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 Catholic Diocese of Jamshedpur

Vol. 46 No. 10            Private Circulation Only                  October– 2016

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque & the Devotion to Sacred Heart of Jesus

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a  Religious of the Visitation Order and an apostle of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was born at Lhautecour, France, 22 July, 1647.

Her parents, Claude Alacoque and Philiberte Lamyn, were distinguished less for temporal possessions than for their virtue, which gave them an honourable position. From early childhood Margaret showed intense love for the Blessed Sacrament, and preferred silence and prayer to childish amusements. After her first communion at the age of nine, she practised in secret severe corporal mortifications, until paralysis confined her to bed for four years. At the end of this period, having made a vow to the Blessed Virgin to consecrate herself to religious life, she was instantly restored to perfect health. The death of her father and the injustice of a relative plunged the family in poverty and humiliation, after which more than ever Margaret found consolation in the Blessed Sacrament, and Christ made her sensible of His presence and protection. He usually appeared to her as the Crucified or the Ecce Homo, and this did not surprise her, as she thought others had the same Divine assistance. When Margaret was seventeen, the family property was recovered, and her mother besought her to establish herself in the world. Her filial tenderness made her believe that the vow of childhood was not binding, and that she could serve God at home by penance and charity to the poor. Then, still bleeding from her self-imposed austerities, she began to take part in the pleasures of the world. One night upon her return from a ball, she had a vision of Christ as He was during the scourging, reproaching her for infidelity after He had given her so many proofs of His love. During her entire life Margaret mourned over two faults committed at this time--the wearing of some superfluous ornaments and a mask at the carnival to please her brothers.

On 25 May, 1671, she entered the Visitation Convent at Paray, where she was subjected to many trials to prove her vocation, and in November, 1672, pronounced her final vows. She had a delicate constitution, but was gifted with intelligence and good judgement, and in the cloister she chose for herself what was most repugnant to her nature, making her life one of inconceivable sufferings, which were often relieved or instantly cured by our Lord, Who acted as her Director, appeared to her frequently and conversed with her, confiding to her the mission to establish the devotion to His Sacred Heart. These extraordinary occurrences drew upon her the adverse criticism of the community, who treated her as a visionary, and her superior commanded her to live the common life. But her obedience, her humility, and invariable charity towards those who persecuted her, finally prevailed, and her mission, accomplished in the crucible of suffering, was recognized even by those who had shown her the most bitter opposition.

Margaret Mary was inspired by Christ to establish the Holy Hour and to pray lying prostrate with her face to the ground from eleven till midnight on the eve of the first Friday of each month, to share in the mortal sadness He endured when abandoned by His Apostlesin His Agony, and to receive Holy Communion on the first Friday of every month. In the first great revelation, He made known to her His ardent desire to be loved by men and His design of manifesting His Heart with all Its treasures of love and mercy, of sanctification and salvation. He appointed the Friday after the octave of the feast of Corpus Christi as the feast of the Sacred Heart; He called her "the Beloved Disciple of the Sacred Heart", and the heiress of all Its treasures. The love of the Sacred Heart was the fire which consumed her, and devotion to the Sacred Heart is the refrain of all her writings. In her last illness she refused all alleviation, repeating frequently: "What have I in heaven and what do I desire on earth, but Thee alone, O my God", and died on 17 October, 1690, pronouncing the Holy Name of Jesus.

The discussion of the mission and virtues of Margaret Mary continued for years. All her actions, her revelations, her spiritual maxims, her teachings regarding the devotion to the Sacred Heart, of which she was the chief exponent as well as the apostle, were subjected to the most severe and minute examination, and finally the Sacred Congregation of rites passed a favourable vote on the heroic virtues of this servant of God. In March, 1824, Leo XII pronounced her Venerable, and on 18 September, 1864, Pius IX declared her Blessed. When her tomb was canonically opened in July, 1830, two instantaneous cures took place. St. Margaret Mary was canonized by Benedict XV in 1920. Her body rests under the altar in the chapel at Paray, and many striking favours have been obtained by pilgrims attracted thither from all parts of the world. Her feast is celebrated on 16 October.

                                                                                                + Felix Toppo, S.J
                                                                                             Bishop of Jamshedpur

The Celebration of the Canonization of St. Mother Teresa, Golmuri
The Catholic Diocese of Jamshedpur joined rest of the world in rejoicing at the declaration of the Sainthood of Mother Teresa on 18th of September. A grand celebration was held in her honour at the St. Joseph’s Welfare Centre, Golmuri. Various religious leaders were present at the celebration. Most Rev. Bishop Felix Toppo S.J. was the Chief Guest. In his speech, he highlighted the unique qualities of Mother Teresa and pressed for the need of such personalities in this contemporary society. The programme commenced at 4:00 O’clock in the evening. Mrs. Arpudam Mary was the Master of the Ceremony. The programme began with a beautiful devotional prayer dance by the students of Gyandeep School. Mr. James Davis, Vice President of the Parish Council cordially welcomed all present. Rev. Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J., garlanded the Picture of St. Mother Teresa. It was followed by the Lighting of the Lamp by the different dignitaries. A video presentation was shown on the life History of St. Mother Teresa highlighting the significant moments of her life. Later, having recognized, the good work of St. Mother Teresa, the dignitaries expressed their view where they said that she not just fulfilled the physical needs of the least and the dying of the society but gave them the dignity of a human being. Sr. Alma M.C., the superior of Missionary Sisters in Jamshedpur, also shared her of unforgettable memories of the most compassionate nature of St. Mother Teresa. At the end, the students of St. Joseph’s school, Golmuri presented a melodious song. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Fr. David Vincent V.G., followed by tea and snacks. I am sure that this day will remain a most cherishable one for everyone present. (Fr. Maria Charles)

New Trade Union Initiative’s Fourth General Council: Catholic Charities, Sundharnagar

Labour is the source of all wealth and should therefore determine and shape economic, political, and social life. It can do so only when workers are organized agaist every site of exploitation and oppression, and is united to eliminate it. New Trade Union Initiative organized its 4th general council meeting at Catholic Charities from 23rd to 25th September, 2016. It is a Labour Union which fights for the betterment and rights of the laborers. There were 300 labor delegates and 20 volunteers from different states of the country. Fr. C.R. Prabhu welcomed all the participants and introduced the institutions and place to the gathering. The chief secretary Mr. Gautam Modi highlighted the problems and difficulties of the laborers and asked the people to fight for the justice and equality. Prior to the meeting the president of the union Mr. Nambiar Basudewan hosted the flag and inaugurated the meeting.  The delegates vowed to act decisively and militantly at all times and on all occasions to protect and expand the interests of working class. It was a big challenge for the Catholic Charities to organize it but many extended their helping hand and as a result it was a big success as all were happy and satisfied with the arrangements. (Fr. Birender Tete)

St. Paul’s Church, Maluka

September had been a month of action for the St. Paul’s Parish, Maluka. The canonization of Saint Mother Teresa on 4th September was solemnly observed during the Eucharistic celebration where the faithful had an opportunity to witness the life of Mother Teresa through some touching and heart-moving video clips. As an effect and a resolve to follow her suit the parishioners collected 263 kg of rice, other materials and Rs. 3,577/- to donate to the MC Sisters at Baihatu on 27th of September. Indeed, a laudable effort of generosity on the part of the parishioners.

The Nativity of Blessed Mother Mary was celebrated with a candle light procession and rosary; It culminated with a solemn Mass in the evening. Earlier that day a special programme was organized by Sr. Ranjana, BS to observe Girl Child Day. Fr. Dileep Marandi as the resource person spoke to the participants numbering over 100 girls to have a goal in life and to be ever ready to sacrifice in order to achieve it. Later they took out a rally to spread awareness how blessed it is to be a girl.

Meanwhile Fr. Manoj Tigga has resumed his driving lesions at TRTC after an accident last year. (Fr. Dileep Marandi)

Inter-Faith Tribute to St. Teresa of Kolkata, Little Flower School Auditorium, Telco

"Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto me.  When I was hungry, you gave me to eat; when I was thirsty you gave me to drink and naked you clothed me" – Jesus Christ

Mother Teresa helped these words become reality in the lives of the unfortunate, the leper, the AIDS patient, the deprived. A generous dispenser of divine mercy, she made herself available to everyone through her defense of human life, those unborn and abandoned and discarded.  She bowed down before those who were spent, left to die on the side of the road, seeing in them their God given dignity. 

Mother Teresa said "By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus."

Therefore, it was only fitting that we pay tribute to this legend of love and angel of peace, a true Indian citizen, belonging to the world.  The Parish Priest of the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Telco, organized an Inter Faith Tribute to St. Mother Teresa of Kolkata on 17th September 2017.

Mr. S. B. Borwankar, Executive Director (Quality), Tata Motors Ltd., Pune, was the Chief Guest, and Rt. Rev. Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J., D.D., and Mr. A. B.Lall, Head (Jamshedpur Plant), Tata Motors Ltd., were the Guests of Honour.  Mr. Krishna Kumar, Head (HR), Tata Cummins, Mr. Harpal Singh (Sikh representative), Md. Riyazuddin (Muslim representative), and Fr. C. R. Prabhu, S.J., Director, Catholic Charities, were special guests at the event which was held in the Auditorium of Little Flower School.  It was heartening to see people from the neighborhood gather to celebrate the life of Mother Teresa, the living saint, who personally touched the lives of many in Jamshedpur too.  The packed auditorium spoke volumes of the peoples’ love and respect for this magnificent personality. The representatives of different religions shared their experience of meeting Mother Teresa and the wonder of her work among the poorest of the poor.  The students of Little Flower School, student nurses of Jeevan Jyothi School of Nursing, and teachers of S. K. Public School, Telco, put up performances in honour of this legendary saint who we had the privilege of meeting in our lifetime.  

Thousands of words have been spoken about Mother Teresa, what she has done for the downtrodden and the unfortunate, and her unconditional love.  As Dylan Thomas once said that love is gratitude with a memory, to Mother Teresa we can simply say, "thank you for the memories". (Sr. Hilda SJC)

The Feast of St. Vincent De Paul, Gyandeep, Birsanagar

The Feast of St. Vincent De Paul Patron St. of Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Birsanagar, Jamshedpur was celebrated on 25th of September 2016, at 7 A.M. in Gyandeep Mass Center. On this joyous occasion the people of Birsangar, Gyandeep staff and students dressed in traditional attire danced to the tune of beating drums and melodious hymns and song, through various parts of the liturgy and ceremony. Rev. Fr. Camillee Hembrom, Parish Priest, presided over the Holy Eucharistic celebration. He said – “to the troubled and abandoned like sheep without a shepherd, like that of master, his heart was also moved with pity for all the troubled and abandoned of his time which included not only the rural poor but the poor in the cities as well as convicts and slaves.”

God takes the side of the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized through the works of mercy. The saints- like Vincent De Paul as well, show us that we too can and must take their side. Fr. Camille said, that in the same way the SCNS shared and carried out the same work in Jamshedpur diocese and all over the world. He also said – that they are grateful to the SCNS who have brought positive changes in the lives of the people of Birsanagar and wherever the Sisters go. They are still reaching out to the poor and the needy. During the mass the 7 Sisters renewed their vows. Fr. Camillee Hembrom thanked the Sisters for their important role, which they play in the Parish. They had small programme to felicitate them and a fellowship meal with the parishioners. Really it added doubled the joy (Sr. Maxima SCNS)

St. Joseph’s School, Golmuri

It has been an action filled month for the children of St. Joseph’s School, Golmuri. They had various programmes and courses in this month. Fr. Jilson T.L.  conducted a seminar on ‘faith formation’ for all the Christian children of the school on 13th Sept. It was an enriching experience for them. It was a double joy for participants as they actively involved in queries and responses and in games and skits along with his inspiring talk.

Three of our Std. 7th students received a ‘Jyoti Fellowship’ scholarship by Tata Steel Rural Development of Rs. 3,750-/- each, a bag and an emergency light. They will continue to get this scholarship till their +2 as they were qualified for the entrance test.
A meeting of alumni members held a meeting to plan out the Diamond Jubilee Year of the school and its opening ceremony which is to be held on 11th Nov. 2016. (Bro. Jacob DDS)

Sarva Dharm Sabha, Dhanbd
All roads led to St. Anthony’s Church, Dhanbad, on Sunday, September, 11 when a ‘fist of its kind’   Sarva Dharm Sabha, in all religion meet, organized in honour of Mother Teresa’s canonization, drew a conglomeration of people in the parish hall.  Sri. Raj Sinha, M L A, Dhanbad, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. He along with seven other speakers lit the lamp and thus the programme kicked off.

It his speech, the Chief Guest said, Mother Teresa, though a Christian, belonged to the whole humanity. Her selfless service to the poorest of the poor cut across all barriers of caste, creed and religion. It was in India, he said, Mother showed the whole world, through her life of compassionate love, that in the service of the lowest there is beauty beyond ugliness, wisdom beyond foolishness and dignity beyond brokenness. He said, we all cannot become Mother Teresa, but can certainly, through our genuine and concerted service, help alleviate the pain of the poor.

The seven speakers drawn from Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Jain Communities, including one representing the RSS and another the Brama Samaj, held the audience spell bound as they belted out their glowing tribute to Mother Teresa and her works and extolled her elevation to the status of a saint as absolutely befitting.

The programme, high on excitement, was interspersed with five dances and a song. While De Nobili School, CMRI, girls’ prayer dance sparked grace and elegance, the mellifluous song sung by the parish youth kept the audience foot- tapping. But the Govindpur Nirmala School girls were at their best, they not only regaled the audience with four enthralling thematic dances but also touched a chord with everyone drawing thunderous applause.

The vote of thanks was followed by the singing of the National Anthem and thus was the programme appropriately wrapped off on a high note. Overheard from the dispersing crowed “good programme.” (Fr. Ammatus Kujur)

New Nursing College, Mercy School of Nursing at Baridh

The blessing ceremony of Mercy School of Nursing, Baridih, Jamshedpur was held on August, 21st, 2016. Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J, blessed the building, the class rooms and the hostel in a simple yet a well-organized function. It was attended by Frs. David Vincent, C. R. Prabhu, Sr. Lilly Pallipurath, the Provincial Superior of Sister of Charity of Jesus and Mary; Officials of Tata Steel and TSRDS; Doctors, Nurses and Sisters of Mercy Hospital, several priests and other dignitaries. In her welcome address, Sr. Jessy, administrator of Mercy Hospital, gave a brief account of the history of the hospital and how it has been serving the poor people of Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal by addressing their health care needs, for over 50 years. She said that Mercy School of Nursing was the result of a much felt need to empower women from the weaker section of the society by enhancing their employability. She added that the school had obtained all necessary approvals from the concerned authorities and the classes for the first batch would commence soon. She further said that the foundation of the school was laid in 2012- during the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Hospital by the then MD of Tata Steel, Mr. H. M. Nerukar and also thanked Tata Steel who had part-funded the project. Sr. Jessy appreciated the hard work put in by Sr. Grace- who has taken over as the first Principal of Mercy School of Nursing and also Mr. Lawrence Francis who had architected and built MSN. After the vote of thanks by Mr. James Davis, the GM of the hospital, the function ended with a light refreshment. (Sr. Grace SCJM)

We congratulate Sr. Lucius, SCJM, and Sr. Cecilia Tumma JMJ, as they complete 50 years and 25 years of their consecrated life respectively. May the Lord continue to bless the people of God through your consecrated life.

One day Cruz Veer Programme is being organized for the Catholic Children of Jamshedpur Denary on 30th of October, 2016, at St. Mary’s English High School, Junior Block Campus, Bistupur. Kindly ensure that all Catholic Children from classes 3rd to 12 of your parish and school participate and benefit from this one day programme. Kindly send the names of the students to Fr. David’s office at the earliest. (Fr. David Vincent, Vicar General)

Michael Dogam
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