day Fr. Sahaya Dasan was the main celebrant for the Eucharist. The ended with distribution of gifts to the winners of various compititon and lunch. Thanks to all the members of the committee for their whole-hearted cooperation for the success of the rally.

 Youth Sunday at St. Joseph's Cathedral, Golmuri
17th Sept 2017 was n auspicious day for the youth of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri. 39 youth from Mercy, Gyandeep and Golmuri units turned up for the programme, commenced at 9.30 am. Fr. Jilson illumined their mind and inaugurated their imaginations through interaction sessions of questioning, answering and discussing various issues. The programme winded up with Solemn Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Jilson highlighted on the importance of Eucharistic and prayer in the life of the youth. The youth were very happy. They confessed that it was worth participating the programme.


24TH September 2017 was marked as Krusveer Sunday at st. St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri. Fr. David Vincent was the main celebrant. 28 children became candidate for Krusveer and 14 children took oath to remain zealous and vibrant soldiers of Jesus Christ. The children savored the sweetness of snack after the Mass and shored their joy to one-another. A sincere thanks to all the animators. Thanks & congratulation s to Julius Kujur for sponsoring delicious and sumptuous snacks.                (Fr. Manoj Tigga)

A Workshop on Acupressure
As the physical exercise and workouts help maintaining our health, likewise the method of acupressure has also been proven effective. If this approach is followed for 10 -15 minutes on a daily routine, it can show great effects on our health. Realizing the effectiveness of acupressure, the Catholic Charities organized a workshop for its staff on acupressure on 14th September. All the staff of the Catholic Charities benefited by the workshop as they have learnt now how to find out the specific points in the body and press them in order to get rid of the diseases. A big thanks to Sr. Jeyama SRA for guiding and imparting the knowledge to all the staff.

An Awareness program on Dengue
This year, in Jamshedpur, Dengue fever has been a matter of discussion and concern as many suffered from dengue fever. Therefore the Catholic Charities felt that a workshop should be arranged to conscientize the staff and the neighbouring friends. Hence, on 27th September a workshop was organized with the help of Dr. Nilima Bara, Dr. Alok Suman Prasad and their team from JUSCO. There were more than 70 participants as they came from Pratiksha, Vianny Niwas and nearby villages. Thanks to Dr. Nilima Bara and her entire team.

Farmer’s District level Convention
The Catholic Charities Jamshedpur organized a district level farmer’s Convention at Ravindra Bhavan, Chaibasa on 13th September. The main theme was “I am a farmer.” 130 farmers came from all over West Singhbhum and Saraikela –Kharswan to participate in this convention. One of the objectives of it was to provide a plateform to the farmers to interact, share and network with the government officials. Fr. Prabhu welcomed and briefed the gathering about the objectives.  Dr. Pramod Kumar the director of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Jagannathpur was the chief guest, who in his speech assured his full help and support to the farmers. Mr. Walter Kerketta and Mr. David Tigga from SIGN were also present for the convention. Thanks to all the staff of Catholic Charities for organizing it superbly.  (Fr. Birendra Tete)

St. Xavier’s English School, Chaibasa
It gives me mammoth pleasure to write that St. Xavier’s English School & Junior College has been able to sustain numerous extracurricular opportunities for its students.

The year 2017-18 is a year to cherish it being the Silver Jubilee year. Keeping this in view we had a great Jubilee Cup Inter School Basketball Tournament inauguration on 15th of September. The Chief Guest of the event was Fr. Staney , Principal of St. Xavier’s High School, Lupungutu many other dignitaries were Present.

On 16th of September the Tournament came to an end with the Final match to be played between St.Xavier’s English School & Junior College and St. Xavier’s Boy’s Chaibasa.The Chief Guest of the event Fr. Sahay Thason in his redressal speech asked the players to enjoy the game and to remember whatever we do should be for the glory  of God. The match began with the unveiling of the trophies and Blessings of players by the guests. A great Fiesta to witness. St. Xavier High School lupungutu was the winner and St. Xavier’s English School and Junior College was 1st runner up of the Jubilee cup. St. Xavier Boys also went on to participate at the football Match organized by St. Francis De Sales School, Saraikela. Xavierite’s are also very generous when it comes to the cause of helping the needy. Funds were collected to be sent for the Bihar flood affected victims. It was generously contributed both by the teachers and the students. 23rd September was the last working day of the school before the Pooja Vacation. On this day we had the Parents Teacher Meeting. We enjoyed getting to meet parents and hearing their thoughts.

Bible Quiz 54
Everyone wishes to become great. Jesus by serving the humanity fulfilled God’s will and became great. We as his disciples called to serve our people and become great. So, let us follow Jesus to attain this purpose.
1.      Whose mother came to Jesus?
2.      What did Jesus say to the disciple’s mother?
3.      What did the mother of two sons request Jesus?
4.      Complete the sentence: will you …………… that I am going to drink?
5.      Who has the authority to allow someone to sit at Jesus right and left?
6.      What do the rulers of this world do to their citizens?
7.      What must I do if I want to become great?
8.      Why did the Son of Man come to this world?
9.      Every year on 08th of Nov what do we commemorate in Khuntpani feast?
10.  Who is called the “Saint of the Gutters”?

You are requested to send the answers latest by the first week  of September to the following address.

Divya Bharati Pastoral Centre
Near Mudhra Hospital,
Chaibasa, Jharkhand – 833201

Thank You for the Contribution towards Bihar Flood Relief Fund
St. Mary’s Eng. High School, Bistupur
Jeevan Jyoti School of Nursing, Telco
Prem Niketan Society, Bistupur
CCJ/SJVK/V. B Jamshedpur Staffs, SHG
St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri
Gyandeep Vidhyalaya, Birsanagar
Benedictine Sisters, Birsanagar
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S.C.J.M. Convent, Baridih
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